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Serving Minneapolis/St. Paul MN
2657 Grand Street NE
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Minneapolis, MN 55418

Let our comic stripping entertainers crash your birthday party, bachelor party or bachelorette party. We have attractive sexy dancers, as well as less than attractive not-so-sexy dancers.


Whether it's a bachelor party, a birthday party, a retirement or holiday, a Party Crasher Dance Gram is sure to please!
Order your stripping Costumed Character today.
Order your stripping Costumed Character today.
A little risque without going too far.

Sexy strip routines to a bikini or boxer shorts
Our stripping dance grams are highly entertaining customized fifteen-minute music andedy routines. We have dozens of costumed characters and celebrity impersonators to choose from. The performer will sing 2 -3 songs, do a sexy or funny strip-tease to boxer shorts or a bikini. They will also lead your group in a sing-a-long and interact with the guest of honor incorporating personal information such as nicknames, funny stories and pet peeves, etc.
We have a wide variety of characters to choose from ranging from sexy to silly to sophisticated. We'll help you choose which is most appropriate for your function and/or the recipient. (We're also able to create customized characters and situations).
We feature great singers & dancers who put the tease back into stripping.
Our sexy flirtatious dance grams are appropriate for public places such as restaurants and bars.
We have outstanding entertainers who will create an extraordinary event that will be cherished and talked about for years toe.

Cranky Customer
FBI Guy or Gal
FBI Team
IRS Agent
Grim Reaper
French Maid
Pizza Delivery
Belly Dancer
Magic Jeanie
Police Officer
Female Cop
Bag Lady
Tuxedo-Top Hat & Tails
Biker Dude
Biker Chick
Bad Clown
Bad Mime
Bag Lady
Teddy Bear
Hula Dancer
Man in a Hula Skirt
Punk Rocker
Go-Go Dancer
Knocked Up Nelly
Amazon Warrior Princess
Construction Worker
Tool Time Gal
Bad Santa
Mrs. Santa
Mrs. Santa Trophy Wife
Christmas Elf
Easter Bunny
Pirate King
Pirate Wench
The Swishbuckler (Gay Pirate)
Zorro The Kissing Bandit
Flaming Gay Zorro
And many more!
Create Your Own Character


PG-rated Stripteases - $190
(** all rates carry an additional zone fee depending upon where the entertainer will drive.)

For additional fees, we can also include balloons or a flower bouquet or perform a longer show.
All orders are subject to a $50.00 non-refundable deposit.
Cancellation Policy:
We are unable to offer a refund for cancellations with less than 7 days notice. In the event of an emergency, we will do our very best to reschedule your entertainer for a new date and time at no extra charge.

Party Crasher or Tipsy Tart
This one's the classic the uninvited guest that nobody seems to know. It could be the tipsy tart who's had one too many Malibu-cokes and decides she likes your boyfriend. It could be the obnoxious boar who can't tell a joke but thinks he's the life of the party. It could well be something we haven't even thought of yet but with your suggestions can easily create. In any case, once this party crasher's annoying and embarrassing antics give way to song, your friend will realize they've been had and that sometimes the most unwanted guest turns out to be the best.
Gladys the Bag Lady
Here you thought you'd have a nice private party at your home or nearby restaurant and in shambles Gladys, scrounging for food or, better yet, booze. She's not very used to you high society types and hasn't quite mastered the concept of Minnesota nice so she might insult or harass the guest of honor a bit. But she's got a golden, jazzy voice and a disarming sense of humor which eventually puts everyone at ease. And who knows? Perhaps one of her battered satchels might contain a birthday surprise.

If you want, you could also invite her brother (known only as Crazy Old Bum ) or her other brother (also known as Gladys the cross-dressing sibling no one talks about.)

Like most of our performers, Gladys is very willing to take off her clothes. The question is what lies beneath? Will it be a bikini-clad beauty or a sight even more frightening and outrageous than the fully clothed version? You
Fifi the French Maid
Your husband or boss will certainly pass the white glove test after a visit from Fifi Fromage, our French-maid-for-hire. Her English isn't so good but she's well versed in ze language of love. She doesn't do windows but is more thanfortable on ze floor. She'll buff and fluff your special guy and be quite willing to (how you ) clean out his drawers? This loose chanteuse will seduce him with song and if he thinks he can't dance, 'll show him he can-can indeed!
Nurse Feelgood and Doctor Whoopee
Time for your
Know someone who needs some get well cheer or is feeling a little over the hill? Then send for the specialists! Alone or together, Nurse Feelgood and Doctor Whoopee have the prescription to keep your special someone feeling fine! But first, they'll need an examination good thing our medical professionalse equipped with jokes, songs, and a rather large thermometer.
Police Officer
Has there been a noiseplaint from the neightbors? Party guests illegally parked? With your help, we'll find a reason to track down, interrogate, and handcuff your honored guest or friend. There may be a few awkward questions asked or an embarrassing dexterity test to pass, but sooner or later, your friend will win back their freedom amidst song and splendor!
Skanky stripper
Meet Thelma DesM's lewd, she's crude. Good Lord, she's getting nude!! Straight from her whirlwind tour of low-rent strip joints and highway rest-stops across the greater Midwest, Thelma is now available (and desperate) for private bookings. As delightful as she is horrifying, she'll serenade you with her smoky stylings, all the while threatening to expose a freakish display of stretch-marks and cellulite. Call for Thelma now!! (But please don't ask for the lap dance. Trust us. We know where she's been.)
IRS Agent / Cranky Customer
Aren't they really one in the same? Whether she's there on a surprise audit or toplain about someone's poor customer service skills, she'll be crusty, cranky, and certainly not amused - but your flustered friend will be once her frosty exterior melts into song and they realize how funny and even flirtatious the most unpleasant of visitors can be.
FBI Agent
Has the secretary been embezzling money to fund her offshore investments? Has your boss been running an illegal porn site from the officeputer? You decide the crime and we'll take care of the culprit. As always, public humiliation is our specialty but we won't make our victims sweat for too long once the cuffs are in place, we'll have a captive audience for songs, jokes, and a special tribute which will get the whole party or office involved.
Porn-Star / Handy-man / Tooltime gal
Whether it's the plumbere to fix your pipes or the roofer who's heard you need a good nailing, our Mr. Fix-it has all the clever dialogue and careful character development of a seventies porn movie. You decide where

Among other cities, A Party Crasher Dance Grams may serve the following areas: Minneapolis/Saint Paul MN areas: Duluth, St. Cloud, Stillwater, Monticello, Forest Lake, Shakopee, Eden Prairie, Osseo, Burnsville, Hudson Wisconsin, Prescott Wisconsin, Inver Grove Heights, Chaska, Chanhassen, Champlin, Andover, Princeton, Cambridge, Buffalo, Elk River, Farmington, Lakeville, Eau Claire Wisconsin, Elko


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