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gymnastics-based activity center in the Los Angeles area for birthday parties and kids parties


The Josephson Academy of Gymnastics has it all!

The Josephson Academy of Gymnastics (JAG) is the newest, largest, safest, most family-friendly gymnastics-based activity center in the Los Angeles area. Conveniently located in Culver City, California, JAG offers parents an extraordinary array of programs focusing on fun, fitness and character development.

Mission and Objectives

The Josephson Academy of Gymnastics’ mission is simple: we exist to help develop happy, healthy, smart and good children in a positive, safe and fun environment and we exist to help children achieve their dreams. We do this by focusing our programs around several essential objectives:

We Put Children First. We put the needs of children first when we design and administer our programs and we continuously strive to promote the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and moral development of each youngster.

We Have Fun. We have fun because it is fun! But fun is also a worthy objective because it enhances the lives of children and provides lasting memories and relationships. At JAG we also know that fun is also an effective teaching strategy — children are more likely to stay in our program and learn and develop important skills when they are having fun, spending time with friends and participating with enthusiasm. Do you know the number one reason kids quit sports? Because they are no longer having FUN!

We Promote a Healthy Lifestyle. We promote fitness, encourage healthy eating habits, and provide an accepting environment for children of all body types and levels of ability. At JAG, we teach kids to take care of their bodies and health. Gymnastics, the foundation of all sports, is ideal for the development of fitness. Gymnastics based sports develop physical strength, speed, flexibility, agility, coordination, grace and balance. In fact, children who take gymnastics at a young age much more easily transition to playing soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball or football. Children who are gymnasts have a distinct advantage in dance, diving, cheerleading and even acting. With a strong foundation in gymnastics, your child is prepared for a lifetime of fitness.

We Pursue Excellence with Honor. We pledge to teach children sportsmanship, to pursue excellence with honor and achieve personal excellence. Our emphasis is on effort and improvement, and we promote pride and gratification in the concept of personal best in all of our programs.

We Develop Good Character and Teach Positive Life Skills. Lessons at JAG extend beyond the gym and into life lessons. We actively seek to instill positive character traits and values in our students such as: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. We teach and foster positive life skills and attitudes, including self- discipline, courage, perseverance, empathy, team work and the value of hard work and preparation. When our students are done turning cartwheels, they will have established a base of life skills that will undoubtedly assist them through all of their non-flipping years. In short, we measure our success not by the number of trophies on the wall, but rather on what each child can take with them once they leave the sport of gymnastics.

We Provide a Safe, Clean Environment. Each of our instructors is USA Gymnastics Safety Certified and American Red Cross Certified in CPR and First Aid. Our equipment is state of the art. And in designing the gym we took on the additional expense of creating several distinct safety features because we always have in mind the safety of our students. These features include:

Two loose foam, in the ground safety pits

Two in the ground trampolines

Dozens of landing mats

Specially designed preschool equipment for the unique needs of these pint sized gymnasts

Furthermore, we expect our environment to be free of physical, emotional or verbal abuse. Our facility and the equipment are regularly inspected and maintained to assure safety. And, finally, the gym, bathrooms and all public areas are thoroughly cleaned nightly. Maybe we are neat freaks, but we won’t allow your children to roll around on dirty carpets!

We Have Positive, Educated, Caring Coaches. The JAG coaching team uses positive coaching and motivational techniques to promote enjoyment and build self-confidence. We provide continuing educational opportunities to coaches and other staff to help them stay knowledgeable and proficient in the activities that they teach, in safety and in character building.

We Communicate with Our Families and Treat Them with Respect. We expect parents to play a constructive role in the activities of their children and we educate them about our philosophy, objectives, methods and priorities to assure that their expectations of our programs and their children are appropriate and realistic. Additionally, we give parents clear, complete and timely information concerning schedules, fees, team selection and other policies.

We Serve Not Only our Students, but Families as Well. We are not just a gymnastics school — we are a family service organization. We want all family members to feel comfortable and welcome at JAG. This is why we went to the expense of installing large, comfortable waiting areas, a café, wireless internet service and a sibling play area. Furthermore, we have family friendly policies such as a 10% full family discount, member discounts for our pro-shop and parties, and summer flexible scheduling. And, of course, we offer activities to make family memories such as birthday parties and family fun days or to give parents a much deserved date with our fabulously fun Parents’ Night Out.

We Treasure the Opportunity to Work with Each Child. Finally, we recognize that every child is incredibly special and we are honored you have entrusted us with these incredible little humans. It is our goal to make each child, regardless of age or ability, feel special each day they train with us. They will develop not only a stronger, healthier body, but also more self-confidence through our fun and exciting programs.

About the Owner

JAG is owned by Anne Josephson. A mother of four, Anne has participated in gymnastics from every perspective: as a gymnast, coach, judge and parent of gymnasts. After graduating from Columbia University, Anne received her M.S. in Educational Psychology from USC. JAG is the realization of her lifelong dream of creating a gymnastics school where all children can succeed ... a gym with excellent, child-focused coaches ... a gym known for tremendous service to its families ... a gym that creates champions in gymnastics, but more importantly, champions in life.

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Among other cities, Josephson Academy of Gymnastics For Kids Parties may serve the following areas: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Inglewood, Burbank, City of Industry, Santa Monica, Whittier, Torrance, Canoga Park, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Alhambra, Lakewood, Lancaster, Pomona, La Puente, Palmdale, Sherman Oaks, Venice, Beverly Hills, Carson, Compton, El Monte, Encino, Hollywood


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