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The Great One's performances add up to Merriment in Magic for any group, as they are a combination of ingenious tricks, clever topical humor and continual audience interaction.


If the tuxedo with tails and ornate cummerbund doesn't clue you in, then add to that his luxurious handlebar , through-and-through. But Duane is even more than 's an entertainer, in the broad sense of the word. His act, which is constantly growing in changing with the times, is abination of classic close-up magic tricks, mind-reading, and audience participating games, all regularly highlighted by his humorous pattern and the drum-and-cymbal ba-da-boom!
The guests at Duane's shows find that they are surprised and amazed by the finesse of his tricks and illusions, in about equal measure to laughing hysterically at his witty observations. Magic began as a hobby for Duane many years ago- he would master a trick and then use it in the classroom, back when he was an elementary school teacher, or perform it for a client in the small goldsmith's shop where he designed jewelry after school hours. Over time he learned to tailor his presentations to the age group and the setting, injecting timely and topical humor and adding new tricks to his repertoire weekly. It was surely through the joy he found his magic could bring to both kids and adults that his hobby developed into a full-time passion.
Now, as a full-time Magician, Duane entertains at parties, business trade shows and conventions, in restaurants, and at special occasions of all types throughout greater Los Angeles. With his portable pedestal stage he bes a strolling magician, able to work in his intimate style within crowds of any size. Although Duane's act is meticulously planned, each performance appears spontaneous because the audience is always interacting, and this means things can go in a variety of directions. The focus may change from cards that jump out of the deck or sponge balls that multiply beneath a cup to disappearing coins, all based on audience members' responses to Duane's tongue-in-cheek questions and requests.The whole package is held together with Duane's witty, irreverent dialogue, which keeps any group a little off-balance and totally susceptible to his captivating sleight -of-hand.
Duane has been a performing magician at the world-famous Magic Castle (the Academy of Magic Arts, Inc.) in Hollywood for more than a quarter-century. He was the resident Magician for the Red Robin Restaurant Corp. for over 22 years, performing up to 30 different restaurant bookings per month. Duane regularly performs at various functions at Calamigos Ranch in Agoura Hills, most recently at the Calamigos Ranch Cowboy Cook-Out. He is always available for private bookings- at family gatherings, parties, kids' Birthdays, and all types of special events.

Among other cities, Magic by Duane F Bertonneau may serve the following areas: Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, San Diego, Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Bakersfield, Glendale, Anaheim, Irvine, Van Nuys, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Inland Empire, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, North Hollywood, Orange, Orange County, Pasadena, Torrance, San Luis Obispo, City of Industry, Inglewood, Whittier, Santa Monica, Lakewood, Chula Vista, Corona, Newport Beach, Burbank, Lagu



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  Mr. Magic is indeed just that.
Having known Duane for many years I was constantly amazed at how rarely he ever repeated himself.His material was always fresh and his slight of hand amazing. Combining both a witty and light hearted humor along with some truly incredible "how did he do that?" magic makes for an enjoyable and memorable time. Truly an entertainer for all ages and all walks of life. His art and skills are not to be missed.
  The Great One (Duane Bertonneau)
I have known Duane as a magician for many years, and our personal association has been as the entertainer at my daughter's birthday parties. Both kids and adults love his shows, as he jokes and regales the group with fun patter while he is doing tricks. I think his type of personal, close-up magic is ideal for parties and gatherings of all types. We just don't have enough of this live, face-to-face entertainment any more- Duane is just what you need.

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