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That is no better entertainment and wedding favor than a Cindi Rose signed silhouette! She is a fourth generation fine artist, with over 35 years' experience as a professional silhouette artist. Cindi Harwood Rose does the lost, rare art of merely viewing a person, and hand-cutting and detailed portrait using only fine scissors and special thin, paper, normally black, but any color can be requested. Cindi, has worked world-wide and has appeared on NBC, BBC, ABC, Fox, CBS with her amazing speed-cutting profile artworks. As a former artist for both American Disney theme parks, and in London, she has done silhouettes in person of President George W. Bush, Barbra Bush, Tony Bennett, Liberace, Elvis Costello, Mickey Rooney, Ashley Judd, Chris Rock, Queen Elizabeth, Isaak Pearlman, Zac Posen, amongst other noted celebrities. She also won the world speed silhouette record, and her work is museum, fine-art quality. Her personality is lively, she was a former TV host, is Sag-Aftra, so she is entertaining, while caving silhouette heirloom gifts for all guests at weddings, business conferences, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, fashion shows, stores, and school fundraisers. Please view her videos on YouTube.

Among other cities, Silhouettes by Cindi may serve the following areas: New York, New York City, Manhattan, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Brooklyn, Fort Worth, Flushing, Bronx, Jamaica, Staten Island, Arlington, Tyler, Waco, Yonkers, Wichita Falls, Plano, Long Island City, White Plains, Astoria, Irving, Lewisville, Garland, Denton, Killeen, Far Rockaway, San Angelo, Longview, Mesquite, Laredo




 12 Reviews
  Our fairy godmother, an angel of talent
For our same sex wedding in LaJolla we found creative, modelesque sulhouettest Cindi Rose while she did silhouettes for The Museum of San Diego. Light and love glow from her and her artwork is other-worldly. She captures the heart and the features of each person while empowering them. I feel she is magical and a gift to the world. You can see our wedding on her Instagram. She is our fairy godmother.
  Highest quality performance, with striking, elegant presentation
We sent Miss Harwood Rose around the USA to 19 cities for our luxury brand in the top department stores, to increase customer relations. Each day, Miss Cindi arrived early and managed her flight, hotels. . .to go from Coast to Coast, dressed in simple, elegance. Her work is so outstanding, that we are receiving raving reviews, and will have her increase our retails sales around the USA and abroad, more.
  12 stars describes her work
I searched the net to find the best silhouette artist for my Chicago wedding. I contacted Cindi Rose, who flew in for the occasion. She went miles out of the way to make sure all my friends and family were done. She did around 180 silhouettes in 4 hours, all beautiful in depth. She was so friendly and kind, she made everyone feel unique. She sent us our silhouettes ahead of time and we used them for decorations. At the wedding, she made sure to do us again together and our parents, giving us all beautiful frames and a guest book. She even stayed longer at no charge. The quality of her work is beyond compare. She put in details that no one else could do. It made our wedding!
  Cindy's cutout profiles were the best you could get, she was so kind too!
We were so fortunate to hire artist Cindi for our engagement party. She was darling. She dressed with a beret and dressed in-theme which was Great Gatsby. What really struck me is that she started the night by walking up to our guests and actually taking scissors and using them to paper snip their portraits, while smiling and talking. Everyone felt at ease and she lit up the room. Most amazing, is that in the 3 hours she worked, she did about 90 scissors silhouettes and brought someone to paste them on designs we had printed with our names and dates on them. Cindy was very down-to-earth and flattering to all. It was almost as though she was gifted with this talent, as she got every single detail and no two silhouettes even looked alike! For my best friend, she got her cigarette holder in the artwork and the cigarette and somehow cut the smoke coming out of it, although it was not a real cigarette. She got the whole room laughing and having fun. I don't think another person doing this would have her talent or this movie-star quality that lights up a room, leaving all spell-bound.
  Greatest silhouette artist on earth!
As a youth, we had silhouettes done at Disneyland, signed "Cindi". I went back to the park and the silhouette artist was no where as good as Cindi, they did the same face on everyone. My office wanted something unique for a holiday party. I found Cindi on Partypops, and hired her. It was the same "Cindi". Her cut paper silhouette arts appear almost life-like. Cindi has a great personality too that creates a "WOW" factor, on top of good style, and caring nature. I would think no one else can do what she can do, with the details and modern approach.
  We had a great wedding reception thanks to Cindi's silhouette artwork
My aunt insisted we have Cindi Rose do silhouettes at our Los Angeles engagement party (different family members from Hawaii) as well as our Sunday brunch in New York City. She really worked in such a natural way, and captured everyone so perfectly in her profile renderings in paper. My wife said that Cindi made both events special. We can't wait to have children so Cindi can do their profiles too.
  Cindi was the most talented artist I have ever seen
What a delightful person Cindi was at my wedding. I wanted someone who could do the complicated silhouettes I had seen at Disneyworld, where on face overlaps the other, and the inside details are cut from paper. After searching for weeks, I found her! She could not have been kinder and more professional. I was stunned as she came early and started early at no extra cost, but to get me and my husband done -- which started her line right away. I think she can do around 50 people per hour, yet the work is the most beautiful that there could be. Thank-you so much. Carly
  Extremely professional silhouette artist.
Very precise work, she used her scissors to cut profiles with surgical accuracy. She came early, and we asked her to stay later. She gave us much more than we expected. It is a step-up in entertainment. She was brilliant too, with her knowledge of our profession. Her skill is natural, not one you can train for. I imagine she is smart enough to have been a physician had she wanted to.
  Unique profile cut-out handcraft Victorian portraits.
We needed something historic for a themed French gathering. Mrs. Cindi was elegant and handled the foreign diplomats elegantly. Her presence was kind, and the work was magnificent. Although this art is mimicked by others, this young lady is the authentic true rare talent. She handled the scissors as drawing tools. Her skills are incredible, perhaps, one of the most talented fine artists I have seen in quite some time.
  Silhouette artwork by hand was very unique.
I stumbled upon the idea of a silhouette artist by an article showing it to be a great bachelorette party. Cindi happened to be in Brooklyn and she came to my walk-up and did silhouettes from my kitchen table of 18 of my friends and me. She also made a huge framed 16 x 20 art piece (I provided, as she did not know what colors or frame I would want) of us all, with me in the center and in "Fifty Shades of Grey", however, she had only around 19 shades of black to grey. I also went to a craft store and got the exact colors I wanted and Miss Cindi was nice to cut the silhouettes from my paper. We did get 2 copies, one from her paper, and one for my poster, so I am a happy camper, who only camped as a child in Wisconsin, but am very particular about art! Cindi is truly a masterful artist.
  Cindi''s silhouette profiles made our business convention
My husband and I hired Cindi to entertain the clients. She was a magician with her scissors, and she walked up to everyone and then cut out their own profile in a minute or two. Our booth was the busiest at our fashion sports wear convention. We put our logo and sales information on cardstock and everyone said they would keep the momento. Later, we got new clients and still get compliments on her skills. She was kind enough to wear our clothing and helped sell our clothing to stores as she awe-struck others with her art ability.
  Silhouette artist Cindi Rose is the best entertainment!
I could not believe the line that Ms. Cindi Harwood Rose had at my daughter's wedding! She came early, and did over 270 of her magical profile portraits with just scissors and small black paper, in 4 to 5 hours! Everyone thought she had a delightful way about her, with delicate, almost ballet hands, that created the most gorgeous artworks-- detailed profiles that had more depth than the ones we had in Paris and in South Carolina, no comparison! I would hire her again and again! Paulette and Sam Livingston, Brooklyn, New York.

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