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Bette Midler once said, If sex is such a natural phenomenon, howe there are so many books on how to do it? What do you know about sex? If you're like most people, you got information (both truth and myths) from embarrassed parents, confused friends, too little too late high school sex ed classes, romantic movies, and perhaps your own experimentation. In these lively, interactive classes that's tailored to the specific needs of your group.
Luluberry classes cover everything about sex and romance that your mom forgot to tell you!
And besides what's more fun than a group of rowdy women drinking wine together? A group of rowdy women drinking wine and talking about sex!
It's not often that women get the chance to have fun, feel safe, and learn accurate and entertaining information about sex and sexual health. A perfect evening out for the girls or as a path to making new friends. As women, we speak more freely. We laugh louder. We get a little silly. And most importantly, we reconnect!
Luluberry classes are the perfect opportunity to get together with your girlfriends for not just bachelorette parties but for birthday parties, holiday parties, a birthday bash, a seasonally-themed party or a suddenly-single event.
1. Sexplorations for Him
Ask any man what makes good oral sex GREAT oral sex and he ll say:
She has to love to do it. - James, 34 - Chicago
I want her to enjoy herself as well as pleasure me - Nick, 27 - New York City
I have to feel like she wants to be there - Lee, 32 - Seattle
S? You develop and embrace your sexual confidence.
This is NOT simply an oral sex' workshop. Anyone can learn tips and skills to use when performing oral sex. What makes you GREAT at it is having the desire and the confidence to do it. That s what this workshop is about. We re going to talk aboutmon anxieties surrounding bedroom performance, ways to build your bedroom confidence as well as techniques and how to make peforming oral sex something you both enjoy.
Sexual confidence is about power, and that poweres from knowing what you bring to the table.
Sexual Techniques will be discussed, but they are secondary to discovering and tapping into your sexual confidence.
Got tips you want to share? Bring em! This workshop is about gaining the confidence to identify your needs andmunicate them to your partner.
We ll talk about:
-Identifying & Defining Sexual Confidence
-How to Build Sexual Confidence
-Oral Sex Tips & Technique
-How to build a Confident Attitude
-Concerns & Questions
-How to make it pleasurable for both of you
The themes for this evening s event are Respect, Maturity and Confidentiality. This is about building on sexual confidence and creating an overall sexy attitude.
Maybe this is not the class for you . . . Luluberry also offers:
2. The Naked Truth:
You will learn about female anatomy, kegel exercises, sexercises, self-love, a guide to toys and much more. This is an excellent workshop for women who want to get to know there bodies better.
Or try this class:
3. Luluberry 101:
Including the 411 on Desire and Arousal, Sexual Health and Self Image, STI information, Infection transmission, pregnancy, birth control options, abstinence option, and knowing when you are ready.
To get your class/party scheduled, please copy and paste this information in your email to me:
PHONE (best time of day to call):
Any men out there? There is a class for you as well that will teach the A to Z's of women. Just contact me!
Luluberry classes are educational, tasteful and fun for women ranging from students at UCLA or SMU to stay at home moms to professional career women. Classes have been taught throughout southern California, LA, Beverly Hills, Phoenix, Dallas, Uptown, Addison, Orlando and Atlanta. Luluberry Rocks!! We look forward to your inquiries!
Average Price: $175 for your group
(varies on location, travelling & number of students)
Groups have included college students, professionals, stay at home moms, church groups, Junior League groups, housewives of Orange County, bachelorette parties, Valentine's Day parties, divorce parties . . . .
**Please note that a portion of all proceeds will go to the local sexual assault crisis center where I volunteer my time each month
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Among other cities, LuLuBerry may serve the following areas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, Tyler, Houston, Irving, Denton, Garland, Longview, Plano, Wichita Falls, Lewisville, Mesquite, Texarkana, Carrollton, Grand Prairie, Haltom City, Richardson, Benbrook, Greenville, Henderson, Palestine, Tennessee Colony, Weatherford, Bedford, Corsicana, Duncanville, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Highland Park


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