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Lydia B. Sharp, CGA - Lydia Sharp is an accomplished speaker on a wide variety of topics.


Lydia B. Sharp, CGA
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Statement of Purpose: To present subjects of special interest to broaden our perspective on life and stimulate our curiosity.

It is our belief that we were given a magnificent mind to use for purpose and for pleasure. Curiosity is one of the most pleasant and productive functions of the mind. Without it our civilization would not have progressed and created the wonders we all enjoy.

Are you one of those curious individuals interested in many diverse subjects? Do you enjoy reading, talking or just thinking about unusual things like Astrology, graphology, numerology, palmistry, channeling, or E.S.P.? Are you interested in art, science, nutrition, physical fitness, crafts, dancing, hiking, or letterboxing? If so, we invite you to join the very unique Curiosity Club.

Join the Curiosity Club to receive discounts on readings by astrologers, numerologists, graphologists, psychics, and palmists, and receive a basic handwriting analysis for only $25.00.

Presentations by Lydia B. Sharp

"The Fingerprint of Your Mind" describes how and why the personality is revealed in one's writing. Participants lern the basics of handwriting analysis as each person analyzes their own writing to discover thaits revealed there.

"A Paper Mirror" shows how the personality and character of the writer is reflected in the size, shape and style of writing used. This presentation stands alone but builds on information in the preceding program.

"What's In A Name?" shows what one's signature reveals about their hidden attitudes, and explores the signatures of famous people to discover some of the qualities and characteristics that may make them unique.

"I've Got Your Number" explains an easy and fun system of numerology that is useful in understanding what "makes you tick". One can gain insights into their own attitudes while having fun and learning a new "game". It is information that relates to what handwriting analysis reveals, and it also verifies both systems.

"The Enneagram" is a nine pointed star diagram that describes the nine most prominent personality types in the human experience. It dates back to ancient times but is used today by our government to study foreign officials. We will discuss famous people and their enneagram personality types. There is much for an individual to discover about their own personality and motivations as they learn about their enneagram point.

"How's Your Intuition?" uses an individual questionnaire to determine the degree of intuition one uses and discusses differences between introverts and extroverts. Useful and fun, this combines and relates to all of the other presentations.

"What Influences the Personality?" is based on a fascinating theory of how all aspects of a persons history (before and after birth), blend together and make them who they are, and why each individual has a completely unique personality. Participants receive a colorful personality diagram for observation and discussion of this intriquing subject.

"The Four Agreements" is based on a book by that name, written by Don Miguel Ruiz. He tells us that words are magical because they are more than symbols of our thoughts, they have the power to create or destroy. This presentation is inspirational, and everyone will relate to it because the premise is direct and logical. Each participant will receive a bookmark with the four agreements printed on it.

"Power Verses Force" is based on the book by David Hawkins. We will explore some hidden determinants of human behavior through the demonstration and ue of kinesiology (muscle testing). It is an interesting and fun adventure into discovering ones own subconscious actions and reactions. Children understand it quickly.

"Games People Play" uses puzzles and riddles to demonstrate the different uses of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Amazing and amusing differences between men and women, discovered from recent brain research, will be discussed. Each participant will receive a packet of games used during the presentation. This program is challenging and fun.

*Lydia Sharp is an accomplished speaker on a wide variety of subjecs. She is a certified handwriting analyst and numerologist, and she has been counselling, teaching and speaking on these and other personality studies for thirty-five years. She has lectured on these subjects on cruise ships for the last fifteen years.

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