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Hire the only full time Professional Magician in the Mid Michigan area. Jeff has been a performing Magician for over 30 years and has performed over 5,000 shows at schools, businesses, camps, restaurants, clubs, churches, homes and more! His CLOSE-UP Magic is perfect for Wedding Receptions, Open Houses, Corporate Dinners and Holiday Parties. His Magic Shows are ideal for Children’s Parties, School Assemblies, Corporate Events, Libraries, and More! No matter the occasion, Hire Jeff the Magician Today!

Among other cities, Jeff The Magician may serve the following areas: Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Brownstown Township, Brownstown, Warren, Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights, Farmington, Grosse Pointe Park, Southfield, Troy, Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Battle Creek, Novi, Saint Clair Shores, Bloomfield, Rochester Hills, Clinton Township, West Bloomfield, Waterford, Bloomfield Hills, Waterford Township, East Lansing, Orion Township, Shelby Township, Lake Orion, Orion, Pontiac




 74 Reviews
  March Reading Month Presentation
Jeff the Magician was a huge hit for our special presentation during March Reading Month. He did an amazing job incorporating the importance of reading while doing his wonderful magic acts. The children were engaged and their laughter could be heard throughout the school. We are especially appreciative that Mr. Jeff included a religious aspect to our presentation. We are a Catholic School and strive to include our faith in all that we do. Thank you for a very nice afternoon. Everyone loved it from Preschool-8th grade.
  Virtual Family and Easter Show! Amazing for all ages!
I can’t say enough great things about the amazing performance Jeff put on for our family and friends over Zoom today to celebrate Easter and my nephews 1st Birthday! From the youngest child to the oldest adult, he was able to keep everyone engaged and completely entertained. Even hours later, we’re still talking about it! Jeff really has that magical combination of humor, charisma, and obvious skill. He catered his performance to our families celebration which really made it extra special. 100% recommend Jeff The Magician to anyone I know, and I look forward to having him perform for our next family gathering!
  Amazing Virtual Show!
As a small business, we are always looking for new ways to show our appreciation to our clients and business partners, and COVID has made this so challenging! Enter Jeff the Magician! Jeff performed a Zoom magic show for our clients, and it was a huge success! It was so impressive how he was able to connect individually with people over a Zoom call! The show was amazing, and we had such great feedback from those in attendance! Can’t say thank you enough to Jeff and his incredible imagination, versatility, and professionalism! Highly
  Colton Bears 8th Birthday Party
Man, where do I even start? The show was Amazing! The kids were mesmerized during the whole show! The audience played a big part in the show and all the children got a turn to participate. I mean these tricks were for children and apparently he does a show for adults! I can’t wait to see that version! I was so impressed with the entire setup! Very professional, did Great with the kids even my special needs son and even tied some magician history into the show. If your thinking of having a show, this is your man! I tell you what, we only had a small group of kids from my son’s school class due to the virus, but he was the talk of the kids the next day at school. Made him feel extremely special! I would recommend this show to anyone that is thinking of doing it! Thank you Jeff for a Great performance!
  Chloe's 10th. Birthday Party
Jeff the Magician was so much more than we expeced. There were 11 kids at the party and about 15 adults. The kids were mesmerized. I figured they would be goofing off a little but instead they were all glued and anticipating what was coming next. There were looks of amazement on all their faces. And the adults were amazed as well. Jeff's jokes and comments related to current events that made it even more fun for the adults. We talked at length after Jeff had packed up, wondering how he did certain tricks. We cant wait to schedule our next birthday party or perhaps even an adult get together. Jeff- Thanks so much for making my granddaughter Chloe's party so magical. We all loved it!
  Great time, great Magic!
Jeff came for our 6 year olds birthday this June and he killed it! The kids and adults were in awe of his magic and he had us all laughing and participating. He even made Finn, the birthfay boy, levitate! A very memorable party that we will be talking about for years to come. Thanks for making Finn's special day MAGICAL!
  Great Magician
Jeff was our magician for my son's 5th birthday party- he did an incredible job. Not only were the kids happy and amazed, but he kept all adults attention and engaged. I was blown away by some of his tricks- he did a great job and we received a lot of compliments from his performance. Thanks Jeff!
  Evening Reading Program was a Smash Hit
We wanted to try something different at our family night kickoff to Reading month in March. Well we could not have done better than to hire Jeff the Magician! He was highly recommended, on time, easy to work with, and very professional! Not only was his magic amazing and very entertaining for both children and their parents, but every effect was tied to his topic of Reading. He wove in topics of using the library, the importance of spelling, reading menus, books, traffic signals, and more. He incorporated both kids and adults from the audience and everyone had a very good time! We would highly recommend Jeff and plan on bringing him back very soon! Great Job Jeff!
  The Magic of St. Vincents
Jeff the Magician was brought in for our St. Vincent's Children's Christmas party last month because Sparty was not available. Well as far as I'm concerned, bring back Jeff EVERY Year! He was amazing! First he did a 30 minute stage show in front of over 200 people and had everyone spellbound! The kids and the adults were hanging on every word as Jeff worked his magic! His show was extremely professional and yet was funny, entertaining, and had some of the best magic I've ever seen! Before and after his performance, he worked the room showing his close up miracles and that's exactly what they were; miracles! This guy is the best magician in Michigan and the most versatile as well! We've already booked him for our son's birthday next month! We highly recommend Jeff for any occasion you may have!
  Holiday Event
I hired Jeff to perform strolling magic for our staff's holiday party. What a WIN for our staff! He was nothing short of amazing! We loved his enthusiasm and passion for magic. We were blown away with his various magic tricks! The look on our faces was priceless after each trick!! I received several compliments after our holiday party. Staff said they really enjoyed the table magic during dinner and that Jeff was our best entertainment yet! His performance was truly a huge success with the staff. He is super easy to communicate with and we set up our event with him in one phone call. I would recommend Jeff for any party or event. Thank you Jeff!!
  Jeff The Magician at Family Holiday Gathering
Jeff performed at our family holiday gathering and he was AWESOME!. The group included children 5 thru 12 and adults. Everyone was amazed. Everyone talked about how Jeff did the tricks and no one could figure out. He made the family holiday gathering very special. Thanks Jeff.
  Awesome show, worth every penny
Jeff performed for my daughter's 4th birthday party in Lansing. It was an absolute delight for both the 15 children and their parents in the room. Jeff did about 8-10 tricks and we loved every one of them. The one thing that I liked most was he engaged every child by asking them to be part of the show. My daughter loved the attention she got, especially the finale when only she was asked to take part and she even got a magic wand! It's amazing how much Jeff was able to entertain a bunch of 4 year olds and keep their attention for the entirety of the 30min. Highly recommend Jeff.
  Eaton Community Center, Charlotte, Mi
We went to a dinner and Magic show, Jeff walked from table to table while we ate performing, everyone was having a great time. Then Jeff performed in front of the group he did such an amazing job everyone from the seniors to the kids were spell bound watching, we all really hated to see the show end. Definitely bring Jeff in for your special events
  DEAFitely Amazing! Best Entertainer Ever!
Last week the Flint Association of the Deaf celebrated its 100th Anniversary. When I heard they hired a Non Deaf Magician to entertain us, I wasn't sure what to expect. We had nearly 200 Deaf party-goers at this event and less than 10 were hearing individuals! Jeff the Magician showed up and immediately showed us why he was hired! He went from table to table with his card tricks and our interpreter. He simply blew our minds! After that, he got on stage for a 45 minute performance that was like nothing I've ever seen! With the aid of our interpreter, Jeff put on a show that was mystifying, engaging, hilarious, and extremely entertaining! He was genuine and professional, while at the same time inspiring and humble. We can't wait to bring him in again next year!
  Great show
We contacted Jeff to perform a magic show for a 9 year old birthday party. He was very responsive to the request and any logistic questions I had leading up to the show. The kids LOVED the show. He did well keeping control of the audience (mostly boys who were full of energy) and did a great job giving each child an opportunity to participate. I highly recommend Jeff.
  Ladies Purse Party Luncheon
Last week, our country club had a women's purse party luncheon and we hired Jeff the Magician as our surprise guest entertainer. All I can say is WOW! We had almost 100 senior aged women and every one of us was Spellbound! Not only did he amaze us with every single magic trick, but he catered his tricks to older women and even did several tricks with a purse theme! He blew our minds, made us laugh and thoroughly entertained us for nearly an hour! If you have not heard of Jeff and his incredible magic, take my word for it, HIRE HIM NOW! His magic is amazing, yet clean, wholesome and professional! We will be bringing him back very soon!
  Summer Camp
Jeff came out to do a show for our summer child care program at our Catholic School. We had about 75 kids, ages 3-12 and they all really enjoyed the show. His show was very "energized" and he brought kids up to the stage multiple times so as to include them in the show....I really liked the general audience participation that he encouraged throughout the show. Jeff included just the right amount of humor and there was much applause and laughter all the way through. I was impressed by his professionalism from start to finish, especially with the fact that he took the time to tailor the show to our wide range of ages. I will be sure to look Jeff up if we are in need of a magician in the future.
  Great for Older Adults!
I work at a retirement community as a Recreation Therapist/Life Enrichment Coordinator. I am always looking for new and fun activities and entertainers to bring to our community for our residents and Jeff did not disappoint! He was charming, personable, funny, and age appropriate! My residents had a blast! All of our varied levels of residents (independent, assisted, skilled nursing, and rehab) have given great feedback and had a lot of fun. Even the staff were peeking their heads in and getting in on the show. We had such a great time, we will definitely have him back to entertain us again!
  Great show at our care home!
Jeff the Magician came to our care home and put on the most amazing magic show I’ve ever seen. Our residents got an absolute kick out of his witty jokes and his amazing performance. He was quick to respond and very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend him to perform at any party. Thank you, Jeff!
  our son's First Holy Communion party
Jeff was very entertaining to watch - he did an amazing job. Adults and kids were mesmerized by his performance. Jeff made my son's party that much more special. I would definitely recommend Jeff for any party or event!
  B-day party
Jeff did an amazing job at my daughter’s birthday party! All of the invitees for mesmerized - both kids and adults!
  Assisted Living - Senior Facility show!
Jeff is such an excellent magician and performer! He wowed a senior audience with his magic which he tailored specifically for this group! He is able to project his voice well and keeps everyone asking... “how did he do that???” I can’t speak highly enough of his ability to match his performance with his audience! I can’t wait to see what tricks he has up his sleeve .... when hopefully I see him again!
  easter party
We hired Jeff for our Easter family party. Jeff responded very quickly with a phone call. He asked me the ages he was going to be entertaining. Jeff was amazing with the kids and the adults as well. I would recommend Jeff to anyone. Our five-year-old granddaughter was pleased as punch to receive a magic wand from Jeff even though it didn’t make people disappear like she wanted it to do. Thanks Jeff!!
  Reading is Magic School Assembly
Jeff came and performed two shows for our K-4 grade students. He kept the theme of reading throughout the entire show. He did a great job keeping the students and teachers engaged. I would recommend his show as a great addition to any reading month activities!
  Jeff knows how to do magic
Just had my sons 14th Birthday party and Jeff did amazing job of making his birthday magical. The kids and adults loved it. Everyone was amazed. Loved seeing the reaction everyone's faces. I want to say thank you Jeff for giving us a wonderful show. My son loved it.
  Baby shower
Jeff and outstanding job at our baby shower. He made sure that the audience was involved and we had a mixed crowd of kids and adults but everyone had a great time! I would hire him again in a heartbeat.
  Phenomenal Sunday School Show!
Jeff the Magician was fabulous! We invited him for a Sunday program to our small Reform Jewish congregation and we couldn't have been more pleased! The audience was ages 4 - 75 and his show was appropriate and engaging for everyone. By request, he incorporated Jewish learning into the magic seamlessly which made it all the more meaningful for our population. Jeff was easy to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone!
  Executive Office
JEFF = EXCELLENCE!!! Jeff was hired to perform at a company event and I must say the crowd loved him and his magic!!!! I myself, am still trying to figure out how he did it?!?! Jeff also did his research in advance for this event and was able to incorporate the industry we work in, into his magic show. He also used the crowd for participation into the show in which they felt engaged in the evening. He was able to "WOW" the CEO as well. I highly recommend Jeff and his elite magic skills for any event and I plan to see him again in my company's future.
  HR Business Partner
We hired Jeff to do our company holiday party. He did both walk around magic during the cocktail hour and a live show after dinner. He was a huge hit and the talk of the night. We are an insurance company and he did his homework, incorporating the insurance theme into his tricks and making it personal and relatable. Employees were amazed and pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed the show. I highly recommend Jeff for your company events.
  Great Holiday Party
Called Jeff at the very last minute and he arranged his family party to accommodate our Christmas store party. Entertained the kids first and all were amazed. Then moved on to the adults doing a strolling magic act. Worked out perfect as groups (clicks) had formed and he performed for all. First class act and hope to use him in the future.
  2nd Awesome Office Christmas Party!
This is the second time I have hired Jeff to entertain my office team at our Christmas Party. I had Jeff arrive at the restaurant just as we were finished eating our meal. It was surprise to the ladies of my office and they loved every minute of the show. Jeff presented up close magic and walked around the table. He was also able to incorporate some gifts of money to my team. Everyone at the table was involved with the magic at some point making them all feel part of the show. The level of entertainment and joy was definitely worth the investment. Jeff is very open to designing the show to suit the needs of his clients. I cannot say enough great things. There is no doubt I will be hiring Jeff again in the future. If he can make a bunch of adults smile with awe, the kids will absolutely love him.
  Holiday Open House
I hired Jeff last minute for our Holiday Open House we threw for our staff, subcontractors, builders, and their families. He went way above and beyond to fit us into his busy schedule, and I'm so glad he did! Kids and adults alike were completely enthralled by his routines! He engaged everyone, was upbeat and charismatic, and was truly very entertaining! He far surpassed our expectations and I would highly recommend him for anyone hosting any event and looking for good family-friendly entertainment! We will definitely be keeping him in mind for future engagements!
  Church Christmas Party
We had the pleasure to hire Jeff the Magician to perform at our annual Church Christmas Party in our home. It was a huge success. The show was absolutely fabulous! Jeff worked the room for one hour as guest arrived. Then a 45 minute magic show. Guest are still talking about the incredible tricks. Jeff is a true professional. Dr. RICHARD J HALIK Lansing, Michigan
  Program Director
This is the second year in a row our congregation has invited Jeff the Magician to preform, and we were yet again blown away. His combination of a fun, spunky personality, with fascinating, illuminating tricks has brightened up our Hanukkah celebrations. We are so lucky to have a fabulous Jewish Magician so close to us! Not only are his magic tricks amusing, but are infused with Jewish facts and history, which adds an educational component. His shows are all one of a kind! He is such a pleasure to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeff, especially to any Jewish organization.
  Fantastic Magic Show
This past Hanukkah, Jeff put on a spectacular magic show for the families of our synagogue and religious school. His performance was interactive, educational, and filled with more amazing tricks and illusions than I could count. He is extremely professional, friendly, and very easy to work with. We can’t wait to bring Jeff back again!
We had Jeff come do a corporate Christmas Party of 125 people and I have to say WOW!! What a great show!! He amazed us all with the many "tricks" he performed. His magic, energy, and charisma was totally amazing. The entire staff agreed that with Jeff's act it was the BEST Christmas party ever!!
  Son’s Bday Party!!!
We hired Jeff for the first time to perform at the birthday party for our year old. He did an absolutely wonderful job! He prepared ahead of time in order to personalize the show (he asked us some questions to learn more about our son). He also included and focused on other kids at the party! The magic show was age appropriate and the tricks were out of this world. Highly recommend.
  Fantastic - for all ages
Jeff was wonderful- the kids were enthralled and his tricked blew them (and the grown-ups)away! Really made the part a hit and left a great lasting impression on he kids- made the birthday boy feel really special, too!
  Halloween Library Show
Jeff was the perfect addition to our annual Halloween Spooktacular! We had a crowd of 90 people which is huge for our little town! He had wonderful tricks and he kept making it very Halloweenn themed. Super impressed with his performance, thanks Jeff!
  Jeff was an awesome addition to my son's birthday party!
Jeff recently performed his magic show at my son't 6th birthday party and all of the kids (and parents) loved it! The show was 30 minutes long and Jeff was able to keep the attention of an audience filled with kids in the 3-7 year old range. He's super engaging and performs magic tricks at their level. He also made my son feel special and had him help with some of the tricks. I highly recommend Jeff - in addition to being great with the kids, he's very well organized and punctual - it definitely took some stress away from me, as the host!
  Special Needs Harvest Festival
We saw Jeff perform at Old Town Scrapfest and decided he would be a great fit for this years Special Needs Harvest Fest at our church. Jeff spent 3 hours going around the event doing his magic tricks one on one with over 170 special needs kids (not including parents and caregivers) and 2 shows during the event. Seeing him do both the Scrapfest and SNHF made me realize the depth of his magic. He had perfect age appropriate tricks and totally tailored his material to special needs kids. Several of our volunteers notes that his one on one with the kids up close was even better than his great performance at the shows. Definitely would recommend Jeff for a show or event, he really understands his audiences!
  Tailgate Event - MSU
We hired Jeff the Magician for a family friendly tailgate event in East Lansing on September 29th. Jeff was very professional in connection with planning the event, and showed up on time and was very entertaining for guests from ages 4 - 45. Jeff has a great way of providing entertainment in a causal atmosphere. He added the wow factor to the event. I would definitely recommend Jeff.
  President of Ingham Chapter of Mich Assoc of Retired School Personnel
Jeff provided a very enjoyable presentation at our luncheon of retired school employees. His amazing magic tricks were adapted to various school subjects and kept everyone entertained. Jeff's humor was lively and completely family-friendly. We would highly recommend him.
  Fazolis Magic Night with Jeff
My kids and I were about to turn into the Taco Bell parking lot when my son saw Jeff the Magician in lights on the Fazolis Marquee. He said he loves magic so we went there for dinner tonight. Wow! Not only were Kid's meals just $.99 but Jeff the Magician is incredible! He came right to our table and made my son and daughter feel like royalty! My son's card Rose from the deck by itself and Jeff's Magic mouse Mindy found my daughter's favorite food! He read my mind twice and brought smiles to our faces over and over! We will be back next week! Thanks Jeff and Fazolis for a great evening!
  My kids birthday party
I had a joined birthday party for my 5 year old and 3 year old ,jeff was very interning and fun. Everyone I had here was amazed,and told me before they left that was the best magic show they had ever seen. I'm very happy I called him it was the best ending to my kids party.
  Crunchy's Magician Rocks!
I've been going to Crunchy's in East Lansing for years because everyone knows they have the best burgers in East Lansing! However, what you may not know is that now on Monday nights they have a Magician that goes from table to table. He is Bar None the Best Magician I've ever seen! Last week I was there with my friend and this week I took my family! Jeff the Magician read our minds, and performed the best card tricks ever! I mean this guy should be on America's Got Talent! He even does special tricks just for kids that are also amazing! My kids are already saying they want to go back next Monday! We plan on hiring Jeff for birthday parties and more! Come out to Crunchy's on Magic Nights every Monday! Jeff is amazing and so is the food!
Jeff came to my son's 7th bday party and was the highlight of the day! ! He was outgoing, funny, and so entertaining! I was blown away by his performance! I would hire him again in a heartbeat! He's a perfect addition to any party!
  Summer Camp
We hired Jeff the Magician to come to our summer camp and he was amazing! He blew not only the minds of the campers but the counselors as well! The kids were attentive and loved his show! Jeff did a great job engaging the kids and getting them involved in the show. We would definitely recommend hiring Jeff for your event!
  Grand Blanc Fun Fest
We had Jeff the Magician at our city’s Family Fun Fest in the Entertainment Tent. Jeff started doing walk around table magic and amazed everyone who saw him, young and old! The card tricks were incredible and left everyone laughing and scratching their heads! Jeff then did a 40 minute stage show which astounded the audience. Some of the favorite tricks were his water bottle card trick and the floating drinking glass. The tent was located at our city’s Catholic Church. Jeff knew this and his act incorporated inspiring teaching points about God and succeeding in life. Following the stage show, Jeff continued to walk around and amaze the people. He was flexible with the arrangement of the entertainment tent schedule, and is very easy to work with. I encourage anyone looking for a magic show to call Jeff! He will entertain you in a customized show just for your event!
  My son said this was his best birthday party EVER!!!
We are brand new to the state and my son had his 7 year birthday party approaching and I wanted to do something special to help him get to know and connect with kids at school. Considering my son has been totally immersed in learning magic tricks, I went to trusty ol’ Google and searched for magician parties nearby. Jeff’s business popped up immediately and after reading so many amazing reviews, I knew he was going to be at the top of my list. I called and was pleasantly surprised at his prices and what his show would consist of so I booked him on the spot. Leading up to the party, he was great about calling and sorting out details and gathering information on the birthday boy. Day of, he was on time and opened the show with a fun trick that had the kids AND parents entranced right away. His show flows flawlessly and I appreciated the adult humor thrown in and the audience participation. There were points we were belly laughing because he isn’t only a magician but has to be a comedian as well. It truly was fun for the whole family and the other parents wanted his information for future parties as well. I can’t thank him enough for helping make this party unique and over the top special!
  Amazing Community Wide Event!
Last night, as part of an all-ages audience, I had the pleasure of seeing Jeff’s new Israeli magic show in honor of Israel’s 70th birthday. As a Jewish educator, I was very impressed by the degree to which Jeff’s intriguing, jaw-dropping magic became a vehicle for transmitting a huge amount of information about Judaism in general and Israel specifically. For example: we counted, sang “Happy Birthday” and said our own version of “abracadabra” (“Am Yisrael Chai!”) in Hebrew; we heard a list of Israeli leaders (Golda Meir, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, Theodore Herzl…); we learned some Israeli history—her Independence Day and the wars that have happened since (1948, 1967, 1973); we talked about some famous places in Israel (Masada, Dead Sea, Negev, Western Wall, Mt. Carmel…); we saw some symbols of Israel (Star of David, Israeli Flag, an El Al airplane, Israel’s national anthem, HaTikvah); and much, much more. “The Magic of Israel” was a fun-filled and highly educational 45 minutes, a perfect combination that had people talking long after the show ended. I very highly recommend it to you!
  Family Shabbat Celebration
Jeff the Magician was asked to come in to bring additional "magic" to our synagogue family Shabbat experience, and he did just that! He was wonderfully entertaining. During dinner, he went from table to table with magic tricks that brought smiles to young and old alike. After dinner, he put on a show that wowed us all. Through his magic show he spoke with the children about Jewish ritual, holidays and observances. In addition to being entertaining, Jeff was a true mensch. He was pleasant and outgoing to everyone in the room, and he made sure to ask about and to honor our Shabbat observances. I recommend Jeff highly and very much look forward to welcoming him back to our synagogue.
  A great night of magic
We hired Jeff for a retirement/farewell party in our home. The 35 guests included all adults and all had nothing but good words for the show he put on. His pre show walk around gave folks a taste of his skills and his show left us wanting to see more magic. He was friendly, professional and really worked the crowd. You can really tell that Jeff loves what he does. He really made the party a five star event!
  Cub Scout Master
Jeff came to do a show for our blue and gold banquet. His show inspired and taught the boys what true scout moral and ethics are. Being a former scout he incorporated scouting into his act and kept the boys entertained and helped the younger boys with visualizing scouting believes. Will be having him preform at more scouting functions
  Bachelor Party Special Guest Magician
We called Jeff last minute for a bachelor party. He was so accommodating and was able to squeeze us into his Saturday night schedule! The guys were ASTONISHED by Jeff’s close up magic. He performed card tricks and a variety of other close up illusions that had my group in awe. If you want to surprise guests with awesome entertainment, Jeff the magician will amaze you. Highly Reccommended
  Reading is Magic Program
We had Jeff the Magician come to end our March is Reading Month. I have never seen any of Jeff the Magicians shows, but he came recommended from a Mother at our school. When I booked him, I thought I might have a hard time convincing my board members the show would tie into our March is Reading month, but I sure am glad they gave me the benefit of the doubt. Jeff's show engaged the students, parents, and teachers that were in attendance. He incorporated his magic into reading in amazing ways, his magic tricks included the use of real world examples where reading is required such as in reading newspapers, traffic lights and signs, menus, spelling, and of course books. He used the audience in almost all of his tricks, and from the kids to adults, we left inspired and in awe from his tricks and engaging show. Thank you Jeff the Magician, we surely hope to incorporate him in next years March is Reading month as well.
  Praise from a Director of Education!
Jeff’s magic show was the perfect ending to our recent family program on Israel. Jeff has the wonderful ability to connect with his audience, entertain, educate, and amuse. He uniquely incorporates information about the desired topic into the magic presented. The show was fun and entertaining while at the same time, educational and informative. Students loved it! Parents loved it! Teachers loved it! What could be better? I highly recommend Jeff!
  School Carnival in Grand Rapids
Jeff is amazing! I was part of a team putting together a school carnival in Grand Rapids last night. Jeff came highly recommended to us and we hired him to perform Four 30 minute shows for us! I can honestly say he was the highlight of the entire carnival! Kids were lining up to see his show and many went to 2,3, and even all 4 of his performances! He is professional, easy to work with, has tons of energy and is very reasonably priced. He even did his walk around magic around the carnival before his first show! Everyone was amazed by his magic and wants him back next year! Trust me, even the adults were blown away by Jeff the Magician! Hire him now!
  Synagogue Performance
Jeff the Magician recently performed magic for our religious school students in honor of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. Jeff has performed at our synagogue many times and he is always entertaining. Our members enjoy his performances. For his most recent performance, Jeff also taught about Israel while performing and it was very well received. I would recommend Jeff to any synagogue.
  Awesome School Assembly for Reading Month!
Jeff came to our school to kick off our March is Reading Month! Our reading theme is "The Magic of Reading". Not only was Jeff's show entertaining, he made several connections to why reading is so important in everyday life. Our students LOVED the show. He presented 2 shows for our students. One show was geared for K-2 and the second show for our Grades 3-4. I would highly recommend him for your school.
  10th Birthday Party
We hired Jeff the Magician for our son's 10th birthday party. Jeff's initial communication was quick, clear, and efficient. We discussed options for the show with no pressure and no hard upsell. Throughout the preparation process, Jeff was professional and enthusiastic in helping to make the event a special one for our son and his guests. We planned a special finale, rearranged to accommodate additional guests, worked on fluctuating numbers and through it all, Jeff was upfront and accommodating. The show itself was engaging and kept 35 ten years olds still in their spots for 45 minutes - enthralled with the pace and each new piece of the action. Audience participation was a key to Jeff's approach and it made the event special for our son AND for all of his guests. We selected the option for a party favor take-home magic trick that topped the show off perfectly. From his professional and on-point communication before the show, through the age-appropriate show itself, to the finale and after show wrap up, I solidly recommend Jeff.
  Incredible Holiday Based Show
I am the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids and we recently hired Jeff to entertain our families at a community wide Purim Carnival. Jeff the Magician's show was fun and engaging for all ages. Not only was his show amazing to the children as well as the adults, but he also demonstrated his unique knowledge of Judaism and was very effective in conveying it to the children though his wonderful and creative magic. He was a hit!
  Birthday Party
Jeff the Magician performed for my son’s 3rd birthday party. His show was excellent. Both the kids and adults had a blast. We cannot wait to have him back again. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Jeff the Magician performed for my son’s 16th birthday party - 20 cynical teenagers. I thought they would eat him alive - but he BLEW THEIR MINDS! He knew how to gear his performance to this very tough crowd. Highly recommended!
  Jeff was Awesome
Jeff the Magician was awesome!! He put on a fantastic show at my Grandmas nursing home.I loved how he used the kids to help with his tricks and made sure to try to include them all. He appealed not only to the kids but to the adults as well:)
  Family Party
Jeff was hired for a large family birthday party. He involved kids and adults into the show and made it entertaining for everyone! Jeff even showed each of the kids their own magic trick with props to keep for themselves. He was funny, fast paced, and very interactive! I highly recommend Jeff the Magician if you are looking for a professional magician to entertain any aged group!
We hired Jeff the Magacian for our 10 grandchildren’s birthdays. The grand kids, ranging from 5 to 15 years old, were delighted and enjoyed his show. Jeff made sure to include all of the kids individually in at least one trick each. He even included the adults which kept everyone on their toes. It was a fun family evening.
  Great Entertainment for Corporate Party
We recently had Jeff the Magician for our corporate holiday party. He was extremely professional and an excellent feature for our party. He was prepared well in advance, kept things light, was positive about the company and everyone in attendance. The level of humor was a great fit for the environment. The tricks he performed were engaging for the audience and extremely visual so everyone in our big group could experience them. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for entertainment for this type of setting.
  Community New Year's Eve Party
Great Show! Have used Jeff for two years at our Community event and he did not disappoint. He amazed both the kids and the adults with his magic show. He included close up walk around magic at the tables beforehand that left people in Awe and asking for more. Thank you Jeff!
  Holiday Party
I hired Jeff for our family Christmas party. People in attendance aged in range from 4 to 95... all we're equally amazed. It was an excellent show where he included almost everyone in some the participation aspect His card tricks we're a special point of interest. I would definitely recommend him for your next party or family gathering.
  What a Show! What a Professional!
I have had the privilege of seeing two of Jeff's shows this month alone! One was for my son's 12th birthday and the other was at an office holiday party. These were two completely different venues and audiences and Jeff was in complete control of both audiences and kept the kids AND the adults begging for MORE in each show! He has a phenomenal presentation with kids. The show is not only clean and professional, but he includes everyone in the audience and still made my son feel special as the birthday boy! How he made him FLOAT in the air, I'll never know! At the holiday party, we not only saw his adult performance which BLEW our minds, but he performed his table magic during dinner! WOW! He literally read the minds of everyone at my table and then made my husband's thought of card rise out of the deck BY ITSELF! Later, at the show, MORE MIND Reading, More Predictions, Clever Stories, Hysterical Comedy, and a Beyond Incredible five person Color Prediction that I'll never forget! Can you tell that I HIGHLY recommend Jeff the Magician for ANY PARTY or EVENT!
  Director of Education
Jeff performed a great Hanukkah Magic Show for us last night! We had about 65 people. ages 3-65, and he successfully included everyone. Children and adults loved being called up to help Jeff with various magic tricks. One thing that I especially loved about Jeff's performance is that he had anyone he called on say their name - I just loved that personal touch which helped participants get to know each other. Also, we had to cancel our original performance because of a snowstorm - Jeff helped us reschedule easily. Thank you Jeff!
  A Magical Holiday Party
I hired Jeff to provide a magic show for my board and staff holiday party today. It was nothing short of magical and amazing. Jeff The Magician did some phenomenal magic with witty humor and fantastic stage presence. As a nonprofit, we work hard with minimal resources. It was very important that my investment in our entertainment uplifted their spirits, demonstrated my appreciation, and provided the magic the deserved to begin the holiday season-Jeff the Magician did not disappoint. #Bestholidaypartyever #JefftheMagicianisthebest
  Birthday party
We hired Jeff the Magician for our daughters 7th birthday party. He was very quick to respond to my messages and easy to communicate with. His show was absolutely wonderful and the whole room was in awe the entire time! I really liked that he used the kids in the show and made them feel so special, especially the birthday girl!! My daughter said that was her best birthday ever and was playing magician for the rest of the evening! She got a shirt and the magic wand at the end of the show for her to keep which she really loved. I would definitely recommend Jeff for any party or event.

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