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I'm a International Fashion Stylist and also I have GREAT Make-Up Artist Available. Glam Visage. I am available for hire as a Fashion Stylist and Makeup Artist for print advertising shoots, television, film,mercial or music video sets, agencies, catalog publishers, fashion houses, or public relations . Personal wardrobe consultant for clients to prepare them for appearances at events. My specialty is eclectic couture bohemian, vintage, retro, polished, glamorous funk! As a fashion stylist I have a good eye for things that look hot and new , and I am very keen on fashion trends. You will find I am resourceful and detail oriented and fun to work with! I will work with diverse range of photographers on shoots for Editorial, Bridal, Videos, Advertising andmercial Clients. I also will work with up-anding designers, styling their collections for Look Books and Advertising Campaigns. I think what I do is quite easy and laid back most of the time. I like realness in my work. I love people and characters so I always try to embrace that whether it's a model, actor or street casting. I think to get a sense of the person is something I always strive to do, so the images have a bit of soul, I think that's important so people empathise with an image. Hmmm, so probably my childhood, it was very countryside with horses and dogs and fishing in rivers ... There was lots of nature and boldness and fun. I guess I like to think ites through in my work. I think a lot of the big stylists nowadays are visionaries too they're very connected to youth culture and social changes.
The role of the stylist almost seems to have taken on more of an art direction element. I suppose for me, being a fashion stylish means you have to represent the vision of your publication, so you have to make sure the images stay true to that aesthetic. With Twin it means choosing the right photographers, stylists, collaborations, content, models etc, it's all so relevant. I think it's important that as a whole it has very strong sense of a type of woman about it. It's not just styling shoots.
Designers hire stylists now as much for their sense of vision as their ability to help shape collections and put looks together, it goes beyond all of that. Essentially you're a second set of ears, a sounding board and someone who helpse up with ideas to inspire the collections or direction of a show. It's very collaborative between the stylist and designer on shows and collections. It's the same with stylists and photographers on shoots.
I think the industry is providing more and more opportunity for many creative voices to be heard, with so much going on digitally and so many more magazines then ever before. With all these voices and dreamse some great real ideas and freedom, which in my opinion has mixed up the hierarchy. For me, it is a really cool thing to be able to see ideas in your heade out and appear in front of you. It's all about the team though and working with people you trust.
Well I think for people like Beyonce and Rihanna it's about showing that they are aware of fashion and the direction its going in. It's about being informed and knowing the next big thing before it hits mainstream. Beyonce wearing Gareth Pugh was quite genius, because Gareth was a bit of an underground phenomenon here at the time and what he was doing was so brave and experimental. His first Paris show in Palais De Tokyo was so mindblowing but he was still very much fashion's darling and was not a household name. It's symbiotic for the celebrity and designer, it benefits them both. Lady Gaga is so 'fashion' she wears a lot more obscure designers anyway Nasir Mazhar above makes hats for her as does Gary Card the young brilliant experimental ones that are still under the radar. She's an ambassador for individuality and not being afraid to express yourself, it's like performance art with her so she would wear anyone's designs that excited her I think, it wouldn't matter where they came from.
I don't think there is danger of short-lived hype because if you're talented and bright and brilliant at what you do it will only serve to highlight your profile and you should be able to ride that wave onto the next one and the next one and keep going. As a designer it's also amazingly fun having someone you love and dance around your bedroom to, wearing your designs on stage.
I would like to think we are hitting an age of elegance and understated cool again after all the extreme fashion and shoulder pads but I guess this is predictable as we are now looking back at the 1990s once again whilst facing a recession and after a decade of revisiting the 1980s it seems life repeats itself, especially in fashion! Who knows, a great new designer may emerge that turns fashion on its high heels and makes us love something we least expected. This is what I love about my job you never know what is around the corner.
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