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  • We specialize in customized acts, circus acts,Acrobat shows, and corporate event entertainment.
  • Our success is based on our high level of professionalism, integrity and being easy to work with.


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American Acrobats
Castle Productions produces and operates American Acrobats which is a theatrical Cirque style show that performs throughout the year for corporate and special events. Castle Productions also produces Extreme Team whichbines extremely talented acrobats, stunt performers, dancers and circus performers who display a customized variety of high level skills for product reveal, product launches, conventions, etc.
We specialize in Corporate Event Entertainment and Customized Acts for Corporate Parties and Special Events.
Partial List of Corporate & Special Event Credits
Kodak Nortel Toyota
Super Bowl Coca Cola Century 21
Phillip Morris Smith Barney United Artists
Marriott Resort Lincoln Mercury NBA Clippers
Vogue Magazine Event Virgin Mega Store Weight Watchers
NFLmissioner Party Disney Entertainment NHL Hockey / Kings
Castle Productions has worked for every major TV and movie studio for the last 23 years providing talent, consulting services, stunt coordination, technical directing, stunt & equipment rigging, equipment rentals etc.
Castle Productions has also worked for major theme parks providing concept consulting, auditions, performers, designing & building equipment, talent training, running rehearsals and directing. We then continue to provide show maintenance to ensure the ongoing quality of the show. Our biggest credit involving all of the above mentioned areas is Disneyland's Fantasmic Show which is considered to be one of the largest and most spectacular ongoing live shows in the world.
When ites to huge promotional stunts Castle Productions is the biggest in the industry while maintaining a perfect safety record. Disney Entertainment has some of the highest safety standards. Castle Productions was chosen over 18 years ago to be their Stunt & Safety Coordinator because of our safety record. Here are some of our credits in this area:
The only sky diving team to ever sky dive into Disneyland.
The only group to ever rappel (descending ropes) from 250 ft. out of a helicopter in both Rose Bowl and Edison Field (Angel Stadium).
Performed a 102 ft. high fall into an airbag off of the Horton Plaza in San Diego.
Created and operated a 400 ft. long slide for life up 100 ft. high across the Anaheim Pond Sports Arena for 6 years for the Mighty Ducks NHL Hockey Club's mascot.
Rappelled down the Rockefeller Center Building in New York City.
Performed an 80ft. high acrobatic high diving act in the Houston Astrodome.
We always maintain at least $2 Million Liability Insurance as well as Workerspensation Insurance. Danny Castle is also one of the industry's most recognized safety rigger as there is no actual Certified Rigger program.
As owners of Castle Production, The American Acrobats & Extreme Team, my wife Karen and I have always held true to providing the highest standard of professionalism and integrity. Our experience is that a long term relationship is key to ones success and longevity in this industry. We always provide extremely talented, good looking, healthy performers with a positive attitude. We also have a reputation for being easy to work with.
We specialize in customized acts and entertainment to fit your next corporate or special event. Our success in this industry is based on our high level of professionalism, integrity and being easy to work with. We look forward to the possibility of working with you.
Our mainpany Castle Productions has three areas of entertainment that we can provide for your corporate or special event.
The American Acrobats - provides theatrical Cirque style circus acts. We are the onlypany in this industry that maintains over 13 different acts all in house. We create the acts, make the costumes, do the choreography and choose the music. This way we can control the quality of the acts and the performers which gives our clients the best possible entertainment. We do not currently have promo on all of the acts as they change from time to time.
Extreme Team - is made up of highly talented acrobatic, stunt, dance & circus performers who bring a variety of incredible & unique skills to each show which can be custom designed and themed to meet the needs of each client. Great for conventions, product launches and reveals.
Extreme Stunts - With over 20 years of experience in the movie industry we are the biggest when ites to live action promotional stunts for special events. Here are just a few of our credits in this area. The only group to ever sky dive into Disneyland, the only group to ever rappel (descending a rope) out of a helicopter from 250 ft. into both the Rose Bowl and Edison Field (Angel Stadium), created and performed for 6 years a 400 ft. long slide for life across the Anaheim Pond Sports Arena up 100 ft. high for the Mighty Ducks NHL Hockey games, rappelled down the Rockefeller Center Building in New York City and performed a 80 ft. high diving act into an airbag inside the Houston Astrodome. No one does bigger or safer. We have a perfect safety record which is why ourpany was chosen over 18 years ago to be the Stunt & Safety coordinators for Disney Entertainment. We always maintain $2 million liability insurance and $20 million for all stunts requiring aircraft.
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Among other cities, American Acrobats may serve the following areas: Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Jose, Tucson, Sacramento, Northern California, San Francisco, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Long Beach, Fresno, Oakland, Scottsdale, Mesa, Reno, Bakersfield, Santa Clarita, Stockton, Glendale, Glendale, Anaheim, Apache Junction, Berkeley, Irvine, North Las Vegas, Riverside, Inland Empire, Santa Barbara, Van Nuys, Casa Grande, Henderson, San Bernardino



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