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Seating Arrangement has arrived ! The ultimate tool in planning any social event or function, from the smallest gathering to the most lavish gala.

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Parties and Special Events

We took 30 years of party and event planning experience... mixed it with 20 years of expertise in computer software design... garnished the whole thing with some herbs and spices... let it simmer for over 5 years, and voila: Seating Arrangement 5.0 is here!

Are you planning a special event? A Bar-Mitzvah? A Quinceanera? A Sweet 16? How about a Graduation Party? or a Prom? or even a Family or School Reunion? Seating Arrangement is the ultimate tool for party and special event planning!

New! Seating Arrangement for Weddings!

After planning and executing hundreds of weddings, as well as getting married a few times (each) ourselves, we are well aware of the stress and anxiety that is involved in planning a wedding. Seating Arrangement for Weddings makes wedding planning as easy as 1-2-3.

Wedding Planning has never been so easy! Seating Arrangement for Weddings is a special edition of our award winning software that caters to amateur brides and professional wedding coordinators alike.

Corporate Events

Simply enter (or better yet, copy and paste) some info into the software, hit a few keys on the keyboards, press a couple of mouse buttons, click your heels three times, and consider your corporate event planned!

From Seminars and Trade Shows, to Corporate Picnics and Holiday Events - Seating Arrangement can save you time and money in the planning of any of your corporate functions.

Planning your wedding or event with Seating Arrangement is easy:

- Use the Event Wizard to enter the basic information about your wedding or event into the program, i.e. the names of the guests of honor, the time and place of the event, the menu selection etc.
- Enter the guests into the program. (you can copy & paste from other programs)
- Group the guests together by families or friends, for example Mr. and Mrs. Smith should be grouped together as you will always want to seat them next to each other.
- Print mailing labels for use with sending out your invitations.
- Define the tables that will be used. (how many tables, of what types and sizes, how many people will each table seat and so on)
- Draw the floor plan to the detail level of your choice. (It can be as vague as only the bounding walls of the room, or detailed to the level of the electrical outlets)
- Drag and Drop the tables onto the floor plan.
- Assign the guests to the tables. (you can let the software do that automatically for you by using the Auto Seater function)
- Move the tables and guests around with a click of the mouse to ensure that aunt Sadie doesn't sit next to uncle Gilbert, lest World War III will break.
- Generate Reports so you are up to date about the guests and their needs.
- Print a few copies of the floor plan and a guest list report, and hand them out to your caterer and master of ceremonies so they know who needs special attention and where to find them.
- Print Place Cards for your wedding / event day.
- Have a glass of Champagne and relax. You've earned it. Weeks of wedding planning were reduced to hours of work.



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