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As an animal program that combines education and fun, we bring a variety of animals to your event of choice.  We will bring exciting information about our animals, as well as provide hands-on experience.


As a full petting zoo, we offer a variety of animal selections to bring to your selected event.   In addition, we offer a variety of programs that educate the customer of their animals of interest.   We provide petting zoos, as well as bring our animals to events, such as birthday parties and themed parties.   During our party sessions, we can customize a party theme for you, if you wish.   We can also bring to you a varied assortment of animals for the children to encounter.   We bring approximately 12 to 18 animals and talk about their habit, diet, and fun facts.   We allow the children to view the animals up close and pet some of them.We bring a sample of species, including an alligator, a snake, a sugar glider, a hedgehog, a prairie dog, a tortoise, a fennec fox, a monkey, a chinchilla, a macaw, and a large lizard.  For younger children, we include an affection section, which provides the children with hands-on interaction with several of the animals.   Such animals include a silky chicken, a hairless guinea pig, a giant rabbit, a tortoise, and a miniature pig.   We also provide an interactive game, in which guests can volunteer to hold creepy-crawly critters, such as spiders.The program lasts approximately 50-60 minutes.   We are willing to stay throughout the event until all the children's questions about the animals are answered with the utmost assurance.In addition to educating children about animals at parties, we provide a variety of programs.   Such programs include Ambassadors for Planet Earth, Animal Airline, Cute and Cuddly, Howling at the Moon, Rainforest Alive, Scales-n-Tales, and Vanishing Species.   Each of the programs is set for people to learn about a specific group of animals, according to their interest, through presentations and discussions.  

Among other cities, Mini Ark Petting Zoo and Exotic Animal Programs may serve the following areas: Rochester, Greece, Irondequoit, Canandaigua, Groveland, Caledonia, Brockport, Brighton, Branchport, Bluff Point, Bloomfield, Bliss, Bellona, Avon, Attica, Arcade, Albion, Adams Basin, Gainesville, Farmington, Fairport, East Rochester, East Bloomfield, Eagle Harbor, Dundee, Dresden, Dansville, Dalton, Dale, Cowlesville



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