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Perfuming, preparing,
She is fiercely independent, powerful, and oh, so magnificent.
She is bold, sensuous, and confident.
She is woman.
She is you.

Across the ages, from the dawn of time, women have practiced the art and enchantment of beauty. Each unique and fascinating civilization offers today's women a share of their mystery and sensuality. These ageless women beckon once again, as Civilizations by Chamfel presents to us their timeless secrets, herbal therapies, and the floral essence of femininity.
Civilizations by Chamfel celebrates the evolution of fragrance and the unity of female generations. Throughprehensive research, we havebined moisturizing emollients with naturally derived, plant-based elements adorning women of ancient cultures, recreating a diversity of alluring scents from the past. With patience, perseverance, and an ardent respect for today's exceptional women, Civilizations by Chamfel presents our line of timeless scents and ageless skincare products, each based on genuine practices of beautiful women throughout history.
Our Mission
We at Chamfel believe in the timeless value and ageless beauty of all women, and pledge to honor and respect women of every faith, culture, ethnicity, philosophy, color, heritage, tradition, status, religion, race, nation, tribe, and family. We believe in the empowerment and independence of all women, and pledge that our products and conversations will surround women with the high esteem and value that is their birthright.
Our Values
Chamfel values peace, freedom, justice, and opportunity for all women and girls. We uphold and support women's issues that surround the health, safety, and economic growth of women in our world. We abhor violence and trafficking against women and girls, and applaud those with the courage to work for and believe in a better future. We value a culture of life, hope, and possibilities of futures unfettered by prejudice or abuse. At Chamfel, we value the incredible value of women.

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