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Unlike traditional tents, we provide Dome Tents Rentals. Portable Event Domes, Projection Domes, free-standing domes, Geodesic Wedding Domes, and even Amphitheaters. Our structures provide the space you need to host your event, and Domes are always a hit!


Among other cities, Pacific Domes - Dome Tents - Dome Tent Rentals may serve the following areas: Houston, New York, New York City, Manhattan, Miami, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, San Antonio, Chicago, Toronto, Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Saint Louis, St. Louis, Austin, Brooklyn, San Diego, Atlanta, Seattle, Baltimore, Detroit, Edmonton, Indianapolis


Our Domes

Pacific Domes - Dome Tents - Dome Tent Rentals

Dome Portability
Geodesic Domes are the strongest structure known in the architectural world. They cover the most amount of space with the least amount of material. Our domes are portable, quick and easy to assemble and yet can withstand any snow and wind load required.

Geodesic Wedding Domes
Take your celebration to the next level with a Pacific Domes Wedding or Party Dome. The open expansive geometry creates an exalting cathedral for weddings, and an exhilarating environment for parties. With our custom printing you can enhance your dome with art from the Celestine Chapel or a Tibetan mandala. You can be in the heaven of your imagination while being close to nature.

Event Dome Corporate Events
Pacific Domes Event Domes become the hit of every trade show, convention, product launch. The portability and quick installation make them a perfect choice for promotional tours. Find out for yourself why businesses large and small turn to Pacific Domes for their marketing and event needs.

Multimedia Domes
The Pacific Domes Multimedia Dome is a large film studio with a green screen, or a surround projection theater with a silver screen. The projection theater is also used as a planetarium. The Multimedia Dome is a location film-makers dream. Now you can bring your indoor movie studio to your ideal outdoor location. With our deluxe 120 ft diameter Multimedia Dome, you can house your entire movie set, and later transform it into an Event Center, all in a day! Obscura Digital, our sister company, offers surround sound and projection, transforming your Multimedia Dome into an immersive environment. Lighting trusses can be suspended from the frame for concerts, theater and Opera. Pacific Domes offers a center stage for your performers and full event lighting and sound solutions.

Event Dome Performing Arts
Pacific Domes create a breathtaking atmosphere in which to showcase your performance. The entire interior is open to your creativity and can accommodate large audiences. Our free-standing domes require no support poles to obstruct your valuable viewing experience. The geodesic design of our framework is extremely strong and can support aerial performers as well as sound and lighting trusses. We engineer each frame specifically for your weight load requirements. The cover is a perfect projection screen for light shows and digital projection. For nighttime events, the translucent fabric allows images to be seen both inside and outside the dome.

Event Dome Roof Top Lounges
Be on top of your skyscraper with a Pacific Domes Roof Top Lounge. Every skyscraper should have one to offer freedom and expansion to the work a day life. Adding a dome venue to your building will become the talk of the town as well as become a perfect source of revenue. Our geometric Dome can handle roof top winds, while keeping your clients in a protected bubble.

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“The more for whom we strive to serve, the greater effectiveness we will have.” R. Buckminster Fuller

The vision of Pacific Domes is to populate the world with domes. Our goal is to help solve the shelter needs of humanity as well as to create global harmonic resonance. The synergetic geometry generates cosmic order wherever the dome is erected, creating peace and well being. The geodesic dome will play an important role in the future evolution of "Spaceship Earth".

Pacific Domes Awards
Pacific Domes and Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)

We are honored to have been recognized multiple times by the IFAI. In 2002 we were awarded for excellence in both the Tent Manufacturing and Party Tent Rental categories. We also received an outstanding achievement award for Commercial Tent Rental that same year. In 2007 we were again awarded for Excellence in Tent Manufacturing.

We are honored to have been recognized multiple times by the IFAI. We have won awards for excellence in both the Tent Manufacturing, Party Tent Rental categories and Commercial Tent Rental.



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