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These clowns are multi-talented individuals all adept and skilled at entertaining children and adults alike. They'll arrive dressed as fun themed characters or as traditional clowns and will have no problems bringing smiles and laughs to face of every child in attendance. 

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  horrible cust. service
It pains me to do this because I don’t like writing negative reviews but I have to do it with this company. I booked a package with this company because I had previously done so and really liked the entertainers. This time around I had a negative experience. The entertainers themselves were not bad at all. As a matter of fact, really sweet and apologetic for the service I was receiving from management. Unfortunately, the entertainers were stuck in traffic and arrived 45 minutes after the scheduled time. When I booked the party, I wanted to have Olaf and the two princess come to the party. They stated the only way this could be done was if I paid $225 but that one of the princesses would have to leave a little early. I stated that if I’m paying $225 extra then if all of them could stay the entire hour and a half. They agreed but low and behold Elsa left early. Also, they didn’t tell the performers that the magician was supposed to change into an Olaf costume once the magic show was over. When I asked what was going on since they were packing up to leave, they pulled out my contract and stated that it wasn’t on my contract. I told them that on that contract or not, I had discussed with Christine from beginning to end and all 3 characters were supposed to be there. If it wasn’t a part of the contract then why did I pay $225 for the extra character? They called the manager George and asked me to call him as well. Not once did he apologize and when I asked him to please contact Christine because she was the person that I had arranged package with, he stated he would try to get in touch with her and give me a call back. I asked him to please give me a call whether he got in touch with her or not. He did not call me back AT ALL. This was extremely disappointing because the birthday boy’s favorite character was Olaf. The following day I call back and Christine picks up the call and when I tell her that I was disappointed she had no idea about any of the issues that I discussed with George. She kept telling me that it wasn’t on the contract that I signed and if I wanted, she could resend it, which she promptly did. First of all, the quote that you receive and the contract are sent to you via a link. Once you sign a contract with them, the quote and the contract are not accessible to you via the link. I am upset with myself for trusting them due to having booked a previous party with them so I did not print the quote nor the contract when I originally received them. Again, being that the link isn’t active to you and you sign the contract electronically who knows how they edit it after. Olaf and the two princesses were definitely a part of the package because that is the whole reason why I paid the extra amount, for the third character. I asked her “Christine, I spoke to you the entire time so you are aware of my booking, can you honestly tell me that Olaf wasn’t included in the package due to the extra fees I paid?” Her response was it’s not in the contract that you signed. It appears that they’re used to giving this response to customers. I told her that this manner of doing business is unacceptable, that she was fully aware of our arrangement, she stated that she would talk to George the manager and ask him to call me back. I asked for a time frame because he left me waiting for a return call yesterday she said I can’t give you a time frame because I don’t have one. I guess the manager strolls in whenever he wants. I stated fair enough but I would really appreciate he contact me asap. I am still waiting.