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Old World Table Supper Club
Grand Opening: Old World Table Supper Club&trade
Martha Stewart meets Margaret Mead
Upper Montclair, NJ Friday, November 04, 2011: Looking for the antidote to restaurant letdown? Searching for the solution to overpriced eateries serving salty food by awkwardly friendly wait staff? The answer's a foodie's favorite trend: the supper club. And one has launched in Montclair called the Old World Table Supper Club&trade .
Although Lisa La Valle-Finan routinely prepares expats for global reassignment as a global cultures consultant, with a background in cultural anthropology, she's also a born cook who's been entertaining friends and family for over 20 years.
The Old World Table Supper Club was born. Unhurried. Unpretentious. Reasonably priced so diners can experience the magic of a European meal. Rustic yet elegant. Mediterranean food to satisfy the soul and soothe budget. Prix fixe It was also created in response to what is perceived as European because according to American restaurateurs it usually implies expensive. The only thing that should be high is the quality of thepany and food.
Anthony Bourdain might call her a cook's cook. Not professionally trained. Just someone who relies on the old ways. From memory. And desire. And in typical old world fashion, you won't find any signage or ads. It's all word of mouth.
The old world ambiance is reflected in the fabric and colors of the Mediterranean, with coral silk drapes, set against pale green walls. The space is filled with inspiring, original art including well-known portrait artist, Elsie Julia Miller, a founding member of the Montclair Artist Colony and a 17th century Italian map drawn a contemporary of Rembrandt.
Cost is $50 per person for an all-inclusive prix fixe menu of mezes and one of the cornerstones to her brand: either Old World Bread&trade or Old World Pizza&trade . Expect a seasonal soup, main dishes like Roti de Poulet or Sole Meuniere root vegetables made using an old Sicilian grilling technique, granita and espresso. Menu, reservations and payments can be made at OpenTable. Seats up to 12. Open Friday - Sunday 7:00-10pm. PayPal and all cards.
Martha Stewart Meets Margaret Mead
Experiencing the pleasures of culture through food is just one aspect of the Old World Living Omnimedia&trade brand. You can also explore culture through traveling with Old World Tours&trade to stroll in open air markets and see how the locals live. Tours are customizable to focus on food, wine, festivals, markets, or decorating themes. Two are slated for 2012: A nine-day Paris City Stay flea market shopping trip guided by TheParisApartment and a Walking Tour of Provence which will also explore the fleas and lavender fields in the fall.
Old World Living OmniMedia Essentials
Pure: Sustainable, chemical-free, local, recycled, repurposed, critical thinking.
Rustic: Simple, frugal, natural materials, organic living, living beneath our means, thrift.
Vibrant: Desire to explore the world, be curious about new concepts, broaden our scope and perceptions. Experience the joy this mindset brings.
Global Cultures Workshops
In a world where Americans practically invented globalization, they seem to be unaware of their place and responsibility in it. But if they do their homework on culture, they will up-skill to a more level playing field be morepetitive and marketable.
That means bing culturally dexterous. Acquiring local knowledge of Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and all of Europe. Going beyond evident culture (, food preferences, clothing choices). To understand the hidden dimensions of what makes the other guy tick. Like, how people make decisions and process information. Whether there is gender disparity. Whether the needs of the individual or the group take priority. Whether a job gets done by task or relationship. Are the adverse to risk. And, do they have infinite patience.
About Lisa La Valle-Finan
About to be a dual citizen of the USA and EU, she has been tapped to speak about what makes the other guy tick to groups and organizations like the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research, the Princeton Council on World Affairs, Baruch College, and Working Mother Magazine. She's a wife and mother of two and is doing graduate work in cultural anthropology. The author of countless articles about culture and its consequences, she has lived and continues to work internationally. She is multilingual in French, Italian, and Greek. She and her husband of 21 years, Michael Finan who is a film producer/director, live in Upper Montclair with their two very international kids, Hunter and Piper.
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