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If you want to feature an exotic light show with the proper lighting equipment, we are the go-to shop just for you. We customize our lighting equipment to fit the specific needs of your function. 

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Specializing in exotic laser lighting, we customize our lighting equipment to bring you professional lighting effects that will tune up your event's ambiance to the fullest degree. Our services reach out to such events as weddings, charity balls, teen parties, fashion shows, trade shows, grand openings, and corporate functions.
Because we take our professionalism seriously, we only provide the latest form of lighting equipment with custom graphics able to personalize a specially lighted pattern that resembles your logo or design of choice. Equipment includes a Pegasus projector with a broad scanner, light beams, liquid ceiling lighting, laser scanners, and lumia-laser projectors.
Our lighting projectors are featured in eight distinct packages, including the Pegasus Package, the Bishop Package, the Castle Package, the Knight Package, the Queen Package, the King Package, the Princess Package, and the Pango Master Package. Prices range from as low as $500 up to $5,000.
The Pegasus includes a green-laser projector in a tripod stand that emits exotic beams. Such light beams can be done in sync with the featured party music. Ideal for small parties, the projector has low power needs and is compact in size with a 3'x3' area.
The Bishop includes an all-green laser diode scanner block controlled by a laptop; with advanced graphics, the scanner can project custom texts, signatures, and aerials to make the honoree the star of the event. A tripod stand with a 40-degree vertical and horizontal fire field is included, as well as a computer that can run pre-programmed graphically animated shows.  
The Castle includes a projector that can deliver an intense full-color multi-laser ceiling effect. Because the projector is designed to project a full spectrum of color, every color of the rainbow can be viewed at once. Up to four different lasers can be combined to produce the most dramatic effect of colors. The projector can be adjusted for different effects. Different power adjustments are required for different lasers used in the projector. 
The Knight includes an all-green 2.5-watt, full-colored beam projector. You have a choice of using colored beams or green beams for the projector, depending on your preferences. The projector can function on an optional DMX or have active sound. 
The Queen includes a high-powered scanner system that can create a variety of beams, shapes, letters, figures, and aerials. With a twin tripod-mounted system, the scanner can create up to 50 green-laser watts. Such lighting equipment is ideal for large outdoor parties.
The King includes a combined scaffold-mounted beam table with 14 multicolor beams and a high-resolution scanner. Such a system is functioned by a lighting control board and a computer, making it capable of handling multiple high-power color lasers. 
The Princess provides an opportunity for the low-budget individual to rent a high-quality laser lighting scanner. Such a device can react to sounds and can project flat scans, as well as a variety of floor scans. 
The Pango Master includes a full-color, high-resolution, tripod-mounted projector that includes a 4.5-watt white light laser and a superb multicolored light scanning system that can project real-life images that appear to be floating straight in the air. If you are looking for lifelike light projections, this package is the one to beat. 

Among other cities, Artistic Laser Productions may serve the following areas: Ontario, Quebec, Washington, British Columbia, Houston, New York, New York City, El Paso, Alberta, Dallas, Miami, New Brunswick, Sacramento, Northern California, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, Chicago, Manhattan, San Antonio, Denver, San Diego, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Austin, Phoenix, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Birmingham, Nova Scotia, Las



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