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Based in Las Vegas,NV

We Bring Our Beautiful, Sparkling Clean Ponies & Petting Zoo Critters To You For Your Special Occasion!!


Pony Party Time


Includes FREE all ready DECORATED ponies for your special theme, we come to PARTY!

We bring our Beautiful, Sparkling Clean and Mom approved ponies to you for all your special occasions!! Our ponies are hand led with Experienced Pony and Children Handlers that love to smile and have fun and answer any questions for each child. Don't worry about any messes, we clean up any accidents along the way. With over 14 years of experience and services in Las Vegas, Nv and surrounding areas, we are confident that you'll know why you called us for all your PARTY ANIMAL NEEDS!! DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR VERY OWN "Enchanted White Princess Pony NAMED SPARKLES as well. She is loved by all little girls for My Lil Pony & Princess Parties, along with her very best friends ROXIE, BARBIE, SUNSHINE, AND STAR!!


We bring FREE CRITTER FOOD for each event with our petting zoo's so the children can experience, watch and learn about what each animal eats!! Very entertaining!!

The Party Animals are in LAS VEGAS!! Get ready for those spectacular and unbeatable poses from both your child and the cuddly party animals!! Pony Party Time always provides a knowledgeable and fun petting zoo handler(s) to insure that all children learn about the critters as well as have a blast playing with them. And dont worry about germs.. we bring hand sanitizer for each occasion and pump into each child (or adult) hand while exiting the petting zoo. We drive to your party location. We set up our bendable cage to fit your space, clean up all messes along the way, enjoy talking to the children about each critter for however long they'd like, provide both shade and shavings if needed for comfort and coolness. MEET OUR MINI DONKEY "MARGARITA " this very mini, very sweet, very photogenic mini donkey that just loves children and attention. This is the perfect addition along with her friend's : Huggable Big Goats, Adorable Mini Goats, The friendly Ducks, Pet me Chickens and Chicks, Soft Rabbits, Cuddly Guinea Pigs, Soft and Wooly Sheep, our Margarita the Mini Donkey and your own pet a mini/small pony. We are always adding more and more animals..... knows what may pop up at your next petting zoo celebration!!

There is only one choice for the perfect party animal decision... PONY PARTY TIME'S; Ponies & Petting Zoo Critters.


SPARKLES: One of our medium ponies, she is all WHITE, and great for little girl parties!! She will do anything for a hug!! All colors look great on her and we can do such amazing drawings on her as well!!
STAR: One of our medium ponies, she is like a midnight black with a white wishing star on her forehead. This pony can party and loves KISSES!! Pink Pops right out on her... fantastic for those must have photos for facebook!
SUNSHINE: One of our Smaller sized ponies. She is just to cute for words. This little girl is a rich chestnut color with a shiny blonde flaxen mane and tail. She is another one loved by both boys and girls for their parties!! Goes with any theme!!
BARBIE: One of our Smaller and Petite Ponies. She is named Barbie because she is definitely a Barbie. She is so affectionate and all little children feel comfortable riding and being around her. She is a beautiful creamy dun color with a must see stripe down her back that flows into her tail. It is AWESOME!!

Our Ponies are not only cute and treated right at your place, but we take pride in making sure our ponies are pampered and treated with top care at our place as well day in and day out. Make sure before you book your pony party elsewhere, that they treat their ponies just as great out of the spot light as well!

About us:
We have dedicated our lives to teaching children to adults the importance and Joy of having animals in your lives. From Riding Lessons, to Pony Rides, to Training and Showing our own & other cliental horses; we love to share the gift of knowledge and patience to all our students and customers for years to come so they may enjoy the benefits of Horses, Ponies and Other Critters. We care about your happiness!!

Thanks for choosing PONY PARTY TIME for all your party animal needs, for those special events in life!Give us a call today for the best and funniest party your child will most likely never forget!!

Great for Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Company Picnics, Once a year party gatherings, Church functions, Holiday events, Corporate get together, Charities, Pumpkin and Christmas tree lots, Grand openings, Anniversaries, and Much Much More.

Visit our website and please feel free to read our testimonials. If you need references, we are never against giving them to you!!

Thanks for choosing PONY PARTY TIME for all your party animal needs, for those special events in life!

We have a baby pig and baby llama & white ponys (great for tangled, my little pony, princess parties, etc....) also we do Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Zoro, cowboy and indian, favorite colors on ponies, pumpkin ponies, christmas ponies. Great for parties, grand openings, company picnics, girl scout parties, children functions, day & preschools, churches, holiday event such as easter, halloween, christmas, etc.

Petting zoo: Mini donkeys, baby goats, mini pygmys, Sheeps, bunny rabbits, Baby Llama, Baby pig, Ducks, Chickens & baby Chicks, larger goats, petting pony and more. :)

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Among other cities, Pony Party Time may serve the following areas: Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Pahrump, The Lakes, Mesquite, Moapa, N Las Vegas, College Park, Boulder City, Crystal, Coyote Springs, Coyote Spgs, Indian Springs, Jean, Johnnie, Laughlin, Searchlight, Sloan, Gold Point, Gabbs, Elgin, Echo Bay, Eagle Valley, Dyer, Dry Valley, Crystal Springs, Cottonwood Cove, Blue Diamond, Beatty




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