You've spent so much time choosing the perfect floral arrangement! Did you know that you can have it professionally preserved? That way, you'll always have your beautiful arrangement! Search here for Floral Preservations in California.

  • Sue's Garden - thumbnail image

    Sue's Garden

    Serving: Orange County CA

    With a passionate love for preserving flowers and memories, I make every floral preservation a very personal and special memory to each customer.  As I do so, I put my hea... - Read More

  • Infinity Bouquets - thumbnail image

    Infinity Bouquets

    Serving: Southern California

    Help your flowers to maintain shape and color with top of the line preservation equipment. Flower preservation will offer a keepsake for you, your family, and your friends ... - Read More

  • Forget Me Nevers Floral Preservation - thumbnail image

    Forget Me Nevers Floral Preservation

    Serving: Sacramento / Lake Tahoe CA

    We will preserve you beloved wedding flowers or other unique florals through the process of freeze drying. We will hold its shape and color, to provide you with lasting mem... - Read More

  • Floral Keepsakes by Lauri - thumbnail image

    Floral Keepsakes by Lauri

    Serving: Nationwide

    Keepsakes by Laurie can keep those precious memories alive and lasting forever. - Read More

  • Roses Freeze Dry - Floral Preservations Ct Ny - thumbnail image

    Roses Freeze Dry - Floral Preservations Ct Ny

    Serving: Nationwide

    Preserve that wonderful wedding bouquet, to cherish for years to come. - Read More

  • Nature's Beauty - thumbnail image

    Nature's Beauty

    Serving: Worldwide

    Freeze-drying is our way of preserving your most precious florals, from wedding bouquets to funeral flowers. Making for a very special keepsake, we artfully mount your flow... - Read More

  • Twice Touched Treasures - Floral Preservation - thumbnail image

    Twice Touched Treasures - Floral Preservation

    Serving: California

    Transform your bridal flowers into a lasting heirloom! Color, texture and shape can be preserved as a bouquet behind glass or a beautiful keepsake. - Read More

  • South Bay Floral Preservation - thumbnail image

    South Bay Floral Preservation

    Serving: Los Angeles and Orange Counties CA

    Preserve and display your beautiful bouquet for years to come with our lovely frames, enchanting shadow boxes, and delightful domes. Your wedding day should be remembered v... - Read More

  • Floral Techniques-Floral Preservation - thumbnail image

    Floral Techniques-Floral Preservation

    Serving: San Jose, CA

    Fresh flowers can now be preserved to retain their delicate beauty of form and color for years to come. - Read More

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