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  • If you run a business, you want bigger profits, and here's where personalized promotional products come in.
  • Personalized promotional products, whether used as corporate gifts, trade show giveaways, or any other way, have a marvelous quality: they keep your name in front of your prospects and current customers.


Creative Promotional Products

Let me quickly give you just a few qualifiers - FACTS about personalized promotional products and about Creative Promotional Products - reasons why YOU should seriously consider using promotional products and why you should get them from Creative Promotional Products, Inc. Personalized Promotional Products Facts
According to a recent study (asicentral/html/open/EducationandEvents/powersummit08/Impressions_S)
a. 84% of the people who receive a promotional product remember instantly thepany that gave it.
b. 42% of the people who received a promotional product had a better impression of thepany that gave the product after they received it.
c. 81% of them kept it because they considered the promotional product received useful (26% kept it because they considered it attractive, 6% kept it for the contact information).
d. More than 75% of the people who receive promotional products keep them at least 6 months (26% kept them for over 1 year).
e. 25% used their promotional products at least once a day and 10% more used it two or more times daily.
In other words, personalized promotional products can be either useful or fun, personalized tumblers, custom coffee mugs or promotional USB drives, personalized golf balls, for instance. In either case, unlike letters and emails, your prospective or current customer will hold on to them a lot longer than they do to postcards, emails, letters. Some of the recipients will use them daily (personalized coffee mugs, personalized pens, personalized water bottles, and other such promotional products).
Personalized promotional products are an inexpensive way to keep your name in front of your prospects, current clients. They work nicely as corporate or executive gifts too.
Personalized Promotional Products Offers
The second time you order from us, you get 9.07% off if you do it within 6 months of the first order. It can be the same personalized promotional products, it can be a whole new set of personalized promotional products.
If you order a second batch of the same personalized promotional products you get an additional 3.04% off for a total of 12.11% off. Just to be clear, the second time you order your personalized promotional products the personalization (logo, wording) has to be the same but the quantity can be different.

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