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Based in Long Island,NY

We will work with you &your client directly. Matching the desires of your clients with our compelling, creative talent ensures that their needs are met & exceeded.


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Fear No Ice!

Performance Ice Sculpting

Do you think you know who we are? Look. Fear No Ice isn’t just a big production, elaborate multi-sensor; style performance. That may have been the Fear No Ice you’ve seen for the past 2 years. But what you saw was only one facet of our capabilities. Though our events can draw tremendous media attention both in print and TV coverage internationally, when it comes to events, large and small, elaborate and simple or functional sculptures that can be enjoyed by the guests throughout the event, we’re your solution.

This year you’ll see a different side of Fear No Ice. We’ll illustrate that we can do a 7 minute, 2-man theme performance...clean, quite, set to music. Intimate, in a sense. We hope you enjoy it.

What We Do
Your event is unique. Whether your venue is local or international,* we will handle it. Here’s how:

  • Promotional market vehicle: product launches, sponsor recognition, print advertisements, grand openings
  • Entertainment entity: fun, live, interactive shows of varying lengths, both powerful and passionate
  • Big, beautiful displays: aesthetic enhancement of any event
  • Functional sculptures: ice bars and giant dispensing martini/margarita glasses, centerpieces. Lighted banquet tables and ice mugs
  • Corporate events; logo unveilings, annual meetings, groundbreakings
  • Set Designs; Gadgley Mishka, Ricky Martin, The today Show
  • Las Vegas shows: live performances.

    Fear No Ice is the only ice-making studio in Europe, centrally located in Brussels.

    How We Do It
    It’s easy. We’re part of your client’s event budget. We will work with the client to tailor their needs to that budget. That is why we are so successful. We’re willing to do any single sculpture, in any length of time. Last year our prices ranged from $ 5,000. - $ 100,000.

    We will work with you and your client directly. Matching the desires of your clients with our compelling, creative talent ensures that their needs are not only met but exceeded. Our mission is to help you close the deal.

    Visit our exciting new web-site: FEARNOICE.COM for graphic illustrations and description of our company!!!


    Among other cities, Fear No Ice! -- Performance Ice Sculpting may serve the following areas: Washington, Houston, New York, Dallas, Springfield, Sacramento, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Kansas City, San Antonio, Austin, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, Charlotte, Portland, San Diego, Denver, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Birmingham, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Memphis, Saint Louis, Albany, Cincinnati

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