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709 Blackson Ave, I-35 & St John
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Austin, TX 78752

Let me guide you through any questions, doubts and desires, or tell you about the past and convince you about the future. As a God Gifted Psychic, I have been helping people find peace, love, and happiness for over 54 Years. 1 free question over the phone and Reunite lovers.5 mins free sample reading.


REUNITE LOVERS GUARANTEED!! - 1 free question over the phone and Reunite lovers

If you are looking for help with life decisions and self-esteem, or need answers, bring your burdens to me. Whether it is related to love, luck, marriage, an affair, business or health problems, I will reveal answers to you about your situation. I am available for Private parties and offer Confidential Readings, Tea Leaves, Tarot Cards, Palm Readings, Crystal Ball, Astrology, and Psychic Chart Readings.
Available 7 days a week from 8am-1030pm.

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Among other cities, Madam Ruth Psychic ~ Reunites Lost Loves! may serve the following areas: Austin, Houston, Killeen, Bee Caves, Bee Cave, Georgetown, Round Rock, Harker Heights, Oak Hill, Temple, Horseshoe Bay, Lakeway, Marble Falls, Sunset Valley, Round Mountain, Leander, Academy, Eckert, Tanglewood, Schulenburg, Jonestown, Granger, Manda, Rogers, San Marcos, Blumenthal, Pettibone, Tow, Jarrell, Gold, Ben Arnold



 11 Reviews
  Great Psychic!
I decided to treat myself to a reading with Madam Ruth, and I now consider it a significant investment in my future. It was a fascinating journey, to say the very least. Madam Ruth touched on so many core issues for me from the moment we started. It has now been a several weeks since we last talked and the 'dots' that she has helped me connect become clearer all the time. She is truly gifted, firm, kind and fun. I look forward to speaking with her again soon. I feel the guidance and insights that she offered were one of the first steps to the overall improvement of my life and career. The second part to creating a better future for me is by my own hard work and to follow through. She really has recharged battery was so low, I didn't even realize how depleted I was! So...MANY thanks to Madam Ruth. And if you're on the fence about investing in a reading, my advice is to commit! You are worth it.
  Great readings!
Madam Ruth didn't tell me the things I wanted to hear! But, she told me the truth and the things I did need to know. If it wasn't for her reading I wouldn't be where I am today and that is on a much better path. Thank you so much Madam Ruth.
  Great Time!
Madam Ruth told me I had lived with a man for 4 years and that it was very difficult for me so I would be moving to California. I DID live with my boyfriend for exactly 4 years, I AM having a difficult time, and I had JUST set my moving date for January 23rd to CALIFORNIA. I don't see how she could have known that, and I get that California might be a lucky guess as far as where northerners are relocating, but to name only that state with absolute certainty was very chilling to me.
Thanks a bunch
  She has the GIFT!
Thank you so much for your accurate insight Madam Ruth! You are truly gifted and extremely accurate, being able to pick up immediately on the situation. You have been consistent with your readings. Anyone seeking accurate insight should definitely call. She will not waste your time or money.
  Gifted and Insightful!
Madam Ruth is always accurate and consistent. Thank you so much for your insight. Blessings to you always!! Anyone seeking accurate insight should definitely contact Madam Ruth. She will not waste your time.
  She is the real deal!
Right with so many details. She knew this person had been in my life earlier, was gone for years and then in it again. Very detailed. Will be seeing again. Thanks, Madam Ruth
  She really has a gift!
Madame Ruth is incredibly skilled in what she does, she is a precision instrument! I am so thankful for all the things she have been addressing to me, "Hidden things", And the very powerful energy at work. I let weeks go by before doing each session, otherwise it gets to be too much for me, due to the rate changes occur inside me. That is how powerful she is. I am VERY thankful to get assistance from Madam Ruth.
  Great Talent!
My experience was great! I went in to get my Chakra's aligned. Madam Ruth was easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable. She is very sweet and genuine and confirmed some things I've been mulling around. She surprised me with some information that I had never shared with anyone confirming her psychic abilities.
  Mother Grace has some really good insight!
I had a reading by Mother Grace. She is a great, positive, open, honest respectful spiritual advisor. Her energy is very good. I enjoyed my reading done by her and am looking forward to my outcome. I recommend her to those of you looking for a very positive spirited and not pushy spiritual advisor. I am also looking forward to my spiritual healing. Thank you Mother Grace.
  Uncanny Insights!
My session with Madam Ruth was deeply insightful and rewarding. The accuracy with which she described aspects of my life was uncanny. Upon assessing my path, she was sincere and I was told the truth, which is all I could ever ask for. I highly recommend Madam Ruth if you need clarity and answers.

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