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Lucas Leigh has produced 4 of his own CD's, is currently working on releasing his fourth album, a Beatles tribute album, and has formed a new band that's crossed between blues and jazz called Blazz.


Lucas Leigh has played the piano practically all his life. Starting at the age of 3, Lucas would stand on the piano bench in front of his family's upright, and pretend to play. He was fascinated with the piano from the first day he could reach its keys. A few years later, at the age of five, he begged his parents for lessons. He got through the first two books, and frustration soon caught up to him. He hated reading the notes on the page, but loved making up his own parts to songs. His teacher couldn't work with him, but saw the talent that existed somewhere inside this kid. At the age of six, Lucas quit taking piano lessons, and started playing the drums. For a couple of years, he would go back and forth between the drums and the piano, perhaps just developing rhythm.

One day at the age of seven, while watching a TV program, a Folgers’s Coffee commercial came up and the melody just seemed to click with Lucas. He went to the piano and played the tune the best part of waking up, is Folgers’s in your cup. He then began picking out simple tunes on a regular basis. By the age of nine he had developed a skill. He could now put the chords with the melodies and embellish on them. The piano came to Lucas like throwing a baseball or riding a bike comes to most kids. Being from a small suburb of Memphis, Hernando, Mississippi, Lucas' attention was focused on several different styles of music, making him versatile with his genres ranging from bluegrass to jazz and from blues to pop.

By age 11, Lucas had experienced many opportunities to perform before large groups and had developed a particular style and stage presence. One of his most thrilling appearances came when he managed an invitation to play with Little Richard on his piano on stage at a Little Richard concert held at The Mid-South Fair in Memphis. This opened up several opportunities to Lucas and led to some great experiences for a kid not even in his teens. Lucas, having great admiration for Jerry Lee Lewis’ music, was especially thrilled to be invited to play at the 40th anniversary of Rock and Roll in 1995, where Mr. Lewis was the guest of honor. At the event, held in Memphis at the Peabody Hotel, Lucas performed "Lewis Boogie", one of Lewis’ favorites, for Jerry Lee and his audience. Lucas has done well in every talent contest that he has entered. In 1997, he won the grand prize at a contest sponsored by the North Mississippi Board of Realtors, and later that same year took the Sweepstakes Prize at the Mid-South Fair Talent Contest in Memphis.

Lucas has made six appearances in Lake Tahoe since the spring of 1997. During this time, he entertained at O.B.'s Pub and Restaurant and the Northstar Ski Resort in Truckee, California, as well as the Hyatt Hotel and the Cal Neva Lodge on the North shore of Lake Tahoe. On January 1 and January 2, 1999 Lucas Leigh had the opportunity to play on stage live with Bill Haley's Comets at the Tahoe Biltmore on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. At the invitation of John "Bam Bam" Lane, Lucas sat in on several numbers and performed his rendition of "High School Confidential" and "Great Balls of Fire", and played along with the band on several songs made popular by the legendary Bill Haley.

Thanks to family members and great fans, Lucas has had the opportunity to record and produce four of his own CD's. The albums include:
Do You Mind if I play (Nov., 1997), a great disc that touches on many of the genres of music Lucas likes to play;
Perfectly Grand (Oct., 1998) , which features songs made to soothe rattled nerves;
Rockin' and Rollin' Into Christmas (Nov. 2000), a disc with popular Christmas favorites;
And his last album, which was recorded in August of 2004, a tribute to the Beatles, is expected to be released by mid September 2004.

In the summer of 2000, Lucas joined a band from Memphis called The Jack Straw Band. The band played regularly around the Mid-South. In the fall of 2001, Lucas and two of the band members went off to college at the University of Mississippi. The band gigged nearly every weekend until the summer of 2004, when they came to an agreement to call it quits for a while and work on other projects. The Jack Straw Band is currently not playing, but is expected back sometime in 2005.

Although Lucas is a full-time student at the University of Mississippi with senior status, he is also working on releasing his fourth album, a Beatles tribute album, and has formed a new band that's crossed between blues and jazz called Blazz. They plan to entertain crowds of Oxford with their silly antics and intricate style in late 2004.

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