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Lariat Larry, Cowboy Storyteller, performs trick roping, tells spellbinding stories and tall tales of the Wild West.


Lariat Larry, Cowboy Storyteller, performs trick roping, tells spellbinding stories and tall tales of the Wild West.
Larry is available year round for stage shows, strolling entertainment, parades, storytelling (Tales of the Wild West) and juggling instruction. He has taught over 100,000 people to juggle.
Larry has been performing as Lariat Larry doing cowboy storytelling and trick roping shows since 1990. As a juggler and unicyclist, he has been performing since 1980. His audiences range in size from 10 to over 1000 people.
Cowboy Roping and Storytelling Shows
30-minute show of trick roping:
This action packed show is perfect for fairs, festivals, picnics, and other events where different activities are going on. Enjoy one fun story of the Wild West and lots of fancy trick roping with many opportunities for audience involvement.
45-minute show of trick roping and storytelling:
Create a dynamic event for your school, library, party or other special occasion. Full length performances give your audience a chance to experience more of the Wild West with two exciting stories: one adventurous true tale of life in the Old West plus one lively tall tale. All shows include lots of fancy trick roping and audience involvement.
Storytelling shows:
Transport your guests (or your posse!) back to the Wild West. Storytelling makes it happen! Larry can include stories on a variety of Wild West Themes. Trick roping captivates the audience and energizes the shows.
Custom shows:
A show can be designed to fit into your special theme or time frame. Larry has experience as a solo performer, as part of an ensemble, and as one act in a variety show.
Strolling entertainment:
Reach as many people as possible with strolling entertainment for events where it will be difficult to draw everyone's attention at one time. This works well at special promotions, corporate events and at fairs and festivals. Larry strolls within whatever area you designate while entertaining small groups with his fancy lariat spinning and friendly manner. Your guests will love how he interacts with them and involves them.
Further Descriptions and Definitions:
The Stories: They include true tales, legends, and tall tales of the Wild West.
Story Themes: Themes can always be customized. Here is a partial list.
  • California Gold Rush
  • Emigration to California
  • Early California
  • Youthful Heroes of the Wild West
  • Treasure Tales
  • Lawmen of the West
  • Outlaws of the West
  • Cowboys
  • Against Great Odds
    Lariat: This is the rope that a cowboy uses. It is also known as a lasso, lassoo, or reata but a cowboy usually just calls it a rope. There are two types of lariats: the catch lariat and the trick lariat or spinning lariat. Each one uses entirely different skills. Larry is a master of the trick lariat, and also includes some catch roping in his shows. In performances, Larry explains about the various ropes he uses.
    Trick Roping: Some of this is performed with musical background showing lots of different fancy tricks and some with audience involvement. The audience participation includes spinning a small lariat around one small child, spinning a medium size lariat around two children or one adult, and spinning a large lariat with Larry and up to ten children or two adults inside. While telling a tall tale, a volunteer is called up to play a part in the story he/she is caught with the lariat and loops are thrown around his/her arms and legs getting almost all tied up before Larry is finished with them. The grand finale is a stunt called the Texas Skip, which is jumping through a large vertical loop, from side to side.
    Juggling Shows
    Larry K! Juggler
    Larry is an experienced juggler who presents exciting shows to fit your needs. His skills and easy-going personality will be a hit at any event. Larry is also a master juggling instructor.
    Larry has performed since 1980 throughout the world for audiences as small as five people to over 1000. His shows are ideal for mixed age groups from two year-olds to eighty-year-olds and everything in between! With every type of audience, his performances are a great success and are suitable for all different types of events and venues: schools, libraries, private parties, conventions, corporate events, fairs, festivals, grand openings, shopping malls...just to name a few! Although Larry lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children, he is available to travel for performances. Some previous tours have taken him to New York, Montreal, South Dakota, Washington State, and Taiwan. Larry also enjoys performing in a strolling style for conventions, corporate parties, fairs, festivals, shopping malls, and other special events.
    Exciting Shows:
    Shows are full of fun, high energy, top technical skills and physicaledy. The audience is involved throughout the performance, whether it is a volunteer being called up, lively interaction with the whole audience or demonstrating his fascinating technical skills. Some skills that are the hallmark of Larry's shows are unusual types of juggling. His manipulations with top hat, one-ball (contact juggling), cigar box juggling, and devil sticks are some of the highlights. The fantastic grand finale is juggling on a six-foot tall unicycle.
    Performance Choices
    Full Shows: These generally run from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the amount of time you want for your event. The number of different types of juggling that Larry presents depends on the show's length.
    Custom Tailored: Larry can adjust the time, the theme, or the patter to fit into any special circumstances you may have at your event. He can include your special guests as participants or volunteers in the show. Larry can be part of an ensemble cast or one act in a variety show.
    Strolling: In a situation where everyone's attention cannot be gathered for a show, strolling performing is a great option. Larry strolls within whatever area you designate, while entertaining small groups with juggling. Your guests will love his friendly manner and how he involves them in the fun. While people are waiting to get into an event or waiting in line, he can entertain them, visiting as many small groups as possible with his engaging and personalized performing.
    Greeting: Larry wees and delights your guests as they enter your event by either juggling or riding on his tall unicycle.
    Juggling Instruction:
    Larry is a master juggling teacher, having taught over 100,000 to juggle. It is fun to learn juggling with lightweight nylon scarves or juggling balls. Larry uses a special systematic technique with a very high rate of success. Juggling workshops leave students with a feeling of aplishment and make a great team building activity. Groups of up to sixty people still get plenty of individual attention. Anyone eight years and up can quickly learn to juggle with three objects. In one session, beginners will be able to juggle three scarves in a basic pattern and will know what to do if they want to continue juggling with balls. More advanced workshops are also available.
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