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Light up your wedding night with beautiful Wedding Sparklers ! Your Guests will have a blast celebrating your big event as they Light up the night in your honor! Call For More Info: 888-589-6262


Wedding & Party Sparklers

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Sparklers are frequently used for Weddings, Parties and Special events. Sparklers are considered as novelty items and can be shipped nationwide by UPS.
In Weddings, for instance, guests may hold up sparklers and form a line as the new wedding couple leave the reception Larger sparklers may be placed in the ground to line the driveway as the newlyweds leave At some events the smaller sparklers may be placed on tables for guest gifts and/or, Sparklers may be placed in cake dishes that are offered to guests.
For non-wedding events, sparklers are often placed in dishes (cakes, ice cream, fruits) that are delivered to party quests or added to centerpiece decorations.
Wire Sparklers
We provide silver metal wire sparklers (not bamboo stick sparklers), even though both are called Gold Sparklers. Wire Sparklers (sometimes referred to as 'smokeless' sparklers) do not put out smoke and ashes that you will incur with bamboo-wood stick type sparklers. Wire sparklers have silver handles (whereas bamboo sparklers may have various colored handles like red or sometimes green, we don't control these colors).
The various sizes, colors and approx burn times are listed below.
A) The 8 Gold Wire Sparklers - 7 inches long (3 sparkler pyro + 4 silver handle) and is approximately 3/32 in diameter with approximately 35-40 second burn time.
B) The 10 Gold Wire Sparklers - 10 inches long (6 sparkler pyro + 4 silver handle) and is approximately 4/32 (1/8 ) in diameter with approximately 50-55 second burn time.
C) The 14 Gold Wire Sparklers - 13 inches long (9.5 sparkler pyro + 3.5 silver handle) and is approximately 6/32 (3/16 ) in diameter with approximately 65 second burn time (over 1 minute).
D) The 20 Gold Wire Sparklers - 18 inches long (12 sparkler pyro + 6 silver handle) and is approximately 8/32 (1/4 ) in diameter with approximately 90 second burn time.
E) The 36 Gold Wire Sparklers - 36 inches long, is the diameter of a pencil and has a burn time of approximately 245 seconds (over 2 minutes).
These sparklers are all called 'Gold' sparklers but are silver in appearance and Sparkle brightly in a gold-silver color.
The 8 and 10 alsoe in colors effects (Red/Green). These colors tend to smoke a lot and do not sparkle as vividly or as sharply as the 'Gold' sparklers. Silver handle refers to wire sparklers only.
More frequently we find our customers prefer the 8 or 10 as wedding favors the 10 or 14 for guests celebrating a couple's reception departure and/or the 20 size for Beach weddings and special occasions, but the choice is up to you. For safety we rmend you have a bucket of water available to place the sparkers in after using.
We can only ship your order to you via UPS ground. Orders take 3-5 days (once shipped) on average to reach you. Sorry, we are not permitted to ship our goods by air freight overnight. And, these products can not be sent by US Mail or via overnight freight service.
PLEASE NOTE: Sparklers cannot currently be shipped, without permission, into the following states: CA, DE, HI, MA, NJ, unless, we receive authorization via fax from the proper officials (, Fire Dept) that we can ship to you. Just contact the Fire Dept in the City where you have plans for your event and on their letterhead have a confirmation faxed to us at, saying it is okay for us to ship you sparklers for your event. Once your order has been shipped, we will email you and provide you your UPS order number and a hyperlink to the UPS website that you may visit to track your order.
Phone orders called into us, DO NOT require a minimum purchase.
Orders placed via our Online Shopping Carts through our website do require a $75 minimum purchase, plusmon carrier freight. (We know many wedding/events requirements will be much less than this minimum).
Should we be of help, please call us at between the hours of 9 am - 4 pm CST, Monday thru Friday and provide us with the following:
*) Size Sparklers Ordering and your Quantity
*) Your Name, Address, City, St., Zip, Phone Number
*) Ship to Address (No PO Boxes), City, St., Zip, Phone Contact
*) Date of your Event
*) Date you want your order
*) Credit Card information
Once your order has been shipped, we will email you and provide you your order number and a hyperlink to track your order.
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