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You will plan your entire Las Vegas bachelor party and we will put the entire plan into effect for you. We assign you a VIP host and you go straight into the best nightclubs.


Welcome to the bachelor party party package source in Las Vegas on the internet. One site that can handle all of your Las Vegas bachelor party & bachelorette party needs. Take comfort in knowing that you can plan your entire bachelor party & or bachelorette party in Las Vegas from the convenience of your own home. Let our experienced staff of VIP party planners advise you on where to go, what to do and how to get there. Once you and your friends are ready, your assigned VIP host will handle all of the arrangements necessary to make yours an unforgettable experience.

"How to get started?" you ask..... Well, just pick one of our exclusive VIP Las Vegas bachelor or bachelorette party packages or create a unique custom party package using the "build your own party" function. For the personal touch, you can call toll free 1.800.920-8847 and one of our trained bachelor party planners will make your dream bachelor party or bachelorette party in Las Vegas a reality. Throwing a bachelor party isn't about coming to Las Vegas and waiting in long lines at the night club or ending up in subpar strip clubs that a taxi driver decides to take you. Your Bachelor Vegas concierge can hook you up with the city's finest limousines, arrange a "last supper" dinner , then take you to the best strip clubs and nightclubs in town where you and your group will get the VIP treatment.

With your assigned VIP host or VIP hostess you go straight into the most exclusive nightclubs, past the sometimes 3 hour long lines, right to a reserved booth with your favorite premium liquor waiting for you. Want to play golf? Bachelor Vegas will have your crew teeing off at the very best golf courses in town without the huge mark-up other services charge. Add top of the line golf club rentals, plus limo transportation to and from the golf course and you've got yourself an afternoon of pure golfing fun. Bachelor Vegas has something for every budget. So to get start planning your dream bachelor party CALL TODAY!!

Save Both Time and Money with Package Deals, a leading party package planning and entertainment ideas website, provides an extensive range of resources to help Las Vegas vacationers get the most from their trip. is your one-stop shop for everything Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, the spending habits of gamblers in the casinos are shifting – most rich people used to spend their money gambling on the back door high-limit rooms. Now money is being spent in other Vegas festivities. According to high-limit casino dealer Turk, from The Cosmopolitan, people are usually too broke to gamble after returning from nightclubs and pool parties. By planning ahead and seeking out the best deals online, locals and non-locals of Las Vegas can enjoy significant savings without sacrificing comfort or enjoyment.

Vacationers planning a wild bachelor party, attempting to hit the jackpot at one of Las Vegas' premier casinos, or looking to spend a relaxing weekend at the spa, can easily plan a budget-friendly vacation. Las Vegas package deals and concierge services provide unbeatable rates on luxury Las Vegas hotels, limousine rentals, and VIP accommodations to all of the hot spots in Vegas. It's easy to play like a rockstar without breaking the bank.


Guests looking for glitz, glamour, and the finest amenities will want to reserve a suite at one of the Las Vegas hotels on The Strip. Many of the largest hotel, resort, and casino properties found throughout the world can be found on the Las Vegas Strip, including 19 of the world's 25 biggest hotels by room count. One of the most visible aspects of the city's landscape is its use of dramatic architecture and modernization of its restaurants, hotels, casinos, and residential high-rises, making the established city one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

Bottle service prices at the top clubs in Las Vegas, such as XS, Marquee, and TAO, can leave guests with a bill for up to $20K – depending on the night, holiday, and location of the table. Similarly, the prices of cabanas at the hottest Vegas pool parties, including Encore Beach Club, Marquee Dayclub, TAO Beach, and Rehab Las Vegas, can cost upwards of $20K. It is not uncommon for gamblers to spend time at the pools trying to attract girls in the hopes of getting "lucky."

Planning for a Vegas getaway is highly important if you want to get the best deals possible and see and do all the things you want to before the vacation is over. Just like hotel rooms, tables in Vegas sell out fast – especially during the holidays. Clubs like XS actually auction their dance floor tables, so planning the night ahead of time can is ideal. Obtaining VIP service is one of the best ways to gain access to the liveliest places on The Strip.

Package Deals

With a multitude of package deals to choose from, guests can indulge in all the good things that Las Vegas has to offer. With a VIP service, vacationers will be connected with a knowledgeable host well-versed in Las Vegas nightlife. Guests can back and enjoy the sweet life while soaking up the Las Vegas environment in style, accompanied by a VIP host or hostess for the entirety of the evening. This is often the ideal choice for Las Vegas bachelor or bachelorette party groups, or for anytime one desires a trip to wonderful Las Vegas.

Each VIP package deal is tailor-made to offer a variety of the best activities and nightlife on The Strip – making it the perfect one-stop shop for the ultimate Las Vegas experience. Since they provide incredible savings to fit nearly any budget, VIP packages are a great option for bachelor parties, hen nights, weddings, birthdays, and many other celebrations. Remember that getting to these premier Vegas hot spots is half the fun. Ride in style throughout the brightly lit city with limousine transportation provided as part of many Vegas VIP packages.

Combining sun, energy, and excitement, Las Vegas is the quintessential party experience for any group, small or large, visiting the city. It's important to plan properly before heading off to Vegas to get the most from the trip. Guests can enjoy premier accommodations and gain access to a wide range of activities and events by finding the right package deals to suit their needs. There is so much to do in Vegas that it's impossible to get to everything in just one vacation. To get started with your Las Vegas vacation planning, seek the assistance of Bachelor Vegas now.

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  It was hell of a night
We used Bachelor Vegas for our friend's stag night, we tried to plan the party ourselves first but it was a big hassle and expensive. We called BV for a quote, a guy name Cameron was the person who answered and gave us free information and package deal which saved us ton of money. They also got system in place that each attendee to this party paid their own portion in advance with their CC. The night was very smooth, limo was awesome and our assigned VIP host was very friendly and stayed with us the whole night. Thnx

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