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Hilarious Entertainment For Your Corporate or Private Party!! Perfect Entertainment for After Prom and Grad Night Parties!!!!


Black's Magic Productions!

Bruce Black'sedy Stage Hypnosis Show, Destination: Imagination is a hilarious event for all ages, where your friends and coworkers will be the stars of the show! Stage hypnosis is a unique audience participation event that everyone will talk about for weeks. Most of the audience will be doubled over in laughter as they watch their friends on stage do the most incredible things! This is a 60-75 minute show that everyone will remember. Although based in Colorado, ouredy Hypnosis Show is available worldwide to make your next event the greatest ever!!! Perfect entertainment for High Schools, After Prom and Grad Night Parties or for your next corporate event!! Our Show is also the perfect entertainment for your Wedding Reception or High School Reunion!!
First, I engage the entire audience in a series of tests. While they remain in their seats, I use the power of suggestion to magnetize their fingers, invisible balloons will lift their hands and they will actually taste a lemon that they invisibly hold in their hand. Then I invite 10-20 people on stage to undergo hypnosis. We go on a trip to the warmest and coldest climates, people be rock stars and sing, they will meet the movie star of their dreams, speak in Martian, men be pregnant, we play a dating game that no one wants to win, etc. You will laugh from beginning to end! Fully insured and certified!
All routines are good clean fun with no blue material.
Quality Entertainment for Corporate Events!!
For evening entertainment, we can present our full 60-75 minuteedy Hypnosis Show Destination: Imagination . During Cocktail Hour, we can even break the ice with some world-class Strolling Close-up Magic, then present the fulledy show after dinner.
If you are planning a meeting or luncheon, we can provide novel entertainment that will spark up your event! We can perform a 30-minute speech and demonstration of the power of hypnosis during your luncheon or banquet. With or without bringing people on stage, we can show you the amazing power of hypnosis and the human mind! This is a great idea for making your meeting an event everyone will remember!! Of course, we can also do our full hour-long show as well!!
Nonstop Laughter at your Reunion, Wedding Reception or Private Party!!!!
Let Bruce Black'sedy Hypnosis Show be one of the highlights of your next party!! This is a family-friendly show that everyone will enjoy!
Facts about Hypnosis
* A person cannot be hypnotized against their will. If you resist or do not want to be hypnotized, it will not work.
* Hypnosis is not sleep, but very much like daydreaming.
* You will remember everything that occurred while under hypnosis.
* Due to your relaxed state, 30 minutes under hypnosis is equal to a few HOURS of sleep. It feels great!
* Hypnosis requires your consent. No one is forced on stage against his or her will.
* You will not reveal intimate secrets while hypnotized.
* Your subconscious self will prevent you from doing anything you really do not want to do.
* A person cannot get stuck in hypnosis. This has never happened.
* Have you have ever driven down the highway, begun to daydream and while your conscious mind is elsewhere, driven right past your exit? That was a form of hypnosis!

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