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Spice up any event with accordion players offering the strikingly dynamic combination of a button-style accordion and a piano accordion.


Ken and Mary are no strangers to performance, having performed for various Oktoberfest festivals and in Beethoven's Bistro. They have worked as an accordion duo for years, performing a wide variety of music for events throughout the Midwest. They love to play at events including fairs, retirement homes, festivals, trade shows, conventions, celebrations and private venues. Their repertoire extends from Blues to Gospel to Polka and much more!

About the accordion:The accordion is a portable wind instrument consisting of two reed organs connected by a folding bellows. Expanding and contracting the bellows provides air to vibrate the reed organs producing the sounds. It is also known as a squeeze box because of this expanding and contracting of the bellows.

About Ken:He has over 40 years of music experience with a background including the button-style accordion, tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin, and mandola. He is affectionately known as Baron of the Banjo by Frankie Yankovic. Ken and his rag/jazz band played for years in and around Ohio as well as exciting and memorable performances in Germany. He adds his expert skills to the Ken and Mary duo playing a 5-row diatonic harmonika, which is also known as the button box or button accordion.

Ken's instrument, although resembling an accordion, couldn't be further from it - except for the bellows. Ken excites audiences with his ability to create anything from a full-bodied polka sound to melodic waltzes.

Mary:Mary's music beginnings came with the encouragement of her parents, who enrolled her in organ and accordion lessons at a young age. She has performed with her accordion at retirement centers, homes, festivals, parties and banquets. She currently plays the standard piano accordion, which is custom built from Italy.

The dynamic duo are also available as strolling entertainment, and can add more members to cater to your specific needs for your events. 

Among other cities, Ken and Mary Musik According to Akkordians may serve the following areas: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus, Akron, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Canton, South Bend, Youngstown, Evansville, Gary, Kettering, Lima, Beavercreek, Bloomington, Hammond, Lafayette, Mansfield, Trotwood, Anderson, Beaver Creek, Euclid, Parma, Springfield, Terre Haute, Cleveland Heights, Colerain Township, Hamilton




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The best International Accordion duo, performing over 200 events per year. Performing the Eastern half of the USA from Canada to South Fla. To include Cleveland, Ohio, Washington DC, Opryland USA Nashville, Tennessee and the Miller brewing Co. / Anheuser - Busch Oktoberfest El Salvador 4 years in a row. Multiple Senior living centers in Ohio. Currant passports Will travel. Limex sound tech Midi Accordions. Please contact Party Pops for booking ! See us on `Ken and MaryTurbo Accordions Express` Facebook, You Tube and our web Ohio Ph # 937-537-1282 Thank you Ken Nicol

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