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Caricatures have been the perfect solution for the party planner, public relations or marketing person looking for something to make their event stand out.


Al-Rod Studio Live Digital & Traditional Caricatures
  • Ever look for that something different, fun, entertaining and interactive for your trade show, party, special event, or corporate function?
  • Ever wanted to give your guests or potential clients something to leave with that they wouldn't chuck into the trash, but keep and remember the time they spent with you, or at least the name of yourpany?
    Having a caricaturist set up at these events would have solved all of these dilemmas. Caricatures have been the perfect solution for trade shows organizers, party planners, public relations or marketing person looking for that special something to make their event stand out.
    What else canpare?
    With a caricaturist you have entertainment that can make the party a real success for any age group.
    It's interactive!
    Guests can crowd around as their peers get drawn in a humorous fashion and take part in the laughs.
    It's a memento!
    Everyone who gets a caricature now has a tangible item that they'll save, cherish and remember the event with. And for trade shows or corporate events, you can have the caricature paper printed with yourpany logo and/or event name making it an ideal marketing tool.
    Al Rodriguez has been a professional caricaturist for over 25 years. Having drawn at theme parks, parties, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, fairs & festivals, trade shows, cruise ships, grand openings, and corporate events across the country and abroad.
    Al Rodriguez has won World Fastest Caricaturist two years in row, at the 2001 & 2002 National Caricaturist Network Convention &petition, judged buy his fellow caricaturists for speed, likeness, and quality.
    Al also ranked in the top ten nationally and nominated for Best Profile Caricaturist at the '95 National Caricaturist Network Convention &petition in San Antonio, Texas.
    Third nationally for Best Profile Caricaturist and Best Use of Black & White, as well as top ten by Artists' Choice for Overall Work at the '99 National Caricaturist Network Convention &petition in Orlando, Florida.
    Always professional in both appearance and attitude, Al Rodriguez delivers as a caricaturist and entertainer.
    Digital vs. Traditional Caricatures
    Live Digital Caricatures is the next level in Caricature Entertainment. With Al Rodriguez's 25 years of experience in drawing caricatures at parties and special events, he now offers an exciting new product which will WOW your guests and clients at your next party, corporate event, campus function or trade show.
    What is Live Digital Caricatures and how does itpare to traditional caricatures drawn on paper? you ask. It's the ability to draw the caricature directly into theputer with a tablet (1). This alone will amaze your guest as they'll crowd around to get a better look at this technology. Most will claim never seeing anything like this before!
    Having the caricatures drawn directly into theputer now allows for all sorts of advantges over traditional paper caricatures, first being that the drawing unfolds on a larger flat screen LCD monitor (2), allowing the drawing of the caricatures to be seen from across the room. No more having to crowd around the artist to see what he's drawing.
    The caricature will also be in full color, or B&W with shading and a splash of color if you want more people drawn in limited amount of time. (10 per hr full color / 15 per hr splash of color). Traditional caricatures are only in B&W with shading.
    Each caricature will be printed on a very quick and high quality, color photo printer in a convenient glossy 4x6 size (3). Making it way easier to carry around with them for the rest of the event, allowing them to show off their caricature to all of your other guests.
    The caricature can also be printed in full color, with yourpany logo, slogan and/or text with the name and date of the event.
    Got a theme you want to have featured in your caricatures? We can design custom backgrounds that your guests or clients can be drawn into. For example, if yourpany is selling boats, we can have a pre-drawn body driving a boat with yourpany logo on it and once we draw your client's head, we just place it on the body driving the boat! The possibilities are endless!
    But wait! There's more!!
    Your guest will also be able to get a digital JPEG file of their caricature, as well as their friends', that they can download off the internet after the event. In some cases we may be able to transfer them to your guest during the event. With all of today's social networking, like Facebook, MySpace & Twitter your guests will be able to quickly download their digital caricatures either directly to theirputers or smart phones (4) and use them as avatars. They can download their friend's caricatures to use as ID images on their devices. This just extends the fun of having Live Digital Caricatures at your next party or special event! Not to mention drive clients back to your website with likns on the download page.
    The JPG files requires no extra work on your part. Each caricature will be printed with a website address in small text, where they'll be able to dowload their caricature from. But if you prefer, we'll burn a CD with all the caricatures on it at the end of the event and give it to you as well.
    Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about Live Digital Caricatures or Traditional Caricatures. Either way you go, it'll prove to be a great addition to any event!
    Serving the entire state of Florida including Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Palm Beaches, Jacksonville and the Keys, as well rest of the United States.
    Having a large event? We can provide additional talented & experienced caricaturists.

    Among other cities, Al-Rod Studio Digital & Traditional Caricatures may serve the following areas: Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Pensacola, Saint Petersburg, West Palm Beach, Melbourne, Tallahassee, Fort Myers, Fort Pierce, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Gainesville, Sarasota, Daytona Beach, Naples, Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, Bradenton, Clearwater, Ocala, Panama City, Brooksville, Davie, Lakeland, Plantation, Sunrise, Coral Gables

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