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Fabric Experts that will clean and unsoil your wedding gown, whether it is from today or from 70 years ago. We will restore, press, alter and preserve the dress of your dreams while taking every precaution to the finer details.


If you are looking to preserve the luxurious gown that made your Big Day unforgettable or you desire to wear a gown that was your grandmothers, passed down to you, but you have yet to discover how to go about it, we offer a number of services from Cleaning, Pressing, Altering, Restoring, and Preserving wedding dresses, and we are sure to give you the most meticulous service, down to the last detail. We  take every precaution to shield the delicate sequins, lace,  pearls, ribbons,  crystals,  flowers, embroidery, and other accents that make your dress distinctive.If you are having a destination wedding, we can press your dress and package it safely so that it will be in top shape once you arrive. We understand most Brides like to preserve their gown as a keepsake of their special day, or to pass on to their own children. Before preservation, we will clean and refreshen the whole gown from stains, tears, rips, or even bead work. We provide you a free evaluation of your dress to estimate the care needed for it, we will hand clean your dress individually with attention to detail, then we will treat it with an anti-sugar stain treatment. Afterwards, we offer you toe inspect it yourself, and upon approval, we will layer your gown with acid-free tissue, and carefully fold it into and acid-free. museum quality, archival wedding chest. We place a pair of white gloves in every box so that you may handle your gown without getting oils on it. With a pre-paid preservation, we will press your dress for free before your wedding.  If your gown, vintage wedding dress, or hand-me-down is yellowed and stained, we will restore it to its true color without damaging the delicate fabrics or dyes.  We offer a % guarantee against carmelization or yellowing of your dress.  We also offer a Lifetime and International Guarantee.

We are certified & licensed fabric experts who have been deliberately trained to clean every fabric imaginable with maximum care.  We offer the same special care for other types of gowns and dresses such as couture, vintage, quinceañ era, debutante, christenings, and other types of fine fabric.

Among other cities, Five Star Wedding Gown Specialists may serve the following areas: Houston, New York, New York City, Manhattan, Miami, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, San Antonio, Chicago, Toronto, Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Saint Louis, St. Louis, Austin, Brooklyn, San Diego, Atlanta, Seattle, Baltimore, Detroit, Edmonton, Indianapolis



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