Create beautiful memories by releasing Doves and butterflies at your ceremony or event. The release of Doves is a special way to remember loved ones who have passed on, and at weddings represent love, fidelity prosperity unity and peace. Search here for Dove & Butterfly Release in Southern California.

  • Santa Barbara White Dove Release - thumbnail image

    Santa Barbara White Dove Release

    Serving: Santa Barbara CA

    White Dove Release beautifully enhances any celebration or event in a unique, symbolic, and meaningful way. - Read More

  • Heavenly Doves by Jerry Garcia - thumbnail image

    Heavenly Doves by Jerry Garcia

    Serving: Santa Clarita CA, Malibu CA, Ventura CA, Santa Barbara CA

    A Professionally Coordinated White Dove Release is a unique way to incorporate symbolic associations into any meaningful occasion. - Read More

  • White Flite Dove Release - thumbnail image

    White Flite Dove Release

    Serving: Orange County CA, Los Angeles CA

    We provide pure white dove releases to your special day. Whether you are planning a wedding, graduation, funeral and memorial service or a special event, our bird release... - Read More

  • Butterfly Images of California - thumbnail image

    Butterfly Images of California

    Serving: San Diego, CA

    Releasing butterflies is environmentally safe & sound practice. It increases the butterfly population & also enhances public awareness of these delicate and beautiful creat... - Read More

  • Love Doves in Flight - thumbnail image

    Love Doves in Flight

    Serving: San Diego, CA

    White Doves have always been a symbol of eternal love and peace. A release of our Love Doves will add a special enchantment to your wedding day. - Read More

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