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Dr. Dave Hill - Comedy Hypnosis Shows

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Dr. Dave Hill is called "The World's Greatest Hypnotist" for his hilarious and awesome Comedy Hypnosis Show.

Dave has performed over 5,000 hypnosis shows over the past 20 years at numerous casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Atlantic City as well as comedy clubs, colleges, high schools, state fairs, festivals, and theme parks, such as Great America. He has also entertained for major corporations, such as: GE and Google. And he has been seen on numerous television shows, including Mythbusters: where he hypnotized Grant, Tory, and Kari in less than 15 seconds to improve their memory.

Dave is certified as a Master Hypnotist by the National Hypnotism Training Institute and as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. The International Hypnosis Federation also certifies him as a Professional Stage Hypnotist. Advanced Neuro Dynamics certifies him as a Hypnosis Trainer. And Dave teaches hypnosis at his " Rules of the Mind Hypnosis Institute." Dave also has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and has helped over 3,000 clients improve their lives with hypnotherapy.

Dave is also in demand as a public speaker for his hypnotic selling techniques, motivation, and fire-eating seminars.

In addition:

*The Content is Appropriate and Guaranteed Not to Offend Your Guests This show is specifically designed for your event. It is a fast-paced, high-energy show with lots of music. All the material is appropriate and the show does not resort to cheap laughs or offensive material.

*The Show is Safe Entertainment The Show is designed to yield maximum fun while providing a safe environment for the audience and participants to enjoy themselves.

*The Performer is Insured Dave Hill carries a $2,000,000 Professional Entertainer's Liability Insurance Policy. He has never had a claim or accident and does not expect one. This insurance is in place because you are working with a professional.

Dave Hill's Hypnotic Stage Show is an action packed fun filled event. People are chosen from the crowd and are brought on stage to be hypnotized. They become the stars of the show. For the next hour you will have a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Dave Hill Answers The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Hypnosis

Q: What is hypnosis? A: Hypnosis is an extraordinary state of mental, physical, and psychological relaxation that makes the subconscious mind more suggestible to the non-critical acceptance of ideas, concepts, and information.

Q: Who can be hypnotized? A: Anyone who is willing, has a good imagination, has normal intelligence, and is able to concentrate enough to count from 10 down to 1.

Q: How can I increase my chances of being hypnotized? A: By leaving everything to me and lending me the use of your imagination - your imagination enhances you ability to be hypnotized. Follow my instructions to the letter and know that when you believe hypnosis will happen it will come to pass.

Q: How will I benefit from being hypnotized in the show? A: You will discover how powerful your mind is and learn that everything begins in thought. You will learn to pinpoint the mental, physical, and emotional habits of successful people and learn how to duplicate these habits so that you can create passionate personal relationships, mega-wealth, and total self-empowerment.

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