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 (Fawnia Mondey)
Serving Las Vegas NV
4265 S. Arville Ste A
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Las Vegas, NV 89103

Voted The Best Studio in Las Vegas, we're ready to celebrate with the bachelorette as she and her ladies learn a thing or two about the seductive art of pole dancing.

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The Company -
Pole Fitness Studio is owned by Fawnia, and has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, on The Travel Channel, in The Los Angeles Times, and in USA Today, to name a few. Instructing the art of pole dancing since 1994, Fawnia is the world's most seasoned pole dance instructor. Her goal is to teach in a supportive, safe, and very fun studio. Fawnia is also the owner of Pole Expo, the largest pole fitness convention in Las Vegas.

The Studios -
Arville offers two beautiful rooms, with 17 poles in one, 11 poles in the other, and a third, flexible room, holding three removable poles. In our lobby, we have luxurious flat screens and our patio is spacious and relaxing. Sexy red lights will make you feel like a star and the stereo surround sound, disco ball and laser lights will leave you reeling.
Our Summerlin studio on Arville, has 10 beautiful 15’ high 45 mm poles. All poles have the option to spin, and this location also offers Lyra classes and hula hoop classes, something new and different then at Arville. Private parties are also available here, where you will feel like a disco queen or king under our professional club lighting and stereo surround sound.

Unlimited Monthly -
We offer 200 classes and they're all yours for just $99/month at Arville or on Sahara. Have access to both studios for only $20 more each month!

Watch the 2016 Pole Expo Performance Highlights below in our video and if you like what you see, please share on your social media! Thank you for your support.

Among other cities, Pole Fitness Studio may serve the following areas: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, N Las Vegas, Pahrump, Moapa, Coyote Springs, Coyote Spgs, Sloan, Mesquite, College Park, Stewarts Point, Mountain Springs, Amargosa Valley, Alamo, Jean, Carvers, Goldfield, Echo Bay, Goodsprings, Dyer, Boulder City, Rose Valley, Valley of Fire, Tempiute, Cottonwood Cove, Caliente, Carp, Pioche, Nelson




 3 Reviews
  Seriously Fun!
Last weekend my friends surprised me with a pole dancing party. They blind folded me, and walked me up some stairs, and when we entered the space, we were ushered into a room. I still couldn't see anything. My friends lifted up my hand and place it on A POLE! I screamed,.. It was hilarious and the entire experience was so much fun! The staff at Pole Fitness Studio were all very sweet and the pole dancing and lap dancing lesson we had was super fun. Honestly this was the best part of the weekend. I'm going to look up pole dancing classes in my home town.
  If you haven't been to Pole Fitness Studio, you're missing out on the best experience of your life!
I truly love the fun, friendly environment at Pole Fitness Studio. The studio offers classes for all levels, and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable, kind, and approachable. Definitely a must-try! Pole Fitness Studio will change your life, and significantly improve your self-confidence. On top of that, it's a fantastic workout!
  Feel Fabulous!
I've always wanted to try this, and finally a friend was interested in going with me. We took the intro class and within the hour I was totally hooked! I've been going for a few weeks now ($99 unlimited classes per month is a great deal!) and can already feel the difference; it's amazing core work and upper body strength. I feel more graceful, stronger, longer and lithe, and I have a lot more body confidence! People have already been asking me what I'm doing that's different and this is it! The instructors are very friendly and keep a good pace for you; most importantly I felt comfortable as an "average gal" in shorts and a tank top. There is a great variety of classes too; yoga, cabaret and a boot"y" camp.

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