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  • Entertainment. An artist at a party will always have people clustered around, watching the drawing take shape.
  • Souveneirs. An artist at your party will generate dozens of keepsakes for your guests.


Caricatures, Fast! Cartoon Vegas

What CartoonVegas does at Events
I've always had trouble categorizing live caricatures. That's because we do two things:
(1) Entertainment. An artist at a party will always have people clustered around, watching the drawing take shape. There's something mesmerizing in art that happens really fast. We don't do a lot of underdrawing or preparation, and we draw as fast as we can, so your guests can watch their friendse to life on the page in five minutes or less. It's an interesting activity to watch if you don't know the person in the hot seat, but if your best friend or your own dad is the subject, it will be the funniest thing you've ever seen. Age doesn't matter. At kids' parties and 50th wedding anniversaries alike, a crowd always gathers around the artist.
(2) Souveneirs. An artist at your party will generate dozens of keepsakes for your guests. People like pictures of themselves and their friends, and they already have plenty of photos. The caricatures that are generated in one night will go on cracking people up for years. They last a long time. I've seen caricatures of grandmothers and grandfathers that families are holding onto like heirlooms.
And the person in the drawing always remembers where they got it. When a guest tells me they've had a caricature done before, I always ask where, and they always know. Apany party five years ago that would have been forgotten stays in their heads. The strange experience of being drawn, then the reminder of the cartoon itself, serves as a memory anchor. It's rare for me that a person can't remember their drawing location.
Your Cartoon Picture,
delivered within 48 hours.
Deliverted within CartoonVegas operates out of one caricature stand in Las Vegas, at theStratosphere Hotel & Casino. I train all my artists personally, and our web business is handled by me or two other qualified people. We'll turn your photo into a cartoon quickly, accurately, and humorously.
My Cartoon Style:
Since 1997 I've been drawing caricatures. I've turned to portraits and silhouettes from time to time, but for over ten years, my bread and butter has been cartoons of people. All the images here on the homepage are mine, as well as most of the gallery. My goal as I draw is: to make every picture dynamic, exaggerated, and funny. After examining faces carefully, I draw fast, letting the lines flow where they want. My love of linework shows. When coloring, I don't think I'm the best, but you can judge for yourself.
Turn Your Picture Into a Cartoon, Fast:
As soon as we see your order, we get to work. Pictures are drawn either early in the morning or late in the evening. Size is 10 X 14 . Uponpletion, the caricature is scanned at 300DPI on a large-format Epson 836XL. We know how difficult it is to scan large artwork on a 8.5 X 11 machine, and this is aplementary service. After resizing the image to 3,000 px height, we dispatch it as an e-mail attachment. You'll discover the cartoon in your inbox within 48 hours of placing the order. Then we mat the original drawing and put it in the mail.

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