Psychics are fascinating! Your guests will love the unique element that they bring to any occasion! Search here for Psychics in Southern California.

  • Let Me Entertain You! - thumbnail image

    Let Me Entertain You!

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    Reginah is a licensed and experienced psychotherapist, a healer,feng shui master, as well as a highly skilled psychic. This combination helps to make her readings very help... - Read More

  • Cynthia Becker Psychic - thumbnail image

    Cynthia Becker Psychic

    Serving: Nationwide

    Cynthia was aware of the sensitivities from an early age. You will be dazzled and surprised by the accuracy of her readings and ultimately walk away with a new found respec... - Read More

  • Oracle Psychic ~ Best Psychic - thumbnail image

    Oracle Psychic ~ Best Psychic

    Serving: USA, Canada & UK

    The Oracle Psychic provides a place for you and your friends to experience a psychic reading of tranquility and serenity, without embarrassment. - Read More

  • Five Muses to 5 Muses - thumbnail image

    Five Muses to 5 Muses

    Serving: San Diego CA

    We are committed to making all our events memorable by giving positive and uplifting readings. - Read More

  • Discover Your Energy - thumbnail image

    Discover Your Energy

    Serving: Los Angeles and San Bernardino County CA

    Professional Psychic services for all your special events. - Read More

  • Psychic Kayla's Workshop - thumbnail image

    Psychic Kayla's Workshop

    Serving: Los Angeles & Orange County CA

    I am a pyschic who will help you regain the love you desire and your true deserved happiness. - Read More

  • Davida Rappaport - thumbnail image

    Davida Rappaport

    Serving: Los Angeles, CA

    Professional and experienced Intuitive (Psychic) for all occasions. - Read More

  • Spiritual Therapy - thumbnail image

    Spiritual Therapy

    Serving: Los Angeles CA

    Professional and experienced psychic answering all your life and career questions. - Read More

  • #1 Los Angeles Psychic For Parties & Events - thumbnail image

    #1 Los Angeles Psychic For Parties & Events

    Serving: Beverly Hills and Los Angeles CA

    Gasp as Priscilla uses psychic techniques of yesterday and today to tell you more about your yesterday and today. She'll use her natural gifts of insight to astound persona... - Read More

  • Animals' Talk - thumbnail image

    Animals' Talk

    Serving: San Diego, CA

    Jerri uses telepathy to connect between the animal and human world in order to aid in conflict resolution and provide humans and animals a better understanding of thier vie... - Read More

  • Path of Life Numerology - What's Your Number? - thumbnail image

    Path of Life Numerology - What's Your Number?

    Serving: Los Angeles and Orange County CA

    Numerology Readings for your Party! Call me for a FREE sample reading and interview. Try something unique, fun and enlightening for your special occasion! - Read More