Bar and wait staff are a welcome addition to any special event! Spend time with your guests instead of finding yourself stuck behind the bar all night by hiring our professional, well trained bar and wait staff! Search here for Bar & Wait Staff in North Carolina.

  • Runway Waiters - thumbnail image

    Runway Waiters

    Serving: Nationwide

    We make your event a one-of-a-kind experience with a bar and wait staff full of models. Your selection of men or women to enhance the luxury of your event or special affair. - Read More

  • The Happiest Hostess - thumbnail image

    The Happiest Hostess

    Serving: Raleigh NC

    We provide a reliable and professionally trained team of waiters as well as bartenders to handle your unique affairs. You relax while we take care of everything. - Read More

  • Touch of Elegant Services LLC - thumbnail image

    Touch of Elegant Services LLC

    Serving: Charlotte NC

    We provide bar and waitstaff, carvers, coat checkers, bussers, line cooks and more for all your parties and special functions. - Read More

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