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Serving Bakersfield CA

Come jump with the very best! Our instructors and pilots keep all of our customers safe and calm so that everyone has the time of their lives while falling from the sky


We are excited to offer an experience that you won't forget Southern California Skydiving! No other experience will offer the adrenaline-rush of pure fun that skydiving in California can offer.
We offer a lot of options for different levels of skydiving experience. Of course, if you've never done it before, doing a tandem skydive in California will just about beat any other first time experience! As you progress in diving levels, you can try moreplex dives, learning new skills and keeping safety in mind as you improve. As you might expect, falling from the sky involves some disorientation that we don't experience while walking. That's why we teach altitude awareness, body position, ripcord pull and more. We want everyone to experience skydiving in Bakersfield to its full potential, so take advantage of our courses and maybe you'll eventually receive your skydiving license!
Skydive Taft does dives with people with all kinds of experience. Beginners can do a tandem dive or accelerated freefall, while those with their license can do more experienced jumped like free fly and fun jumps.
Whether you're want to dive for the first time of your life, or the th time, Skydive Taft has the best skydiving prices in California. Scroll down to view the pricing and information for our tandem dives, accelerated free fall and jump prices for experienced jumpers.
We offer discounts for more than one diver, those in the military and our first responders and even a special birthday price for spending your special day with us!
Because we're the best skydivingpany in California, and those who went on their first skydive will most likely want to go again, your second tandem skydive is also at a discounted price.
All our jumps are videotaped for purchase and there will be the availability to purchase still photos with your jump too. There's no better feeling than your first jump, but there's no other experience like your first time either, so you don't want to miss out on the memories that will last for as long as you live. Check out our photo gallery to see our sweet skydiving photos that have be keepsakes in people's homes.
For the best skydiving in California, you'll be surprised at ourpetitive skydiving prices, but we're in it for the fun, and we want you to have a fun, safe jump that will make you say, I want to go again!
First Tandem Skydive $. EACH
Group (-) $. EACH
Group (+) $. EACH
Individual Rate for Military, Fire, Police, Student, and Birthday $. EACH
Second Tandem Skydive ( For same person only) $. EACH
Tandem Skydive from , feet $. EACH

Among other cities, Skydive Taft may serve the following areas: Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Santa Clarita, Glendale, Santa Barbara, Van Nuys, City of Industry, North Hollywood, Pasadena, San Luis Obispo, Torrance, Inglewood, Whittier, Burbank, Lakewood, Santa Monica, Canoga Park, Hollywood, La Puente, Lancaster, Northridge, Oxnard, Palmdale, Pomona, Sherman Oaks, Signal Hill, Thousand Oaks, Watts, West Hollywood



"Amazing Place and its the Best for First time Sky divers. Its very cheap great view while sky diving feels really safe really really great instructors makes who njoy skydiving and makes your sky diving experience the best." -Dhaval Panara

"Best Dropzone around!" - A Google User


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