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I am a black & white specialist capturing both expression and composition, and creating beautiful and engaging works of portrait art


About My Portraits: Celebrating Twelve Years!

Why Do I Shoot In Black & White?
The world around us is saturated with color. We register color without having to look. Visually processing a black & white portrait draws us away from our normal visual routine; we are forced to really look. Instead of “registering” color, we notice the subtleties of different shades and texture, and how light hits differently on the same object. We are not distracted. This increased awareness coupled with the skill of capturing both expression and composition, creates beautiful and engaging works of portrait art. I am a black & white specialist.

What is Hand-Coloring?
Hand-Colored photographs are black & white images, in which color has been added to the print itself. I use oil and color pencils blended with oil. The color adds a much softer color dimension, when compared to regular color photography. My hand-coloring is subtle and selective.

What Kind of Film Do I Use?
Unless a photographer uses special film for black & white portraits, there is bound to be disappointment. Pictures taken with color film and printed on black & white paper do not carry the variety of tones that black & white film on black & white paper does. All my portraits are shot with high quality black & white film.

What Kind of Paper Will My Prints Be On?
There are 2 kinds of paper for printing black & white images: resin-coated paper (rc) and fiber-based paper. Only fiber-based paper can be processed archivally- the print will last over many generations. Photographic prints hanging in museums and art galleries are printed on fiber-based paper. All my final prints are printed by hand on fiber-based paper.

My fees are based on the following: I spend a lot of time with my clients (allowing 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours per session, depending on the number of children or adults); I capture many different expressions and produce a wide variety if impressions and; I include proofs (4”x5”) for you to keep as a documentation of the entire sitting. My fees are quite reasonable, considering the special portraits I create, combined with the high quality materials that I use.

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