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CT. Lasers provides spectacular Laser Light Shows for Corporate & Special Events Nationwide!


CT. Lasers - Spectacular Laser Light Shows

Connecticut Lasers provides Laser Light Shows and Laser Light Show Components throughout Connecticut, the United States and Internationally.

Many years ago, Lasers were thought to be used just for rock concerts and in High-Tech industrial fields. Well, that's not the case anymore. Technological advancements in solid state electronics have brought the beauty and and unrivaled pureness of Laser light into the field of everyday media and entertainment. Lasers can be used to simply enhance the lighting of a nightclub venue or Lasers can be used to advertise your company and/or logo on the side of a 20 story building from a mile away! Add the beauty and elaborate colors of Lasers to your choreographed dance routine, grand opening event or product unveiling! Imagine your next party with projected graphics of 3D dancing laser animations and futuristic abstract images. It is all possible with LASERS!

CT. Lasers performs all of our Laser shows utilizing state of the art Solid State Laser technology. This technology takes advantage of much smaller equipment which does not require any water cooling and/or special power requirements while providing more visible and in most cases even more powerful laser displays for you and your guests to enjoy.

We can provide Lasers for indoor events as well as outdoor events. Single color red green or blue Laser systems, multi color Laser systems to full color RGB white light Laser systems ranging in powers from 500 milli-watts (500mW or 1/2 Watt) to greater than 40 Watts of optical power! Single Laser systems to enhance an event to multiple Laser systems to "wow" an audience of 100 or to energize a stadium of 100,000 screaming fans! Connecticut Lasers has a solution for you and your next event!

Connecticut Lasers provides high quality Laser Light Show equipment at affordable prices. We are an FDA/CDRH certified Laser Light Show system manufacturer and we are proud to be the United States dealer for many of the worlds most prestigious and sought after Laser Light Show related companies. CT. Lasers is an authorized dealer for: Pangolin Laser Systems (Software and Hardware), DHOM Lasers (Ultra Lasers), KVANT Lasers, Cambridge Technology Scanners, Eye Magic Scanners, DT Scanners, One Stop Laser Shop and of course our own line of CT. Lasers Laser Light show Projector Systems. Quite simply, if you need a one stop solution for your Laser needs, Connecticut Lasers would be your best choice!

  • Product Advertising and Logo Projection
    Are you unveiling a product for the first time? Make it more exciting than ANY sort of "Ribbon cutting ceremony" with Lasers!

  • State of the Art Concert Effects
    Everyone from local bands, club DJ's to international celebrity acts will all benefit from the excitement and raw intensity of a professional concert laser show!

  • Nightclub Laser Shows
    CT. Lasers add serious dramatic effects to even the best know nightclubs worldwide! Laser shows will add a competitive edge to "WOW" your audience and take your venue to the next level.

  • CT Lasers Demo Video
    CT Lasers provides Laser Light Shows worldwide. We are also an All-in-one Laser Light Show equipment and Laser Light Show Components dealer. This quick demo video is by no means everything we do. It is just a very quick "idea" of some of our effects of our shows and available Laser Light Show projectors we build.

  • Laser Light Show Equipment and Component Sales
    Connecticut Lasers has rapidly become one of the nations top suppliers for Laser Light Show components and Laser Light show equipment. From Laser optics to Laser safety equipment. We offer extremely competitive pricing on top-of-the-line Laser modules.

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