Fortune tellers bring their special blend of mystery and intrigue to any party! Whether you believe what they say or not, they certainly are entertaining! Search here for Fortune Tellers in Illinois.

  • The Oracle Psychic ~ The Best Psychic - thumbnail image

    The Oracle Psychic ~ The Best Psychic

    Serving: USA, Canada & UK

    I can provide detailed and insightful fortune telling for your events to give you an enlightening experience your guests will remember. - Read More

  • Destiny Tarot - thumbnail image

    Destiny Tarot

    Serving: Chicago IL

    Tarot reading - serious fun! Yes, Tarot readings are real and also a great addition to your next party or event. Upbeat, positive and insightful readings for your guests ma... - Read More

  • Neil Tobin, Necromancer - thumbnail image

    Neil Tobin, Necromancer

    Serving: Chicago IL

    NEIL TOBIN, NECROMANCER will make your corporate or private event memorable with Tarot card readings that are both exciting and sophisticated. - Read More

  • Barbara G Meyer Psychic Entertainer - thumbnail image

    Barbara G Meyer Psychic Entertainer

    Serving: Chicago, IL

    A professional psychic and fortune teller since 1989, Barbara's unique and entertaining fortunetelling skills are sure to be a hit with all of your guests. - Read More

  • Psychic 1 ~Psychic for Parties/Events/One-on-One


  • Mystic Funomena


  • Alexandria East- Handwritingpalm & Cards


  • Julie Palm Readers


  • Bianca


  • Psychic Bebe Party Readings