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With a unique twist of culture to your special event, we provide custom quilts fit to go along with your tuxedo. Because we know how much your special occasion means to you, we will professionally tailor our outfits to fit your Highland-themed event.


With a unique twist to your special event, we offer custom quilts to professionally meet the needs of your Highland-themed event. We offer our services to themed weddings, family reunions, and memorial services.Because top quality means everything to us, we carefully hand-select our tuxedo kilts to give you the most stunning look ever.  Each of our kilts is made from six to nine yards of 16-ounce acrylic wool, deep pleats, three belt loops, three genuine leather straps, heavy-duty pewter buckles, hand-stitched front facing, and two-to-three-inch hems for weighted movement.  Because of its durability and affordability, acrylic wool is long-lasting and avoids tearing down easily.Because we use acrylic wool instead of old sheep's wool, we have the best professional quality for the price. Prices range from as low as $45 for renting and as low as $89.99 for purchase.We offer three types of kilted tuxedo outfits, including the Prince Charlie Outfit, the Jacobite Outfit, and the Argyle Outfit. Each outfit is rented out at different prices, starting from as low as $120 up to $179. If you want to buy the tuxedo instead of renting it, prices start from as low as $265.99 up to $439.99. In addition to the outfits, you have the option of renting or buying individual items, Sporrans, accessories, bagpipe band products, ladies' wear, blades, cap badges, and kilt pins. Additional items start from as low as $6 for renting and as low as $9 for purchase.  We also have various pattern options for tartan kilts that can be rented out for as low as $45 and purchased for as low as $89.99. Such options include Black Watch, Royal Stewart, Irish, Solid Black, Gordon Modern, MacDonald, and Pride of Scotland. For tartans made for purchases only, prices start from as low as $89.99. Each kiltes in a variety of patterns, including US Airforce, US Army, US Marines, US Navy, Alvis of Lee, Ancient Kennedy, Barclay, Bells of Border, Confederate Memorial, County Cork, Duncan, Innes of Moray, Johnston Ancient, Dress Gordon New, German National, MacLean of Duart, MacLeod, Murno, Stewart Hunting, Thomas Camel, Tyron County, and Wallace Modern.

Among other cities, KiltR: Ontario, Quebec, Washington, British Columbia, Houston, New York, New York City, El Paso, Alberta, Dallas, Miami, New Brunswick, Sacramento, Northern California, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, Chicago, Manhattan, San Antonio, Denver, San Diego, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Austin, Phoenix, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Birmingham, Nova Scotia,



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