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Based in Thousand Oaks,CA

This amazing hypnotist specializes in 'cruelty-free' performances, creating entertainment that is both hilarious and respectful of audience participants.


Hypnosis is a powerful skill that has amazed and delighted audiences for decades. Many professional hypnotists rely on using it to place volunteers in embarrassing situations to create a comedic show. Marc's deep respect for both the art and his audience ensure that all participants will have a positive experience that leaves their dignity intact.

With more than 1500 performances to his credit, Marc's deep and soothing voice is naturally suited to hypnosis. He unique voice has been heard on film trailers at Cannes and audio screenplays alongside some of Hollywood's top voice talent.

In addition to his performances, Marc also directs the MindSkills Center, a professional hypnotherapy practice and training center since 1979.

Hypnosis is not only entertainment suited for any festive occasion such as a birthday, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or reunion, but can also be a powerful business tool suitable for corporate gatherings. Marc's skills have helped clients overcome insecurities, improve performance, and achieve new goals in athletics and business. Some of his satisfied customers include American Airlines, LAPD, Sony Studios, and The Magic Castle. He also produced and hosted "Marc Bacharach’s MasterMind Hour", a successful Los Angeles radio show running for 8 years.

Whether you are looking for lively, respectful entertainment or a way to boost the business performance of your staff, Marc's hypnosis skills are sure to amaze.


Among other cities, Marc Bachrach's Hypnotism Shows may serve the following areas: Washington, Houston, New York, New York City, El Paso, Dallas, Miami, Sacramento, Northern California, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, Chicago, Manhattan, San Antonio, Denver, San Diego, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Austin, Phoenix, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Birmingham, Memphis, Saint Louis, St. Louis, San Francisco, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, M



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