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Some call them flashy blinkys. Some say body lights. Our awesome blinkee's will light up all your nights, they can be used as great New Year's Eve party favors!


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Magic Matts Brilliant Blinkys - Party Favors led - flashing light up favors
Magic Matt's Brilliant Blinkys provides exciting glow in the dark toys, flashing jewelry, blinking pins, flashy blinkys and accessories for the twenty-first century.

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Some call them flashy blinkys. Some say body lights. Our awesome blinkee website will light up all your nights. You'll love to surf our website. Because its so much fun. Each blinky animation has a funny rhyming pun. You ask me What's a blinky? Its a light up pin you wear. You can clip one on your earlobe or wear it in your hair. They run on small cell batteries with magnets for a clasp. First time most people see one, all they can do is gasp. They blink and flash so bright and cool they're sure to knock you flat. Soe and get your flashing pin. Just visit Magic Matt.

Magic Matt's Brilliant Blinkys provides exciting glow in the dark toys, flashing jewelry, blinking pins, flashy blinkys and accessories for the twenty-first century. Battery operated light up earings,flashing rings, and blinky light necklaces make a bold statement and make any outfit high fashion. These illuminated accoutrements are not just for parties, concerts, and clubs. In our modern world, everyone wants to be noticed. Magic Matt's Brilliant Blinkys let you stand out from the crowd and amaze your friends on special occasions or any day of the week. Boldly decorate yourself at night, or even during the day. Our flashing jewelry is so bright it even shines indoors under most artificial lighting.

When making your purchase it is important to remember not all body lights are created equally. When pricing flashing jewelry, make sure you are notparing apples to oranges. Don't get stuck with inferior products. Some lights have such short threads that you won't be able to turn them off without the cap popping off and the batteries falling out. Others have defects where the threads are too tight to turn on and the batteries are so small they run out in no time. Magic Matt's Brilliant Blinky's only carries the highest quality products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Flashing led jewelry is great for wedding lights, neon party lights, and it makes great rave equipment. With a flashing pin you can have a light flashing on every part of your body. Magic Matt's is the place for wholesale light up body jewelry.

For those that don't know what body lights are here is an explaination:

Each flashing pin uses 2 cr927 lithium cell batteries to power the light emitting diodes it contains on a circuit board. The batteries go inside the batterypartment on the back of the led jewelry. The batterypartment also acts as the switch to turn the flashing led on or off. The batterypartment is made up of one piece that is soldered to the curcuit board and a second peice that threads onto the first. To start the light flashing one would tighten the threads of the battery partment, and of course to turn it off the threads are loosened. Inside the batterypartment there is a magnet.

There is a second magnet that attracts to the one inside the batterypartment. The second one can be removed and placed behind the earlobe or collar for example and when the neon party light is applied to the other side of the earlobe or collar, then the magents attract and the light is fastened to the object. Think of it as a magnet sandwich with the earlobe as the meat and the magnets as the bread.

Why Magic Matt?

That remains the eternal mystery.
Strictly speaking blinkys belong to the twenty first century.
Micro LED's developed from thepact requirements of modern cellphones.
Seventies style quadraphonic stereo LED's being too ungainly requiring way too much space.
So engineers incorporated tiny diodes to light the dials.
Next pioneers isolated the tiny diodes and added a magnetic sandwich whereby they wore them on their bodies especially the ears and soon enough the general round shape was improved so that shapes of stars, hearts, et cetera were cut out of the PCB (printed circuit board.)
Of course since color could be silk screened Santa Claus and the Stars and Stripes soon came reeling off of the assembly line.
Guess what.
Magic Matt was there from the start, pioneering the art of hawking electronic jewelry all over the place.
I was either at a Giants game seruptitiously selling flashing charms in the bleachers or at Fisherman's Wharf brightening passerby's eyes barking Flashing jewelry - two for five dollars. Five per pair.
At times not even able to keep up with the raging customer flow.
It was a bold way to break in to business, then my website made me legit.
Thanks for your visit.
And realize I always strive to provide the mostplete patron satisfaction I can muster.
So stop meandering here on this silly text and get back to shopping my friend!

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