When planning a special event, consider hiring a dance instructor to help you perfect your dance moves! First dance at a wedding, Prom night, quinceanera... put your best foot forward! Search here for Dance Instructor in California.

  • Celebration Ballroom and Celebration Dance - thumbnail image

    Celebration Ballroom and Celebration Dance

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    Hire a professional Dance Instructor for your next special event. - Read More

  • Ballroom Dancing LA Dance Studio - thumbnail image

    Ballroom Dancing LA Dance Studio

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    Our world-class experts will help you feel relaxed on the dance floor and become a great dancer. Learn a new dance technique and become swept off your feet! - Read More

  • Dance Revolution - thumbnail image

    Dance Revolution

    Serving: Los Angeles CA
  • Your Dance ~ by Jeanette ~ Mobile Choreographer - thumbnail image

    Your Dance ~ by Jeanette ~ Mobile Choreographer

    Serving: Riverside and Orange County CA

    Jeanette offer choreography services for all your special events, including Quinceaneras, and Weddings. - Read More

  • Conrad's Dance Studio - thumbnail image

    Conrad's Dance Studio

    Serving: Santa Ana, CA

    A studio designed to teach social dance as well as formal ballroom dancing and is dedicated to bringing the fun & challenge of dancing to Southern California. - Read More

  • Quinceanera & Wedding Choreography - thumbnail image

    Quinceanera & Wedding Choreography

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    ChoreographyImpressions offers unique ballroom choreography for any event, along with private and group classes - Read More

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  • Master Puppet Dance Company


  • Academy of Dance Rakela


  • The Dance Loft


  • Belly Dance Instuction ~ Goddess Workout


  • Goddess Fitness Dance