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Team building for corporate events in LA. Get motivated with team building activities! Custom designed team building workshops with our interactive team leaders in Los Angeles, California.


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A cohesive spirited team promises success. Dial M Productions-certified event planners-offers a novel approach with interactive team-building games. Audience participation,edy and sheer creativity launch our team-building games into a whole new dimension. Imagine inspiring your team members with a Vegas casino event, writing Business Blues songs, aedy hypnotist mentalism show, improvisational games with over 97 techniques/exercises and take-offs on Trump's The Apprentice Show and The Weakest Link TV Game Show. Our team-building games have been so successful, the US Army, Air Force and Marines use them overseas to enhance morale. Fire up yourpany spirit with team building games from dialmproductions.
Team building games The Apprentice You're Hired .
Need a team building activity, teambuilding game, guest speaker, conference entertainment or corporate event planner?
Dial M Productions specializes in corporate events. We are meeting planners who are custom design corporate entertainment to suit your needs. We design team building workshops and team building activities to aplish your meeting goals, in an atmosphere where learning is fun! Conference entertainment is our specialty. Dial M Productions, Los Angeles, California, since 1985.
Our events are versatile enough to inspire new teams, while boosting the morale of existing ones. Need an idea for a team building activity?
Our games build management skills, develop teamwork, and teachmunication and listing skills, while renewingpany spirit and motivation. Our workshops create a risk free environment where people learn theory through practice , discovering their potential in a creative, non-threatening way.
We insure that participants will be fully involved in teamwork,munication and creative problem solving, while having a great time together!
Dial M Productions designs teambuilding workshops to aplish your goals in an atmosphere where learning is fun! Our events are versatile enough to inspire new teams while boosting the morale of existing ones.
Does your staff cringe at the mere mention of corporate team-building activities? Not anymore. Dial M Productions has the knack for putting a new spin on motivational events. Since 1985, we've specialized in corporate team-building activities while renewingpany spirit, teachingmunication, enhancing listening skills and strengthening management proficiency and more. Our high-energy workshops are set in a risk-free environment, so team members can explore and learn theory through practice. Put a positive twist on your corporate team-building activities with dialmproductions
Turn up the fun with corporate team-building workshops by dialmproductions. Our expert speakers and motivators tailor the event, per yourpany's goals and image. Created with entertainment and interactive games (incorporating over 97 techniques and exercises), our corporate team-building workshops stimulate participation in a non-threatening atmosphere. Your staff enhancesmunication, listening, management skills-as the process inspires and boosts morale. Put our success record in the corporate culture to work for yourpany . . .let us design your uing corporate team-building workshops. The fun and inspiration are guaranteed! Corporate team building workshops since 1985.
Just a few of our most popular team building
Dial M Productions' designs team building workshops to aplish your goals in an atmosphere where learning is fun! Our events are versatile enough to inspire new teams while boosting the morale of existing ones. Our games build management skills, develop teamwork, and teachmunication and listening skills, while renewingpany spirit and motivation. Our workshops create a risk free environment where people learn theory through practice , discovering their potential in a creative, non-threatening way. We ensure that participants will be fully involved in teamwork.
Murder Mystery Team Building Activities Are Fun!
  • DIAL M MURDER MYSTERY Our Top Selling Team building Event
    You attend a meeting to hear a hot shot motivational guest speaker, when suddenly it just doesn't seem like any other meeting. What's with those guest speakers? Their bickering makes you want to laugh, but should you? You start to wonder-just who hired these people, when, POW, WHAM, CRASH, somebody dies! Any guest is a suspect, including you! Can you have a good laugh and help your team solve the mystery? Teaching five key team working tools.
    Several different techniques and exercises will be explored in this workshop. Games involving creativity, group participation andmunication. Participants work together with our highly trained team leaders in an atmosphere similar to the televisions show, Whose line is it anyway? You'll see teamsmit to problem solving skills that they'll be able to take back to their everyday workplace.
    A drum circle is a group of people gathered into a circle for the purpose of making music with percussion instruments. Drum Circles create an uplifting activity where anyone can participate at any musical skill level. The steps involved in successfully playing music together as a corporate group creates powerful synergy and enhanced camaraderie.
    Team Building Interactive Games Get Your Employees Excited and Involved
    Team Building Drum Circles - Learn To Work Together As A Team
  • YOU'RE HIRED ( The Apprentice )
    Will The Donald and his side kicks George and Carolyn decide that your team has what it takes to climb the corporate ladder? Relive the challenges created on The Apprentice T.V. Show, with this inspiring, interactive team building game where you're not fired, but hired! Your goal is to navigate your way through business objectives to gain the ultimate power position - early retirement at full pay!
    Put together all the fun elements of The Weakest Link, Family Feud & Jeopardy, and you find yourself caught in a team building game that will have everyone eager to answers the questions to win their team a valuable link . Our hosts are brilliantly funny and deliver the game in an atmosphere of friendlypetition.
    For all ages and abilities. Our Coaches & Cheerleaders will attend yourpany picnic and lead your teams through fun interactive sports games, where no running or rope courses are involved. We have a very wide variety of creative games that will make you laugh as you engage in friendlypetition.
    A drum circle is a group of people gathered into a circle for the purpose of making music with percussion instruments. Drum Circles create an uplifting activity where anyone can participate at any musical skill level. The steps involved in successfully playing music together as a corporate group creates powerful synergy and enhanced camaraderie.
    Imagine an entertainer who can read your mind, analyze your handwriting, and duplicate an image locked in your head, all while eliciting laughs along with the gasps. Award winning mentalist Josh will also cause silverware to twist and bend with the power of his mind and help your audience to focus their thoughts on an object until it moves from across the room! This is a show your guests will be talking about for years toe. Teaches the power of the mind.
    Write your own blues songs! An engaging process in which employees write their own blues or country songs about what's going on in the organization. Backed by our professional musicians, employees sing their freshly penned songs and verbalize their feelings. Our facilitators are quite skillful at getting even the most reserved to add a line or sing a word. And, there's always enough hams out there to sing the humorous selections of your corporate-parody blues .
    A Casino event played as a team building event. We start off the event with a practice session with the dealers teaching everyone how to play the various games. We'll break for a meal and hand out packets containing $10,000 to each table who will be designated as a team. Each team wille up with their own strategy to try to win the most money. At a designated time the team with the most money wins!
    Hosted by Ryan Seachest, this hit team building activity empowers teams to create America's next superstar act. The show's judges Paula, Simon, and Randy narrow down thepetitors to a select group of semifinalists who sing their hearts out for the studio audience (your guests). The judges have their say after every performance, but it's the studio audience that determines who will advance to the next round of thepetition and who will go home.
    This event can also be apetition for departments, new products, new marketing
    Let us transform your group into chefs! We can present a very simple taste test for our judges, appetizers for the group, a light lunch, dinner, or aplete multi cultural buffet. The meal will be selected based on the facility where we will be hosting the event, length of time allowed for this team-building, and the budget you have given us for food supplies. The meals can be very simple to extravagant. Some menu options are Chili Cook-Offs, Salads, Hors d'oeuvres, Fondue's, Multi Cultural Buffet, and full Gourmet Meals.
    Write your own songs! An engaging process in which employees write their own songs in any style that will suite your group blues, beach theme, country, , such as: what's going on in the organization or how to work as a team . They can also write songs with no specific goal other than bonding and presenting the material as a team. Backed by our professional musicians, employees take turns rehearsing with the band before they present their freshly penned songs to the group. Our facilitators are quite skillful at getting even the most reserved to add a line or sing a word. And, there's always enough hams out there to sing the humorous selections of your Corporate Singing Workshop .
    Game Show Entertainment and Team Building
    Our Family Feud and Jeopardy styled game show entertainment and game show team building is a unique and different way to enhance team buildingmunication, meetings or incentives. This format is the ultimate tool for audience motivation and interactive entertainment. Questions can also be customized for yourpany.
    Our professional Family Feud and Jeopardy Game Show Emcees entertain while our support team is at the master control console equipped with fullputer scoring and sound effects at their fingertips, keeping the shows fast paced and fun.
    What is Game Show Mania?
    Game Show Mania is apact, portable game show systemplete with stand-up player positions, digital scoring, authentic game show sounds, a professional host and all the game show fun any group can handle! This award-winning system is perfect for all types of events: Team building, corporate training programs, employee morale !
    Game Show Mania is just one of the many games played. Portability, ease of set up, and rugged construction are threeponents of our game show system, which make it perfect for any application where entertaining the audience is important.
    Family Feud, AKA pany Feud is a take off from the television game show that pits two families against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey-type question posed of 100 people.
    We provide the host, projection screen, sound system and questions. You may also add a few of your own questions.
    Beat the average score, or go head-to-head with a friend,pany, department, manager, or the entire family! Pass, Play, Steal and Strike - with over two thousand questions, Survey says: Play Family Feud!
    Our Family Feud-Type game show contains a 6' X 8' front or rear screen video projection system surrounded by black velvet-like curtains, two 8' game podiums with 5 microphones on each podium, sound system,puter with game software and an a professional host/moderator. We will even customize questions to suit your !
    We can even add at an additional cost backdrops, lighting and sets for aplete game show look.
    We also offer Let's Make A Deal and Deal or No Deal.
    Murder mystery evenings, weekends, train rides and so forth have proliferated in recent years, but producer/director Peggy Phillips' Dial M Murder Mysteries is one of the first and best in the business since 1985. Dial M 's shows are grand fun, and a terrific icebreaker. For mystery buffs and fans ofedy, this chance to match wits should not be missed. - Cathy Thompson-Georges, Entertainment Today
    Bravo for their stamina and ability to laugh at themselves and consequently make us laugh more. Fans of Carol Burnette, and Harvey Korman will such pull out all the stops edy that exists in Dial M too. Don Grigware - Valley Scene
    Frankie and Mia's Wedding revolves around the first meeting of the two families: the Fettuccinis are wild Italians and the Upjohns are uptight WASPS. The contrast between the ethnicities, culture and wealth is the fuel behind the fires that erupt as Frankie and Mia prepare to tie the knot. Audience members/invited guests are invited to jump right in the thick of things. - The Cover
    Letters of Rmendation Hughes Space andmunications
    Dear Peggy, I'm writing you on behalf of our entire department munication Media) here at Hughes Space andmunicationspany to tell you how much we enjoyed your murder mystery show at our department holiday party at the Stinking Rose Restaurant on December 10.
    I've talked with many of the people who attended, and I have not heard one negativement from anyone. What I have heard are reactions reflecting my own for example:
    'It was a fun evening from start to finish. The clue-matching exercise at the beginning was a good mixer without forcing anyone to participate if they really didn't want to.'
    The production was good theater in every respect. It was well staged amid severe space constraints. Everyone in thepany was obviously well rehearsed and prepared. The homework that you did to personalize the show all the way through was very effective and very funny.
    Every member of the cast was splendid. They were all skilled actors, seamlessly blending the scripted material with the considerable amount of improv required. Further, they were all 'into' their work, taking it as seriously and wholeheartedly as I would expect of a good cast on stage anywhere. They obviously took pride in what they were doing. Even the song and dance number at the end was terrific. Along with everything else, you all can sing harmony, too! Outstanding!
    Thanks so much for a great evening!
    Sincerely, Joan Rydbeck, For themunication Media Department
    Team Building Guest Speaker Murder Mystery
    The team is STILL talking about what a great time they had and how much they enjoyed your production and your team! You all provided us a wonderful evening of fun - the rhythm was , the personalized jokes hit the mark and made us laugh till we hurt, you've helped us discover a few more nicknames (Dr. Evil is now an accepted character at staff meetings), and even got Chris U. to loosen up and hug someone! Thank you for the great evening of entertainment. It was the frosting on the cake for our off-site!
    Paulette Scheffer
    Intuit Corporation
    Team Building Interactive Workshop
    I wanted to thank you and your Dial M performers for the wonderful job they did yesterday. We were so impressed by the performers and we had a great time! The murder mystery was also valuable as a teambuilding tool for my group, as we gained some important take-aways in learning how we interact as teams. Again, we were very pleased with all the impressive actors and we will definitely keep your group in mind for future activities!
    All the best, Leah
    Team building Picnic Games
    Dear Peggy,
    I have been wanting to write you a note to let you know how wonderful the event was - largely due to you and your team. Thank you so much for your ideas, guidance and hands-on interaction with the planning stages. It was really great to work with a professional such as yourself who understands the corporate culture and turn what would have been a typical corporate function into something really special and memorable. Thanks again, Peggy. I look forward to working with you in the future.
    Best Regards
    Susan Tarde Director, Human Resources American Express Tax and Business Services
    Team Building Murder Mystery
    Dear Peggy,
    Just wanted to thank you again for the AWESOME job you did last Wednesday with our Murder Mystery event. Bob was really happy with the way everything went, he especially enjoyed the little personalized jokes/touches that you added. We all had a great
    Hope you had a good weekend, and let's keep in email touch.
    Team building Murder Mystery
    Bravo! Your show was great! Everybody had a ball! It was perfect for our goal of teamwork and fun. Besides the hilarious events, everyone raved about the way your actors tailored the show to our group by including names and inside bits of information known only by the 161 people who were there. Let me assure you that if you ever want a rmendation in the future, I would be thrilled to oblige.
    Jackie Petras
    UCLA Human Resources
    Team Building Picnic Games
    Hi Peggy! So. . . I hear we had a very successfulpany Picnic on Sept 8, 2006. I have seen the pictures and heard all thements, and we did good!! Just wanted to touch bases. Thanks for making our event a fun and active picnic.
    Karen Campbell
    Wilshire Home Entertainment
    Team Building Murder Mystery
    It was incredible!!!!! The hit of the conference! I want to send a full letter that expresses how much we liked
    Amanda Verive
    Orange County SCU
    Team Building Picnic Games
    Your team did a great job with our team building event last week. The activities seemed to be right to get people to loosen up and work with people that they may not have known before. They also made people laugh and have a good time in general without too much pressure to get too far out of theirfort zones. Our overall team building goals were met. Thanks again for your services and we hope to work together again in the future.
    Tom Gassman
    NAVSEA Point Hueneme
    Longest Chain Game Show
    I first want to thank you very much for the wonderful time we all had! Ronnie and Jerry were absolutely wonderful to work with and did an amazing job putting on the show for us. Everyone was toting about how much fun it was! We are putting on an event for the United Way Foundation and wanted to contract with you to have Ronnie and Jerrye back to host another Game Show.
    Morgaine Maddock
    Human Resources Coordinator
    Los Angeles Times
    Family Feud Game Show
    Hi Peggy-
    The event went really well. Matt was wonderful! We ended up running short of time because our speakers went a little longer than planned, but Matt was able to make it work.The crowd really seemed to enjoy themselves.
    Thanks again.
    Tanya, KS Imaging
    Partial Client List
    Aetna Life
    Allstate Insurance
    AMC Cancer Research
    Arthur Andersen
    The Bicycle Club
    Bristol-Myers Squibb
    California State Universities
    Catalina Promotionpany
    Claremont College
    Coca Cola
    Deloitte Touche
    Department of Defense
    Digital Consultants
    Dominos Pizza
    Dynamic Jet
    Eastmen Software
    Eli Lilly
    Ernst Whinney
    Ernst & Young
    Farmers Insurance Group
    Flamingo Hilton Reno
    Four Seasons Biltmore
    Four Seasons Santa Barbara
    Four Seasons Carlsbad
    Gold River Casino Laughlin
    Golden Nugget Las Vegas
    Harrah's Lake Tahoe
    Harrah's Las Vegas
    Harrah's Laughlin
    Hewlett Packard
    Hughes Technology
    Huntington Memorial Hospital
    Hornblower Yachts
    Huntington Park Police Explorers
    Hyatt Grand Champion
    Hyatt LAX
    ICI Pharmaceuticals
    IFR Avionics
    International Gaming
    Kaiser Permanente
    LA Bar Association
    LA Music Center
    Las Vegas Hilton
    Lions Club
    Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept.
    Marriott Hotels
    Mirage Las Vegas
    National Jewish Fund
    NBC Studios
    Nissan Motorpany
    Oasis Palm Springs Resort
    Orange Coast College
    Orange County Dental Auxiliary
    Performing Arts Center
    Orion Pictures
    Pepperdine University
    Peppermill Casino Reno
    fizer Pharmaceuticals
    Pharmacea Upjohn
    Pitney Bowes Credit Union
    Procter & Gamble
    Riverside Rotary Club
    Riviera Las Vegas
    Saint Joseph Health Systems
    Security Pacific Bank
    Scherring Plough
    Shafer & Shafer
    Smith Barney
    Southland Title
    Stanford Club of S.F.V.
    Sterling Software
    Teledyne Systems
    Tel Mobile Net
    Texas Instruments
    The Las Vegas Hilton
    Toyota Motor Sales
    Tropicana Las Vegas
    United Church of Christ
    UCI University Club
    Westside Junior Philharmonics
    PRICE QUOTE: Dial M Productions will provide you with a price quote for your uing event. Just give us a call to discuss the event details. This price quote will be guaranteed for seven days. A 50% deposit, and signed contract will guarantee your event date.
    Show dates can not be confirmed without a deposit.
    Deposits are non refundable.
    Prices for entertainment range from $500 to $15,000.
    We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
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    Among other cities, Dial M Productions -Team Building in Los Angeles may serve the following areas: Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, Long Beach, Pasadena, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Inglewood, Burbank, City of Industry, Santa Monica, Whittier, Torrance, Canoga Park, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Alhambra, Lakewood, Lancaster, Pomona, La Puente, Palmdale, Sherman Oaks, Venice, Beverly Hills, Carson, Compton, El Monte, Encino, Hollywood

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