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This insures %100 you are getting what you are paying for. I made this page because i just now, and i mean just now, got off the phone with a friend of mine in TX telling me about her stripper on Saturday, telling me what happened at the party she threw for the bride. Thepany showed her four pictures of guys to choose from and they had some old out of shape guy show up. She did say he was entertaining, but had no abs and was not one of the guys on the site she was told would perform at the party. Making the maid of honor, the girl and my friend, in TX look like like she didn't plan the perfect night to absolute perfection. Even though she had no idea she was not going to get what she was promised. I have viewed sites that have had the same pictures of the entertainers for over ten years they promise are the ones in your area. If you really think about it, how can onepany have such a large selection of entertainers in every city in america. There are thousands of cities in the USA. By the time they staff every city with all those pics of applicants the first entertainers that were hired to do parties will already be ten to fifteen years older. We here at Bachelorette Dancer know how hard it is to plan the perfect night and honestly take pride in what we do. I know it sounds funny we here at Bacelorette Dancer take pride in our jobs, but one should always take pride in their work, no matter what we do to pay the bills. Also good reviews travel, but bad ones travel faster.

Always one week before the show the entertainer will call or text you to arrange the details and send pics. It is rmended you have him send a selfie holding up one, two or three fingers in the pic, then ask for another with a different amount of fingers proving he is who we say he is. So you are confident you wont get bait and switch .
Bait and switch happens very often in this industry due to so many nationalpanies. I know it is impossible for the nationalpanies to know the entertainer they hire is who he says he is. So it is not always their fault. this is why nationalpanies send disappointing entertainers more often than not. Exactly the reason we keep ourpany close and on point, never leaving you, the customer, disappointed.
It is not always thecompanies fault, and there are so many that try to run a nationalpany you never know who you are dealing with. Do not get me wrong there are some great national companies out there, but unfortunately there are a lot more bad than good ones that will say anything to make money. As well aspanies ran by people who never had hands on experience in the entertainment business. In my opinion I can not see how you can manage entertainers if you were never one yourself. This is why everyone you speak with when you call Bachellorette Dancer is a true experienced professional, and knows the industry inside and out. If we cant offer what you would like we will let you know and try our best to point you in the right direction to apany that can.

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 5 Reviews
  He came in Santa Claus
He came in Santa Claus, Its December and my cousin in law was having her birthday party at Wrightsville Beach and I thought it would be fun to have Santa Claus come up and do a show I had no idea what was gonna happen and this guy came in dressed just like Santa Claus acted like he was donating money to the poor collecting it from us before hand him and I work this out And she was totally surprised reviews are reviews And I have got to recommend this company
That’s it wow, we are so thankful for that memory.
  I feel I definitely got my moneys worth
At first I wasn't really sure how everything was going to play out it was a surprise for my friend who is getting married and only a few of us knew that A stripper was coming we rented out a beach house for the week and instead of just coming in and doing his thing this guy suggested that we make it a fun surprise so he walked by with his surfboard in front of our Beachhouse and said he lost his keys and asked to use one of our phones most of the girls never saw it coming he put his surfboard on the floor and he had a radio with him which looked normal because it was the beach pushed play and started his thing I really like the fact that I was able to talk to him before he came or the idea of a surprise would've never come to me also I do have to say the bride to be is a very shy girl in the show was great nobody felt uncomfortable not even the grooms mom
  Couldn't ask for better
I give this guy credit, he was all he said he would be and Moore,
  we had a ball at my sisters b day party
I ordered a male stripper from wilmington to stripp at my sisters 30th b day. it was great. the guy was extremely entertaining. he did a flip and took his pants off in the air. and he also offered a $ back guarntee over the phone b4 he showed up

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