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Learn and be entertained at your very own chocolate tasting event, and have great chocolate. He provides chocolate tastings for parties, groups and events throughout the local and surrounding area.


Make your event one that your guests will never forget with a chocolate expert who's religion is Foodhism. A session of Loyd's chocolate tasting will surely excite your sensory nerves for he will prove that having a taste of his chocolate involves more than just tasting and smelling. It will affect the consciousness and involves all your senses. Loyd is a professional chocolatier who will work with you so that you choose the right samples for your guests at your party.
At his sessions he will give you a brief background about the history, health benefits and variety making of the Food of the Gods which is different from chocolate makers, from milk, to dark and other unusual flavors. His tastings are always interesting and fun which is a sure way to make your guests remember your event whenever they have another taste of chocolate.
His sessions can spice up your event and take it to a whole other level. Instead of having a normal dessert course, invite him to give a chocolate session at your party. There are a few possible ways to introduce chocolate to your party, but remember there are so many chocolates out there, and so little
1) Samples of different cacao content percentages, starting high (very dark) and ending lower. We can include a high cacao percentage milk chocolate (a dark, or deep, milk chocolate) or not. We can also vary the origin countries, or simply stick with a focus on cacao content. We can often do this with one chocolate maker, since a number of them produce chocolate with varying cacao content. However, if the aim is to introduce the styles of different makers, it may be that the samplese from two or more producers.
2) Samples of the same or similar percentages of cacao, but with originating beans from different countries (can be done with the same producer or different). E. Guittard produces several chocolates for this purpose. People can really taste the difference in chocolate produced with different country-origin beans especially when the samplese from the same chocolate maker.
3) Samples of chocolate produced by one maker of different origin, different percentages, with a focus on the style of the chocolate maker.
4) Samples of flavored/spiced chocolate of the same flavor/spice, different chocolate makers.
5) Samples of different favored/spiced chocolate from the same chocolate maker. Some chocolate makers, such as Vosges Chocolates produce some incredibly interesting and deliciousbinations.
These are just a few ways to go, but naturally Loyd can work with you to match your needs and expectations. His sessions are great for engagement, bridal, dinner parties, baby showers, birthday parties, holiday parties or any other special occasion. They are also perfect for business and corporate settings where you can entertain clients and have them available for your team meetings orpany meetings or even if your are having a fundraiser. It is a great way to attract people and get them talking. They are perfect for any groups small or large.

Among other cities, Haunted by Chocolate may serve the following areas: San Jose, San Francisco, Bay Area, Northern California, Silicon Valley, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Palo Alto, Hayward, Salinas, Vallejo, Santa Cruz, Concord, Fairfield, San Mateo, Fremont, Menlo Park, Walnut Creek, Piedmont, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, Mountain View, San Bruno, Kensington, San Rafael, Pleasanton, Napa, San Leandro, Novato, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Castro Valley



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