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Heather Rogers, Magician performs magic shows throughout the entire Bay Area


Heather Rogers, Wacky and Wonderful Magician
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Are you ready for Wacky Wonderment that will delight, entrance and tickle you purple?
Heather Rogers makes your guest of honor the star of the show while delivering heart stopping magic at a world class level.
Just a small sampling of the 'show-nanagins' include:
    - Heather's Instant Costume Changes! A dress turns from Red, to Green, to White to Black, instantly!
    - Heather catches a large soap bubble in thin air and rolls it over her finger tips then makes it vanish!
    - 2 Dancing canes appear before your very eyes. Then Heather and the guest of honor perform a vaudevillian soft shoe dance while the delighted crowd claps out the rhythm, cheering on our brave dancer!
    - A deck of cards cuts by itself and the chosen card slowly removes itself from the deck.
    - Club juggling! A prairie dog does impersonations of celebrities! Handkerchieves appear up spectators sleeves! A spectator is cut in half with a silk handkerchief! Impossible mind reading! Free Magic Tricks for your guests! And much much more!
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    Here is an article that recently appeared in a San Francisco Newspaper:
    Presto-Chango, Abracadabra and Alakazam: It's a Magician's Life!
    By George McConnell, Business Reporter, Jun 06, 2006
    The world of magic has a unique calling all its own. For Heather Rogers, it began when she turned twenty. I ran away and joined the circus, it was my first career choice, she said.
    Magician Heather Rogers
    For the next four years, she toured the country with the venerable Pickle Family Circus, working diligently as a theatre technician. But strange things are known to happen at the circus and something did. One night, during a performance when she was inside the head of a dragon, she zigged when she should have zagged and promptly fell off the stage. A single event can often have a far-reaching effect, and while the fall was only a few feet, it proved to be more than just a simple tumble.
    I remember thinking, it's time to move on, said Rogers, who was shook up, but not seriously injured. From the circus, she moved to San Francisco, but her life then took a sharp left turn: she became a school bus driver. While she was navigating up and down the city's vaunted hills, however, she had time to think, and it was during this period that she decided to be a magician.
    Life will give up all its secrets if you go look for it, so I went to the magic shop at Ninth and Irving and asked the proprietor to show me a trick. He did, and that's how I got started. My first trick was turning a quarter into a fifty-cent piece, said Rogers.
    After studying and practicing magic and doing small children's shows on the side, all the while continuing to drive the bus, she finally got her first professional gig: working as a clown for the Clownmobile in Oakland. It was there, Rogers said, during a poignant encounter with a blind girl in the audience one day, that she learned something that has guided her career ever since.
    I was able to show this little girl what being a clown was all about, and I thought, wow, I really made a difference. Magic is what happens between us, making that connection. It was an incredible feeling, she said.
    From the Clownmobile, she has gone on to give thousands of performances, in venues ranging from motorcycle clubs in the Castro to the Newark Police Department, trade shows, fundraisers and schools, all the way to the House of Mirth and the Wonder Dome in Las Vegas.
    In 1999, Rogers was an award winner at the Women In Magic Conference in Las Vegas.
    There aren't a lot of women in the field, most magicians are men. It's about 1,000 to one. I know of only three women magicians in the Bay Area. It takes a lot ofmitment. Some people don't understand that if you want to be a magician, you have to be one 24/7, she said.
    Her forty-five minute act incorporates a whole genre of tricks, a healthy mix, as she likes to call it. There is a big dose of humor tailored to her audience, as well as juggling, a daring escape act while she is locked in shackles, and on occasion, even the use of fire. She practices close-up magic, even in the spectator's hands, as she strolls around the room during her performance.
    Over the years, she has vanished nearly everything, from M&Ms and hats and coins, to a prairie dog, only to bring them back a minute or two later.
    For Rogers, these days, stand-up parlor tricks are proving to be not nearly enough. She has begun to use her clairvoyant gifts to reach far into people's minds in what she calls reading energy, and she is developing something dubbed The Spiritualism Show.
    As a magician, you always want to be as close to magic as possible, she said.
    As for stage fright, she says she feeds on her nervousness, and when asked if any of her tricks had ever failed onstage and how she recovered, her response displayed the mark of a true professional: Oh my god, yes, but you work through it and laugh through it. As they say, if you hit a wrong note, it's the next note that counts, she said.
    The payoff for me in being a magician is bringing magic into the world. I like to help people feel the magic in themselves, remembering their own sense of wonder, ' said Rogers.
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    Heather Rogers Bio:
    Heather Rogers is a full-time Professional Magician and Keynote Speaker.
    She is the winner of the 1999 Women in Magic Award in Las Vegas. Heather has performed her close-up and stage magic at over 3,000 public and private events throughout Northern California. She has also performed in Las Vegas at the House of Mirth and at the Wonderdome.
    Heather's elegant and astonishing stage show includes hilarious, mystifying effects with audience participation as well as an opening silent act that features 3 instant costume changes.
    Heather has customized keynotes for National Speaker?s Association, CEO (a parent association of the Young President's Organization) and Unisource (North America's leading independent distributor of
    Heather has written and performed several unique solo shows, including Real Magic - a play about a fallen faery looking for redemption in the strangest places. Magic Now - the world's first Slapstick-Dominatrix-Magician speaking out, and An Evening with Heather Rogers- a stand-upedy/magic show. She is currently developing The Spiritualism Show , a mulit-character spoof of Victorian channelers while dressed in a full Victorian gown.
    Ms. Rogers has also performed at trade shows for corporations such as American Express, Price-Waterhouse-Coopers, and the Nurse Recruiters Association while other clients include Cisco, San Francisco 49'ers, and Fidelity National Title.
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