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G-Mara Productions is proud to announce that our song, "16 Today" will be featured in the acclaimed movie, "It Felt Like Love", at the 2013 Sundance film festival. Here is a brief synopsis of the movie:

"The debut feature film from writer/director Eliza Hittman, "It Felt Like Love," is a poetic, expressive exploration of a young girl during a Brooklyn summer....There is a lyrical quality to the cinematography, lingering on Lila's face, getting lost in the tall grasses of the marshy wetlands, or showing us the beauty that Lila sees in Sammy or Chiara (cinematographer Sean Porter also shot the SXSW Audience Award-winning "Eden"). The quiet, beautiful sadness of the camera harkens to a filmmaker like Lynne Ramsay. The songs to which the girls practice dance, and this emphasis on realism creates an even more immerse experience within the subjective world of Lila. When she makes questionable decisions that put her in dangerous situations, we understand why she does this, how it's her only way of reaching out to others."

G-Mara Productions ~ Quinceanera Music

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G-Mara nació y se crio en el corazón de la ciudad de Nueva York. Su talento para escribir poemas desde niña, la ayudaron a desarrollarse dentro del mundo de la música, para crear melodías que pudieran acompañar las líricas. Comenzó sus clases de piano en el 1997 lo que le ayudo a pulir sus destrezas como compositora de canciones. G-Mara puede escribir para diferentes estilos tales como las baladas, Pop, R & B y música Cristiano Contemporáneo. Sin embargo ella continua expandiendo su repertorio musical. Siendo una romántica de corazón, ella disfruta escribir canciones que no solamente cuenten una historia sino que toquen a las personas en lo más profundo de su alma.

G-Mara was born & raised in the heart of NYC. Her early poetry writing as a child later helped her develop the musical ability to create melodies to accompany lyrics. Began piano lessons in 1997, which later helped her become more fluent with her songwriting. She can write different styles such as Ballods, Pop, R&B & Christian Contemporary music yet, G-Mara continues to expand her repertoire of music. Being a romantic at heart, she enjoys writing songs that not only tell a story but touch the deepest part of a person's soul.

I can personalize Sweet 15 & Sweet 16 songs for an additional cost. Please call for additional pricing.

I sell MP3's, CD's and Instrumentals for songs as well as piano arrangements

For More Information, Please Visit Our Website: myquincemusic.com

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