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All clown specialties available - Soft look, Soft Prices, Award Winning Makeup and Special Performances - Juggling, Magic, Puppetry, and MORE!


Tuesdays 12pm-2pm: Free Storytime Balloons at IKEA. kids eat free all day Tuesday. No purchase necessary.
Free Clown Fun at KROGER on 5150 Buffalo Speedway. Saturdays 10am-4pm, Sundays 12pm-6pm. Lots of free giveaways!
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Our Clowns & Entertainers Keep the Kids Busy!!
At Houston Clown Fun and Goldmine Parties and Picnics we have the widest variety of clowns and children's entertainment ideas in the Houston and Greater Houston area. The client is of foremost consideration -- your budget, needs and requests will take precedence.
We are the only clownpany in the houston area that specializes in a clown look that is geared for younger children and adults who may be cautious with a more elaborate make up presentation. Most of our clowns adopt a soft, pretty look with the paint presented in a pretty way with no exxagerated features or red around the mouth. However if your needs are elaborate Award Winning clown make up -- our circle of friends can provide that look as well.
We encourage you to visit our website ASAP as it is the only website in Houston with MANY action shots in the field -- almost none posed in a studio. The many pictures on our website illustrate our few chosen performers and their many features, specialties, and talents. Our performers and network are specifically chosen for theirmittment to cater to the client, their child, and their budget no matter what and secondly for adoring children and having special talents in their fields.
Rainbow the Clown's Variety Show with featured performers -- Suzzala the Clown, Twilight the Clown, Happy El Payaso, Sunshine the Clown, Shortcakes the Clown, Jewels the Clown, Honeydew the C(to name a few of the best). These ladies KEEP THE KIDS BUSY. One of our favorite things to be told by parents is -- Thank goodness you kept them busy so I could talk to my friends!
To keep the kids busy during the show we have many different features -- clown magic, puppets, music and movement, site gags, storytelling, games, songs, dances, parades, child participation, hands on fun, face painting, balloons sculpture. Of course the Birthday Child is King or Queen and is first with all activities if wished and they make the magic happen.
Clown Magic -- The children marvel and giggle as things appear, disappear, reappear, change colors, grow, , while the b-day child is the hero with the most magic to share with all.
Puppetry -- This is almost a lost art but not with our performers! Our clowns use all sorts of puppets up close and hands on with the children. The antics of the puppets, butterflies, spider, caterpillar, flower, dragon and many others -- causes the children to squeal, scream, sing, laugh and much more!
Music and Movement -- Whatever the age group, this activity is essential for the success of entertainment. With young children, our talented performers get them moving and singing with finger plays and musical word games. With older kids and adults we get them moving and hopping with everything from the Limbo to the Electric Slide. This is only a few ideas, visit our site, or call for many more!!
Games -- This is an entertainment option that keeps the kids busy and builds their self esteem -- in our presentation, all the kids are winners! The valued client may have the performer lead birthday party games such as the parachute, simon says, red light green light, freeze dancing, question time, and many more! Or the client may need games geared for older kids or adult family fun, such as: limbo, electric slide, walla balla bop and many more! Just call and let us know your needs.
Storytelling -- This is another almost lost art -- but not with our performers. The children are so used to looking at aputer screen or the TV that when they see a storyteller who demands their attention and interaction, you can see their imagination and self esteem grow. Storytellers can be clowns, characters or a person. Our performers use magic, puppets, songs, drawings, action, audience participation (and more) to tell simple stories the children will react to. We are frequently asked to tell stories about certain themes -- just ask!!!
Dance Games and Contests -- All age groups participate in limbo, chicken dance, macarena, electric slide, and many many more. We have so many suggestions.
Move to: Rainbow the Clown's Old Time Family Fun and Games -- Featuring Suzzala the Clown and other wonderful performers.
Picnic Fun!!!! We have clown performers who are experts at audience participation in GAMES like -- water balloon toss, egg toss, potato sack races, three legged race, hula hoop tournament, frisbee tournament, dance contests, relay games, silly crazy games like cheese balls/shaving cream & mummy wrap, walla balla bop, and of couse all the dance games such as limbo, chicken dance, electric slide, and so much more.
Very Important Specialties of Houston Clown Fun
Networking with ALL Entertainment for Families -- We happily refer you to all kinds of entertainment - we do not charge amision, we give you direct phone numbers -- Animal Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, Camel Rides, Trackless Trains, Fire Truck Rides, Moonwalks, Waterslides, Caricature Artists, All Inflatables, Rockwall Climbing, Bungee Jumping, Ferris Wheels, 3 in 1, all others. Ask for Patrick the Camel.
Toddlers/Babies -- Our clowns and performers specialize in the young ones -- we do so many activities geared just for them -- bubbles, songs, favorite finger movements, clowns with soft, pretty look, music games, parachute, gentle everything, face and hand painting and simple balloons.
Characters -- So many -- Blue Dog, Purple Dino, Honey Bear, All Princesses, Mr & Mrs Mouse, E-mo, Yellow Bird, Mother Goose
Holiday Characters -- Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Mrs Claus, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Snowman, and Gingerbreadman!
Superheroes -- So many call for your favorite-- Bat-hero, Spider-hero, Fan-4 heroes, Hulky-hero-- We have them all with a specific performer as hero -- James is your hero -- Call for more info. (All heroes available)
Magicians -- Please Call Us -- You will not be charged an agency fee -- we will refer the phone 's for the best in the business -- we know the magicians that are great at story telling, or are they great at FIRE, levitating carpet, etc, or they are great at Vegas/type shows with amazing costumes and disappearing acts -- go on our site -- take your pick.
Edutainment -- This is a popular word illustrating the idea of educating and entertaining children, adults and others. Sunshine the Clown is our featured peformer regarding edutainment -- she has many presentations including - - Nutrition, Manners & Character, Literacy, Health & Safety, and more -- let her know any special needs.
Face Painting: Just let us know what you need - we have peformers that can paint the most beautiful expressions -- true artists, rennaissance -- dragons, unicorns, full faces, or in very populated presentations - very fast pretty pictures -- the clients wish is key.
Balloon Fun - We can do all from cartoon balloons -- tweety fun, Spider fun, pooh bear fun, butterflies, puppy dog, kitty cat, laser sword, laser gun, dragon, snake, spider, octopus, sword. Don't forget we are friends with Happy Heart who has created the LASER GUN -- see our pics
Clown Stage Shows - Our Variety Acts have been performed on stages all over the city. Rainbow and Suzzala the Clowns and Friends specialize in audience participation with groups as small as 10 and as many as 1000. We involve the kids in magic, games, contests, puppetry and more.
Animal Petting Zoo and Pony Rides - our petting zoo has everything from bunnies to wallabies, baby chicks to turtles and piglets, llamas, goats and many many more. Our animals love children and are very clean and happy. We provide food and clean up.
Patrick the Camel - The best camel ever!! He is famous in the Texas area and beyond for his STAR personality. He is very gentle and loves the kids amd loves to give them rides.
Juggling - We feature Roly the Juggler who is exceptional at his craft. he juggles,spins, all sorts of beautiful objects. He rides a unicycle AND many other attention grabbing modes of transportation--the world's smallest bike,a giant unicycle,and more!!
Inflatables and Carnival Rides - There are so MANY to choose from you must go to our site but the most popular are -- rockwall climbing, bungee jump, ferris wheel, tons of moonwalks, trackless train, firetruck, waterslides, swings, rocket rides and SO many more!
Coulraphobia - We are the only clownpany in houston that actually caters to adults and children who are afraid or super cautious around clowns. Even though we are great clowns we have numerous ideas for alternatives to clowns.There are many ways to score the same great entertainment but with ideas like festive dress ,or a favorite character like Mama Goose or your favorite princess. Learn about fear of clowns on our site.
For additional information please visit our website HoustonClownFun

Among other cities, Houston Clown Fun may serve the following areas: Houston, Beaumont, Spring, Conroe, Huntsville, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Bryan, Humble, College Station, Galveston, Katy, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Kingwood, Park Row, Port Arthur, Sugar Land, Baytown, Cypress, Jersey Village, Klein, Magnolia, Memorial Park, Orange, Panther Creek, Pearland, Shenandoah, Texas City, Tomball




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