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Moonscent offers a wide variety of unique Scented Candle Light Bulbs in various scents.


We offer something very unique!!:

Glow Bulbs: MOONSCENT AQUA GLOW BULBS are NEW for 2004! Available in 3 watt candelabra base bulb and 7.5 watt standard base bulb. These unscented glow bulbs have an afterglow of up to 6 hours! That is after the bulb is turned off. Some great ideas for these bulbs include stringing Christmas trees, ceiling fan lights, night lights, and party lights. We use a glow material that is photo luminescent safety certified. It is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and environmentally friendly. The material has a shelf life of 3 years outdoors and 5 years indoors. The material used is new technology that has extended the afterglow 10 times that of the conventional glow products. The new material that we use in manufacturing these glow bulbs is top grade with no fillers allowing us to achieve the 6 hour afterglow. The glow bulbs give off a white light when on and an Aqua Blue glow when the power is turned off.

Moonscent Scented Candle Light Bulbs provide a unique primitive country glow as well as a pleasant aroma. These bulbs come in many scents and each is available in the 3 watt candelabra base and the 7.5 watt standard base bulb.

The Fragrance: When these bulbs were tested during the research and development phase, a mild fragrance was produced capable of scenting a small closed room of about 50 square feet for several hours. Each Moonscent Bulb contains only a fraction of an ounce of a scented adhesive coating. One bulb cannot scent a large room on it's own. These bulbs are meant to enhance other scented products in a room, or when used in multiples, such as stringing a tree, or when several candle lights are used, they will provide a mild pleasant scent for a limited amount of time.

Available scents are:

  • Applesauce w/ Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Vanilla Spice w/ Nutmeg
  • Country Christmas
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Basket of Berries
  • Orange Clove
  • Country Home
  • and Bayberry.

    The Look: The unique look of these bulbs is clearly not available in any other bulb presently on the market today. Each hand dipped bulb has its own unique look and color. Real ground spices are used in many of the styles which stand out when the bulb is lit giving it a true primitive country look and feel. You won't see the filament of the bulb, but more of an uneven soft glow perfect for accent lighting.

    Uses: Accent Lighting, Seasonal Decorating, Christmas Tree Lights, Window and Night Lights, Gifts and Gift basket Items.

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